The best Premiere Pro trailer templates this year

Premiere Pro isn't the only source for trailer templates - dive into this roundup of the best free options available this year.

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While technology is driving industries to experiment with new media formats, creating professional-grade video content is more preferable than ever. Many videographers, marketing professionals, and hobbyist film makers are increasingly utilizing trailer templates to expedite their production process without compromising quality. Adobe’s Premiere Pro continues to lead the line-up of video editing software with their catalog of trailer templates. Yet there are more resources on the web that offer free compelling templates to explore. What comes next are overviews of some of the more noteworthy free Premiere Pro trailer templates. We’ve focused on templates that are visually appealing and easy to customize for your specific project. Instead of relying solely on Premiere Pro’s offerings, you might want to explore alternative free templates that can mirror your creative expression effortlessly. Begin your journey to discover captivating trailer templates you can work with for this year with the help of this list.

The best Premiere Pro trailer templates 2023

1. The Trailer

The Trailer (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Trailer is a Premiere Pro template designed with a classic, cinematic, and emotional tone. Intended primarily for use in broadcast mediums, most notably in breaking news, it captures the essence of global and political themes, including COVID-19 and investigations touching government and police. Its elegant design is emboldened by vintage and grunge aesthetics, perfect for documentaries, intros for historical, dark territorial matters, or even for a TV-show trailer. Possible also for creating a memorial or family history moments packed with emotions and inspiration. Its abstract elements are worldly articulated while maintaining a regional appeal.

2. trailer

trailer (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Premiere Pro trailer template offers a range of creative features fitting for a dramatic, cinematic narrative piece. Designed typically for old documentaries, investigative broadcasts dealing with serious socially relevant subjects such as war, politics, pandemic, etc, or touching topics like resounding family memories and historical events, it proudly flaunts a unique blend of the classic, vintage grunge style with a modern, abstract frame design. Its dark, emotionally evoking and inspirational tone unfolds the story elegantly. The template fully embraces themes like mystery and tragedy, apt for a broad spectrum of genres from news-style presentations to cinematic trailers.

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3. Trailer

Trailer (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro trailer template named ‘Trailer’ is a cinematic creation featuring stunning 3D effects. It comes with tags associated to cinema, dark, dynamic, epic and more. Known for its impactful and bold usage of elements like flaring lights, golden-toned visuals, intense game-like feel, this model is adept for creating movie trailers, particularly with a hint of horror or romance. The template imperatively drops an essence of unique dynamism through its text and title manipulation and introduces typography elegance while embedding the thematic allure of ‘love’ sensitively through distinct love titles.

4. Glitch Trailer

Glitch Trailer (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Glitch Trailer is a Premiere Pro trailer template used primarily for creating a unique and enhanced viewing experience for various endeavors such as a documentary, movie promo, cinematic intro, or an action trailer. It infuses aggressive and suspense-filled elements that concede to an epic visualization. This glitch teaser template embarks on history and action-themed titles which makes viewers intrigued and highly engrossed. Its standout peculiarity is the effortlessly integrated glitch effects offering a contemporary and dynamic edge.

5. Trailer Teaser

Trailer Teaser (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Trailer Teaser is a dynamic premiere pro template extensively developed for digitally sharing introductory movie trailers or promotional teasers. It offers a drag and drop feature for easy inclusion of digital footages, be it images or videos. Coming with a handy video tutorial and not demanding any additional plugins, this HD template functionally presents versatile usability areas such as cinematic trailers, aggressive intros, investigative content, epic movie promos, or titles. Most importantly, its rapid layout makes it suitable even for a fight night preview. No advanced tech know-how is essentially required with its direct and comprehensible use.

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6. The Dark Trailer

The Dark Trailer (Credit: Envato Elements)

“The Dark Trailer” is a cinematic Premiere Pro trailer template meticulously tailored for thematic horror films or projects. It is characterized by bloody visuals blended with grunge elements such as scary trees in a dark forest or cemetery, branched veins, spine-chilling images of living corpses, gloomy haunted or lonely houses, and graveyards. Elements like evil dead and exciting glitch features for film credits or movie end credits structure the narrative. Night based themes like midnight shootings, Halloween and night parties can be enhanced with accompanying graphics of pumpkins, spiders, and skulls. Its dramatic dread and terror blend results in an eerie opening or closing trick-or-treat slideshow. Suitable for creating horror titles, scareshows, and thriller teasers.

7. Epic Trailer

Epic Trailer (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Epic Trailer template for Premiere Pro offers a dynamic and dramatic tone ideal for creating impressively cinematic presentations. It incorporates features like title placeholders, logo or text placeholders and video placeholders for ease of customization. Delivered in Full HD resolution, the template also has an optional glitch effect and allows for all settings changes. It is compatible with Premiere ProCC 2017 or higher and requires After Effects CC 2017 or above for Premiere Pro versions. For efficient utilization, a video tutorial is included. The template is perfect for an array of projects involving action, gaming trailers, or high-powered promotional content.

8. Sport Trailer

Sport Trailer (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Sport Trailer Premiere Pro template exudes energy and action making it ideal for creating exciting sports promotions. Its dynamic typography and engaging animations fuel an exhilarating atmosphere fitting for any sports-related content, whether it’s running marathons, BMX racing, mountain biking or recounting a spectacular UFC fight. The template even fits well for sports vlogs, fitness training shows, and extreme sports events, resonating with the thrilling energy of an adrenaline rush. It is hailed as one of the best Premiere Pro Mogrt templates designed by Afterdarkness75 and highlighted on Envato elements. Several prominent tags linked to it include fitness, motivation, sport event and vlog intro, among others.

9. Aggressive Trailer

Aggressive Trailer (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Aggressive Trailer Premiere Pro template is perfectly suited for any project that requires a bold, cinematic feel. Employing an epic and aggressive style, this template swiftly orchestrates high-energy introductions, heroic adventuress, and futuristic narratives. Utilize it to overlay your trailer, teaser, credits, or promo adding a credible and moviesque atmosphere. Bundled categories include but are not limited to epic fantasies like ‘Fantastic Beasts’, or even energetic game promotions. Whether it’s in the realm of space exploration or heroic tales of honor, this tool serves the storytelling markers with easy, rapid, and high-quality title animation process making it a great resource for cinema beginners.

10. Cinematic Trailer

Cinematic Trailer (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro Trailer Template is appropriately named ‘Cinematic Trailer’, encompassing all the high energy and dramatic elements its title suggests. It is excellent for crafting fast-paced and intense teaser trailers or movie intros. Bringing gorgeously glossy text conveniences of 3D titles has never been as snug before. Expect heat and action, characterized by aggressive visuals, metallic and shiny text, and blockbuster titles. Some of its focus features include a clean, epic promo option and an epic slides opener, meaning it converges equally on elegance and impact. Utilizing this template also leaves an open space for future 3D or particle effects, to level up its premiere trailer emotion.

11. Wedding Trailer

Wedding Trailer (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Wedding Trailer Premiere Pro template is a romantic and tastefully designed resource suited for personal love stories, matrimonial ceremonies, or award occasion interpretations. Its radiant glow and soft tones, enriched with golden accents provide a delicate bokeh backdrop for photos, custom texts, and title animations. Enhancements like particle effects and lens flares add a specular touch to its sophistication. This template’s flexibility enables it to work splendidly as a wedding invitation, Instagram post, YouTube video opener or as a trailer. The predominance of white imbues it with a serene and intimate ambiance.

12. eSports Trailer

eSports Trailer (Credit: Envato Elements)

The eSports Trailer is a Premiere Pro Template developed specifically for the promotion and advertising of cyber sport competitions and events. This template encapsulates the thriving culture of eSports and video game industry. Whether it’s showcasing individual professional players, vibrant gaming teams, local or international tournaments, or dynamic multiplayer video games, this template covers a myriad of gaming angles. Its design speaks innovation, reaching not just gamers, but to game developers and live streaming platforms alike. Ultimately capturing the essence of keywords such as battle arena, strategy, competitions, and the popularity of successful online gaming events.

13. Hologram Trailer

Hologram Trailer (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Hologram Trailer is a dynamic Premiere Pro template which facilitated revolutionary scenes for cinematography. Intensely grounded in futuristic aesthetic, its energetic sequences are merged with elements including action-filled freeze frames and glitch transitions, creating vivid action scenarios. Perfect for unique special event promos, inspiring openings, thrilling teasers, energetic intros, or any project fitting the theme, it creates a captivating end result. Its defining feature is the hologram look that exudes a future-centric ambiance, thus raising the cinematic engagement to a new level for audiences. It doesn’t promote any brand, rendering it broadly suitable for any visual creative program.

14. Abstract Trailer

Abstract Trailer (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Abstract Trailer is a high definition, professionally organized template available for Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 and newer. Users do not need any plugins, thanks to the tool’s compatibility with Essential Graphics and the modular setup ensures customization is straightforward. Frame rate is set at 30fps for smooth playbacks. In addition to a user-friendly setup, it also includes a video tutorial for added assistance. The template can accommodate different types of content, ranging from romantic videos to cinematic teasers or showreels, and photos can be swapped for videos if needed. It features a cinematic appeal greatly defined by a range of elements including glitch, metallic components, and suspense-filled text and font titles promoting anticipation.

15. Mystery Trailer

Mystery Trailer (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Mystery Trailer template for Premiere Pro is a intense combination of dark, epic, and powerful cinematic elements. Suitable for titles, logo introductions or even as teasers for horror and action blockbusters, it integrates fast, energetic sequences embellished with dark background, distortion effects, metallic texture and fire-related features like fire sparks, smoldering effects, flame particles and visuals of fire cave and lava. Exhibiting explosive effects like force fields, lightning, smoke and plasma particles, it delivers a powerful impact, encapsulating a unique blend of drama, excitement and mystery, akin to particularly intense volcanic phenomena.

16. Modern Trailer

Modern Trailer (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Modern Trailer” is a Premiere Pro template that is designed with flexibility and user convenience in mind. It promotes creative range by allowing users to input personalised text, video, audio, and logos. Perfect for contents like a music album revelation, book trailer, movie promo or advertisement, this high definition (1080p) template adds a touch of Hollywood to your endeavors — with its visual effects richly featuring actionable elements, cinematics and transitions. It also supports customisation, color controls, and requires no additional plugins. Guided by an embedded tutorial, this modern design effortlessly adapts to contexts like weddings, social media teasers, promos and more.

17. Trailer Cinematic

Trailer Cinematic (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Trailer Cinematic template for Premiere Pro is a versatile video editing tool, ideally suited to create energetic and compelling content. It stands out for its ability to craft dark openers with glitch elements, blockbuster-style teasers, and digital intros. Its applications range from creating promotional videos, trailers for social media, corporate films, TV programs, to technology presentations, brand promos, TV commercials and even event announcements. The template permits crisper video quality with FullHD1080 features and functions at 30fps. Additional features include standard titles optimally timed for engagement, suitability for Premiere Pro 2019 or higher, and a steady tutorial provision.

18. Action Trailer

Action Trailer (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Action Trailer template for Adobe’s Premiere Pro is a contemporary project aiming to deliver a dynamic and stylish output. The template requires no plugins, making editing a breeze, completed by a helpful included video tutorial. Boasting in its multi-purpose design, this package is well-structured with universal expression, 17 placeholders for video or image, and 9 text holders, suitable for epic cinematic trailers, fast-paced sports promos, bold event openings, minimalist intros and even clean channel broadcasts. Compatible with Premiere Pro CC 2021 or above. Music ID is provided via the GymbyCOSMONKEY offering.

19. Horror Trailer

Horror Trailer (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Horror Trailer is a Premiere Pro template that has been specifically designed for the horror genre. This template allows you to create a frightening, suspenseful, and thrilling trailer that effectually induces fear and terror. It’s also perfect for reproducing an eerie Halloween vibe or nightmare scenarios. The setup process is easy to navigate as it primarily revolves around editing an engaging slideshow that transitions seamlessly with your footage. This terrifying template justifiably encapsulates the essence of your storyline, making it a great choice for suspenseful horror movie promotions or other related multimedia projects.

This trailer Premiere Pro template is also part of our editing list.

What are Premiere Pro trailer templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro trailer templates are meticulously crafted session resources that empower video editors in creating compelling and professional-quality trailers, teasers, and promo videos. Equipped with pre-designed elements such as transitions, texts, effects, and so forth, these templates, which adopt a plug-and-play approach, facilitate producing high-quality trailers. Newbies and experts of Adobe Premiere alike can utilize these tools to aesthetically arrange their video content, saving significant time and adding an extra panache that might have otherwise been hard to achieve from scratch.

2021 brought about a slew of impressively arrayed Adobe Premiere Pro trailer templates. Each template avails different features catering to a variety of genres and presentation styles, thus satisfying the ever-increasing demand for engaging storytelling and top-notch production. Take, for instance, the dynamic trailer templates for animation and action film. These templates splendidly blend cuts, transitions, and effects, savvily maintaining the user’s adrenalin rush. Then comes the documentary trailer templates that employ simplistic yet powerful sets of elements to portray narratives with conviction. It implies how thoroughly Adobe Premiere Pro trailer templates are making aeonian strides to make trailer creation tasks a lot simpler and impact-bearing.

Why use Premiere Pro trailer templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro is recognized globally as a video editing powerhouse, boasting an impressive set of capabilities that are well-suited for creating professional video content. The software is, however, complex and extensive, hence the need for templates. The best Premiere Pro trailer templates this year add value by eliminating the tiresome routine involved in creating scratch-based pieces. They enable beginners to produce premium level content while offering expert users a viable medium for boosting their creative output. Leveraging creativity through trailer templates ensures high quality output while enhancing user efficiency.

Moreover, the current trend of Premiere pro trailer templates are equipped with customizable options tailored to facilitate storyboarding, dynamic video effects and animation. Adobe Premiere also accommodates a vast range of video content such as trailers, promotional videos, animations, documentaries and many more. Using Premiere Pro templates gives one the potential to tap into an assortment of innovative elements to improve visual narration. From trendy visualizations, fast-paced transitions to cinematic titles; these templates enable you to tap into a massive catalogue of diverse options reducing time use and accelerating production without sacrificing quality output.

How to import Premiere Pro trailer templates?

To import the best Premiere Pro trailer templates of the year into Adobe Premiere, start by ensuring the application has been launched. Once this is done, navigate to “File” in the menu, then open “Import” to direct you to your local file directories. From there, select the Premiere Pro trailer template file you’ve presumably downloaded beforehand. Keep in mind that these typically come as ‘.prproj’ files. After selecting the file, click “Open”. The template will then appear in the Project pane window and you will be able to check your imported trailer template in the timeline, ready for you to customize according to your needs and preferences.


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