The best Premiere Pro typography templates this year

Adobe's Premiere Pro isn't the only source for typography templates — there’s a wealth of top-performing options available this year.

By Matic Broz, editor-in-chief of Photutorial covering stock media, Adobe, and design. He founded Photutorial while finishing his PhD in computational biosciences.

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In an age where countless creatives are taking their content into their own hands, aid for textual visuals has gained prominence and is likely here to stay. A lot of us are utilising typography templates in Adobe Premiere Pro to enhance our video projects—whether it’s for work assignments, personal hobbies, or sharing moments with loved ones. The choice defaults ostensibly to basic tools within Premiere but there’s an array of other impressive, and free, templates available that could provide a definitive edge to your endeavors. In the subsequent sections, you’ll find some artefacts we believe merit your attention. We made a point to include templates offering 10 or more diverse types. Instead of falling back to your usual repertoire, why not sample one or two from our list to personally judge their capability and how well they match up with your creative inclination. Consider this rundown as your launch pad.

The best Premiere Pro typography templates 2023

1. Monochrome Typography

Monochrome Typography (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Monochrome Typography Premiere Pro template offers a unique aesthetic for professional video content. This template is best suited for corporate content, social media posts, and other mediums that require clean, user-friendly typography. Suitable for Premiere Pro 2019 onwards, you can easily customize its details without the need for additional plug-ins. The Monochrome Typography template comes with 5 exemplary typographic styles designed specifically for a resolution of 1920×1080. Audio support, based on tracks by LukePN, is integrated for preview purposes. The package also includes complimentary customer support.

2. Typography

Typography (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro typography template is titled ‘Typography.’ It includes high-energy glitch FX text effects and quick, dynamic transitions that match modern aesthetics and styles. Ideal for use with any media opening quotes, slogan presentations, subtitles, or event intro, its versatility extends to business, sports, arts, and promotional videos for products or events. It can support the creation of slideshow presentations, corporate videos, social media visuals, tutorial videos, and much more. Users can easily manipulate it with Premiere Pro 2021 or higher, enabling design in UltraHD resolution at 30fps. Rendering time is very swift for a seamless design flow. It comes with a PDF tutorial to guide you in its usage.

3. Typography | Kinetic Typography Pack | MOGRT

Typography | Kinetic Typography Pack | MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Typography | Kinetic Typography Pack | MOGRT is a pack of kinetic typography templates for Premiere Pro. It contains 25 unique typographic scenes that are smooth and easy to use. Suitable for multiple platforms and purposes, such as social media, broadcast, motion graphics, presentations, etc. Each template includes a Control Panel for simple editing of text animations and effects. It’s fully versatile allowing work with any language & font. The construction is modular for different resolution formats. All compositions saved as separate projects for weaker PCs, assuring fast rendering. The pack is also bundled with a video tutorial, html preview page, and continuous 24/7 support. Audio in the preview is ‘Aggressive Sport’ by Fugu_Vibes.

4. Typography | MOGRT

Typography | MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

Typography | MOGRT is a versatile and unique Premiere Pro typography template. It’s designed with a minimalist aesthetic, offering clean lines and a flat, modern design. The colorful, creative elements drive focus towards the text, reinforcing the narrative. This template can be applied as an intro, an opener, or in a slide show format, maximizing flexibility within unique scenes. As suggested by the name, this resource centers text, titles, and typography. Its simplicity not only enhances the content but makes it easy to use across varied platforms.

5. Titles Typography

Titles Typography (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Titles Typography is a versatile Premiere Pro template suitable for individuals or businesses looking to create an impactful presence online. Perfect for those desiring a bold, minimalist look with a harsh, daring edge, incorporating elements typical of a Brutalist aesthetic. This typography gives the sensation of energy and spice with its additional features of electronic audio track by Fugu_Vibes, digital glitch effects, AI-generated premises, kinetic-styled typography, and options for quick, clean animation. It can be applied to various settings – from marketing videos to social media posts on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, priming you for essential internet virality.

This typography Premiere Pro template is also part of our mogrt list.

6. Typography Titles

Typography Titles (Credit: Envato Elements)

This is a versatile, Premiere Pro Typography Titles template suitable for any creative or corporate project. It includes an assortment of abstract, animated big titles with a modern and professional feel. The classic yet clean aesthetic is colorfully presented in both dark and sun styles, bringing a dynamic and elegant emphasis to your text. With added features such as nameplates, lower thirds and cinematic elements, this template caters to broadcasting, social media and special event presentations. From a trendsetting Instagram post to a vintage-styled YouTube show, its minimal design offers a high-quality, simple-to-use solution.

7. Typography v2.0

Typography v2.0 (Credit: Envato Elements)

Typography v2.0 is a Premiere Pro template primarily designed for video presentations. It specializes in providing contemporary typography, projecting a minimalistic yet intriguing aesthetic to cater to a modern audience. Features of kinetic typography dominate within this version, which sprinkle in prominent kinetic titles, lower thirds, and animator tools. Often utilized within contexts like event displays or product promotions, this template also caters to individual vloggers and product reviewers. The update brought forth text animator enhancements, making the execution of trailer titles, minimal lower thirds, and main event focal points innovate in delivery.

8. Glitch Typography

Glitch Typography (Credit: Envato Elements)

Glitch Typography is a professionally crafted Premiere Pro typography template that offers a modern and dynamic design style. The project includes 9 scenes, animated words in 4k resolution, with compatibility for Premiere Pro CC 2019 and above. It extends Version 2.0 of Typography and comes complete with a video tutorial to guide users through setup and customization. The striking and bold font, designed in ‘brutalism’ style underscores the aesthetic appeal of this template. It integrates seamlessly without the need for any plugins. Links to music and font sources are included inside the project.

9. Cinematic Typography

Cinematic Typography (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Cinematic Typography Premiere Pro template is an abstract, dynamic offering that brings to life cutting-edge technology themes. Animated text and titles compliment heavy ‘glitch’ influences – flickers, distortion, ‘bad signal’ errors reminisce cyberpunk and futuristic motifs. Design elements utilize modern geometric shapes coupled with a sci-fi essence to bring a unique blend of data and digital animation. Tools such as Hud, lower third, and trailer production content spotlight the package’s comprehensive utility. Not just limited to abstracts, this template also presents sci-fi titles, dubstep-infused elements, and contrasts simplicity injecting a contemporary motion to typography. A versatile motion graphics kit great for variate content creators.

This typography Premiere Pro template is also part of our glitch list.

10. Classic Typography

Classic Typography (Credit: Envato Elements)

Classic Typography is a Premiere Pro template distinguished by its cinematic aesthetic and emphasis on creative titles. This template embodies the marriage of both modern and classic design principles in typography, providing a unique and visually appealing element for any project. Ideal for invoking bold, cinematic professionalism, Classic Typography is particularly effective within the film industry. Its key features lend themselves to modern interpretation while still embodying admirable respect for traditional print design. Users can manipulate and use titles in this Premiere Pro template- a resourceful tool for content creators and editors.

11. Typography Intro

Typography Intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Typography Intro is an elegantly simple Premiere Pro template, perfect for those in need of clean typographic titles for their corporate presentations or documentaries. Its sleek and efficient flat design precisely animates texts and quotations, as well as performs professionally for interviewing segments or credit sequences. Whether creating promo material or a compelling outro, this template promises a maximum impact with its extraordinary yet straightforward text animation. Its usage aligns to a diverse set of video editorial needs where simple yet effective titles, quotes, and texts reinforce key messages.

12. Event Typography

Event Typography (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Event Typography template for Premiere Pro is a clean and straightforward resource for creating corporate introductions, openers, and posters. Perfect for promotions or various event announcements, this template maintains a professional tone without being complicated or overwhelming. It combines sharp, prominent typography with sleek animations, laying emphasis on keywords and specific event details. Versatility is its key aspect, as it can effectively adapt to different kinds of context or branding. The simplicity in design allows words and titles to stand out, promoting easy reading and clear messaging.

13. Typography Opener

Typography Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro typography template, titled ‘Typography Opener’, features a unique pack of 25 originally-designed modern titles in top-notch 4K resolution. It’s an effortless tool to create any corporate, business promotional material, presentation, commercial video or media channel design. This comprehensive creative resource package does not require any additional plugins while offering full color control. It gets seamlessly integrated with Premiere Pro CC 2019, offers easy customization and usage of free fonts. Known for easy scalability, it also serves perfectly for special event introductions, fashion show openers, educational videos, and social media promotions.

14. Clean Typography

Clean Typography (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Clean Typography Opener is a Premiere Pro template designed to deliver high-energy, dynamic presentations of your videos for a wide array of purposes, including lifestyle features, corporate presentations, sport highlights, start-up pitches, and many more. This versatile template features eye-catching design with colorful text animations and inventive transitions, full 4K Resolution capabilities, easy customization process, and it doesn’t require any plugins. It’s optimally suitable for social media platforms ranging from YouTube to Facebook. The implied attributes in the related tags include being stylish, rhythmic, modern, minimalistic yet dramatic and visually-pleasing. The template provides audio preview using the Power Racing track by Fugu_Vibes.

15. Lower Thirds Typography

Lower Thirds Typography (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Lower Thirds Typography template is a sophisticated and modish typographic design crafted especially for Premiere Pro users. Simple, yet striking, it comes with a monochromatic black and white layout paired with the rhythmic flow of typography. The project’s modular structure offers flexibility in changing the duration as per needs. Users are only required to insert their content to unleash a vibrant fusion of words and images. Ideal for an array of applications, be it fashion openers, show trailers, emotive slideshows, or dynamic event promotions, this engaging template is devised to attract viewer attention across all media. The ease-of-edit and plug-in free nature add up to its appeal. The template supports Premiere Pro 19 and later, and includes a handy PDF tutorial.

16. Typography and Logo

Typography and Logo (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Typography and Logo template for Premiere Pro delivers a dynamic and energetic vibe. With a brisk, rhythmic, kinetic staging, this template is specialized to form compelling intros and openers. More than just flashy slide transitions, it stimulates your work further with an exuberant, fast-paced stomp rhythm. It’s an excellent tool for creating enticing teasers or engaging slide shows, where title structure and advanced typography become focal points acting as both the initiator and the curator of interest in the work displayed. This template truly puts the power of typographic styling at your disposal.

17. Corporate Typography

Corporate Typography (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Corporate Typography Premiere Pro template is a motion graphics template with vibrant colored shape layers that display your logo in an engaging way. The dynamic animation provides a catchy introduction for your videos, slideshows or presentations. This template suits all professional and corporate needs from demos and events to promos and showreels. The template has an ‘old school’ style combined with fast-paced movement and slow-motion elements allowing maximum flexibility for your creativity. Key features include rich typography and a customizable logo intro. There’s no need for any plugins, which makes the template easy to use.

18. Typography Slides

Typography Slides (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Typography Opener from Sardor_Mamirov is a high-quality, well-organized typography template for Premiere Pro. It provides a seamless way to integrate your images or videos while easily customizing your personalized text and audio, thereby making it a fitting solution for a variety of contexts. From advertising, corporate events, conferences to your personal blogs and portfolios– the Typography Opener incorporates a modern, minimal, and clean aesthetic complemented by smooth transitions. It maintains FULL HD resolution and offers universal Expressions, allowing it to work with all After Effects language types, and free 24/7 support.

19. Modern Typography

Modern Typography (Credit: Envato Elements)

Modern Typography is a Premiere Pro typography template with versatile and sleek designs that can assist in enhancing text-based content such as promotions, introductions, or openers. It comes with 6 unique slides that last for 10 seconds, and can either be used individually or combined to create a full 60-second video. The template is particularly useful for creating professional, typographical openers or title slides, and even suits a variety of contexts from formal to protest coverage. Modern Typography offers ease with its editable structures, complete color control, universal language compatibility, and included PDF help file.

20. Minimal Typography

Minimal Typography (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Minimal Typography template for Premiere Pro is a sophisticated and dynamic option, best suited for business presentations and conferences. It features a clean, modern aesthetic that makes use of primarily black and white for a professional finish. With its fast-paced creation, the template could be used as an opener, intro, or a short YouTube promo. It is built with audio sync features for four different track timings, complete with its BPM. Additionally, it carries undertones of urban flair and is characterized by a rhythmic, ‘stomp’ effect within the typography transitions.

What are Premiere Pro typography templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro typography templates are pre-designed, customizable layouts that enable professionals and enthusiasts in the video editing community to incorporate beautiful, sophisticated, and interactive text in video presentations. Instead of building typography from scratch, these templates make it easy to maintain high standards for visual aesthetics, induce viewer engagement, and match the tone of the narrative. The 2021 additions to the template library feature the latest design trends, innovative animation, and ergonomic versatility.

The best typography templates play an essential role in elevating the overall quality and the storytelling potential of your content. They’ve undergone professional design processes meeting the highest creative industry standards. This year’s templates span across various popular categories such as titles, subtitles, credits, and text overlays that never appear out of place or intrusive to the viewing experience. They come with multi-use licenses which enable further manipulation to suit different sequences, scenes, or stories – offering customers endless creative possibilities and extraordinary consistency in results.

Why use Premiere Pro typography templates?

The use of Adobe Premiere Pro typography templates has ramped up in popularity over the years and became a significant tool for both professional filmmakers and hobbyists. The reason is straightforward; these templates provide higher productivity with less effort, more streamlined style continuity, and quicker translation of vision into result. They offer myriad font styles, transitions, animations, and subtitled properties that can effortlessly personalize videos to narrate flamboyant stories, translating scripts into expressive visual arts. Users enjoy the liberty to attain polished, professional-level overlays and animating texts without consuming painstaking time going from scratch.

Undeniably, leveraging software like Adobe Premiere for embracing these typography templates becomes an even wiser move due to its robust capabilities. Adobe is already a preferred choice globally due to its user-friendly interface and seamless integration with other editing software from Adobe Suite. Coupled with its advanced editing powers, the use of bohemian Adobe typography templates provides users with direct access to editable prearranged layouts and customized animations, enhancing productivity evoking more delicate touch crafted pieces. The wealth of resources available this year caters to colorful expression and could potentially escalate the quality of work for a vast array of video projects big or small.

How to import Premiere Pro typography templates?

If you’re looking to enhance your content creation with trending typography templates for Premiere Pro, here’s the fast track to importing them. First up, download your desired template kits. After opening Adobe Premiere Pro and initiating a project, head to ‘Graphics’ located in the top menu and then to ‘Install Motion Graphics Template..’ Navigate and select your .mogrt template files to add them to your essential graphics panel, at which point they become available for you to embed in your project, brew a unique blend of sophistication and style to your video editing.


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