The best Premiere Pro video collage templates this year

Premiere Pro isn't the only source for video collage templates — delve into the most outstanding free templates of the year.

By Matic Broz, editor-in-chief of Photutorial covering stock media, Adobe, and design. He founded Photutorial while finishing his PhD in computational biosciences.

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As many creatives have continued customizing virtual spaces, enhancing video projects with a personal touch has become an increasing trend. Many designers and video editors are regularly utilizing Adobe Premiere Pro, obtaining and employing visually appealing video collage templates to realize their vision. Premiere Pro holds the reins in this landscape, but a myriad of remarkable templates has surfaced this year that could give your creative project the attention it deserves. The subsequent sections detail some of the more engaging free Premiere Pro video collage templates this year, all honing in on templates that can seamlessly inhabit multiple footage elements. Instead of presuming that the first template you encounter may be the perfect fit for your style, why not sample a few to determine how they mesh with your aesthetic and storyboard? Consider this list your springboard into the expansive realm of Premiere Pro video collage templates.

The best Premiere Pro video collage templates 2023

1. Collage – Premiere Promo

Collage – Premiere Promo (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Collage – Premiere Promo is a creatively designed Adobe Premiere Pro template that allows users to piece together an artistic multiscreen video collage. It is marked by fun, modern themes, dabbed with cool colors. Adding an organic vibe, it includes hand-drawn elements such as arrows, frames and graphics inspired by hatching techniques. With easily transformable scenes, viewers can experience cools visuals within playful brush strokes, sketched symbols and integrated footage. Effectively, it presents a unique way to impart information or emotions through each user’s unique take on this dynamic, paint-style template.

2. Minimal Fashion Collage

Minimal Fashion Collage (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Minimal Fashion Collage is an ultramodern and stylish Premiere Pro template used to create high-impact video promos. Carefully designed with a clean aesthetic, it features seamless text transitions and striking visual effects. It includes 13 image or video placeholders, 12 editable text layers, and a logo placeholder. Ease of editability and a modular structure further enhance its appeal. Ideal to craft impactful intros and openers for corporate presentations, business slideshows, conferences, promotional events, product launches, or general broadcasting. Its dynamic animation builds a classic and sophisticated mood that will impress viewers and boost your professional image.

3. Collage Art Instagram Stories | MOGRT

Collage Art Instagram Stories | MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Collage Art Instagram Stories | MOGRT” Premiere Pro video collage template is a perfect fusion of simplistically stylish design and high usability. It is essentially a collage-style video sequence ideal for showcasing modern, trendy fashion elements. The template is customizable, enabling changing color and text according to one’s unique style and requirements. This template serves as a perfect tool for promoting new fashion collections, brand accessories or showcasing discount deals. You can utilize this collage video for advertising on various platforms such as Instagram stories, video displays in boutiques or mall screens, client presentations, and television broadcasts.

4. Collage Opener Premiere Pro

Collage Opener Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Collage Opener Premiere Pro is a state-of-the-art design product developed in Adobe Premiere Pro, mainly intended for creating eye-catching Instagram stories. It has a modern, minimalist design which ensures your content is the central focus, greatly suitable for advertising your brand’s website, vlog, and anything else that may require attention. The template includes 6 designer profile stories and is compatible with Premiere Pro CC 2021 and above. Aspects like vertical full HD, stress-free customization, well-organized segments and free updates serve with immaculate professionalism. However, it doesn’t include plugins or Iphone mockups. An attached tutorial simplifies the process.

5. Photo Cloud Collage | MOGRT for Premiere Pro

Photo Cloud Collage | MOGRT for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Photo Cloud Collage | MOGRT for Premiere Pro is a dynamic and convenient Premiere Pro project template specifically built for promotional presentations and collages. Its fully customizable nature allows for easy adjustments to text, colours, images, and logos all within Premiere Pro 2021 or a higher version. This versatility provides great accessibility, requiring no advanced Premiere Pro knowledge or plugins. The Essential Graphics Panel (mogrt) enables seamless setting changes. The template features Full HD and HD resolution support and promises fast rendering. A video tutorial is included, although audio and preview images are not. Hence, it can be extensively utilized for diverse online, social media, education and corporate campaigns. It can fit comfortably into a range of contexts, including TV ads, webinars and university classes amongst others.

6. Super Grid Transitions Video Wall 4K

Super Grid Transitions Video Wall 4K (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Super Grid Transitions Video Wall 4K is a stylish Adobe Premiere Pro template perfect for showcasing tourist attractions, summer and holiday events. Packed with a vibrant ripped paper effect, quick transition and 2 logo display variations, this template is optimal for use in promo videos for travel blogs, beach parties, surf competitions and watersports events. Crafted with full HD resolution and colour control, there’s no need for aftereffects and separate plug-ins. Compatible with Premiere Pro CC2021 onwards and comes with a video tutorial for user understanding. Note, the audio has to be bought separately for optimum experience. It comes along 24/7 professional support.

7. Lyric Video Template 3 – Premiere Pro

Lyric Video Template 3 – Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Lyric Video Template 3 – Premiere Pro is identified as the Photo Cloud Collage. It is designed as a user-friendly and adaptable template ideal for displaying multiple images. Regardless of the number of images, from 10 to 200, this template scales ideally for any scope and size. It requires no learning arc with Premiere Pro and works optimally with After Effects CS5 and above versions. The template has been designed entirely using Premiere Pro, making it fully customizable, including appearance and timeline. The template can be utilized for various project types including weddings, sports, corporate presentations, family functions, etc. It also supports full 4K resolution and above.

8. Video Grid Logo Reveal | For Premiere Pro

Video Grid Logo Reveal | For Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Video Grid Logo Reveal template is a dynamically styled introduction designed specifically for Premiere Pro users. Ideally used to preview corporate presentations, fashion footage, multi-screen displays or animated YouTube projects, it carries a sportive emphasis through its use of aggressive audio tracks. The template is built around a 4k video grid or mosaic construction, featuring multi-grid transitions and short, quick scenes. With contemporary referencing to an ‘Image Wall’ or ‘Video Wall’, the template offers multiple thematic dimensions, a placeholder for personalized content and customizable borders for photos or editing.

9. Intro Video Wall Mosaic Logo Reveal | For Premiere Pro

Intro Video Wall Mosaic Logo Reveal | For Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Intro Video Wall Mosaic Logo Reveal is a versatile Premiere Pro template perfect for diverse events or music related projects. It provides 27 pre-animated mogrt titles organized for easy editing, allowing customization in fonts, text color, position, and animation timing. It even allows users to control or remove shaking effects via a slider option. Suitable for a range of aesthetics, the design spans from minimal to elaborate, supporting either a preset or user-defined background. The package includes an instructive video tutorial to expedite the editing process. Features also emphasize videos related to lyric presentation, typography, and trending YouTube content.

10. Bright Modern Slideshow 3 in 1

Bright Modern Slideshow 3 in 1 (Credit: Envato Elements)

Bright Modern Slideshow 3 in 1 is a well-organized, easy-to-use Premiere Pro template for creating a streamlined, contemporary logo animation in high resolution. Equipped with step by step VIDEO tutorial, it allows users to easily customize color, add images, logo, or text while featuring 25 placeholders for videos or photos. This beautifully-designed template aids in making an engaging for any field – marketing, economy, or corporate world. Offering easy customization and fast rendering options, users can produce logo animations of their unique brand identity with minimal effort. Further, floating particles logo audio is also available from a talented author “alkis”.

11. Minimal Design Presentation

Minimal Design Presentation (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Minimal Design Presentation template from Premiere Pro is a sleek and simple video collage that can spark interest in multiple settings. This intro video wall mosaic logo reveal template features 16 placeholders for photos and/or videos, allowing you to insert custom images as you need. It’s user-friendly with easy-to-follow guidelines illustrated in a step-by-step video tutorial. As the name suggests, this template centers around a minimal, efficient design aesthetic and implements a fast-paced mosaic story adopted by various platforms like Instagram, YouTube among others. Despite being plug-free, this template requires ‘Energetic Logo’ by EliansProductions to run, which is not included, along with other background visuals.

12. Old Photo Slideshow

Old Photo Slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Old Photo Slideshow is a set of three versatile, modern, and easily customizable templates for Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2021 and above. This template provides a creative way of showcasing videos in a gallery wall style, evoking a visual experience akin to perusing an art exhibition with videos replacing one another in an engaging manner. It sports a subdued palette, accentuated by green arrows, hearts, stars on a black background— focusing the viewer wholly onto the narrative. You can easily modify the video speed, personalize the color, text, typography, music fostering unique narrative atmosphere unique to your idea. Additionally, it is 4k and doesn’t require any plugins making it quick to render and user-friendly.

13. Multiscreen – 7 Split Screen

Multiscreen – 7 Split Screen (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Multiscreen – 7 Split Screen Premiere Pro 2021 video collage template is a sophisticated, modular tool that supports Full HD resolution (1920x1080p at 25 fps). It is structured with a 27-second duration layout, complete with 10 placeholders and 38 text folders to cater for varying content scopes. The template features a practical PDF Help File for effective use. The design style anchors currently on clean, modern, and easy flat translation with light parallax effect whilst refining the aid of typographic title displays in a slideshow setting. Associatively features opener automation with high flexibility for multiple photo displays. An ambient background music link is also shared for users’ optional use.

14. Split Screen – Multiscreen

Split Screen – Multiscreen (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Split Screen – Multiscreen Premiere Pro video collage template is an adaptable tool perfect for organizing photos or footage into a storytelling sequence. The template enhances a wide array of themes suitable for crime documentation, family history narratives, or memory-laden retrospectives. The design incorporates the combined elements of motioned, textured animation with a ‘grunge’ or retro aesthetic as well as split-screen options to achieve the ‘multiscreen’ effect. Featuring a slideshow format and capture-frame functionality, it aids users in showcasing content timelines in an intuitive and nostalgic fashion. Additionally, its compatibility with Premiere Pro allows for high-quality finish.

15. Multi Screen Slideshow

Multi Screen Slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro template, called “Multi Screen Slideshow,” is designed for creating compelling videos with a 7 Split Screen Pack format belonging to BRAXXU’s Multi Screens Pack. Specifically tailored for ease and creativity, it comes with 5 separate Multi Screens, design presets, and it supports 4k resolution. It is perfect for an array of digital content needs including broadcasts, documentaries, promotional materials and travel vlogs. Moreover, especially ideal for artists, filmmakers, youtubers, and vloggers or anyone aspiring to brand their youtube channels, delivery video content or debuting a new product professionally through smooth transitioning multiple videos, moving constructs while keeping your brand consistently refreshing.

16. Sequence Images Effect

Sequence Images Effect (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Sequence Images Effect is a Premiere Pro video collage template designed to showcase multi-screen content in a stylish, clean design. It empowers users to host a multitude of videos or photos concurrently in a single display, facilitating a vivid mosaic visual. Perfect for promoting different facets of brands in fashion, travel, or event broadcasting, this handy tool is also a professional fit for filmmakers, bloggers, or social media enthusiasts keen on a modern, sophisticated presentation. This 4k resolution template blends multiple screens, split-screen effects, portfolio displays and promotes a smooth, seamless execution.

17. NFT Modern and Fast Dynamic Opener

NFT Modern and Fast Dynamic Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

The NFT Modern and Fast Dynamic Opener is a colorful, quick moving, and trendy template designed to present slideshows, portfolios, or intros uniquely. It carries a minimalist design style, perfect for a modern showing of photos, experiences, and opportunities. It has dynamic slide transition animations to hold an audience’s attention and a fully editable background design to make each video unique. The option to flexibly customize such as changing texts, colors and line thickness is readily available to make unique video content. It is functional with Premiere Pro CC 2021 and includes ten scenes and twenty-six media placeholders.

18. Positive Slideshow

Positive Slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Positive Slideshow is a high-resolution video collage template with capabilities for 3840×2160 and 1920×1080 resolutions. Made for Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 12.0 and upwards, it offers a non-destructive, drag-and-drop functionality with a choice of 20 effect types. These encompass styles like film effect, film look, overlay, photo collage, and photo transitions, as well as unique sounds for each effect. Its ‘sequence images effect’ is significant for its printing effect feel. To quickly navigate the functionality of this template, both a tutorial and online support are on YouTube under ‘whiterecord’. Inclusive within the package are five different trailers, all in on rhythmic BPM 118 tempo.

19. Frame Slideshow

Frame Slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

Frame Slideshow is an adaptable and resourceful video collage template for Premiere Pro. The template incorporates elements that are compatible with both After Effects CC 2021 as well as Premiere Pro CC 2021 or newer, ensuring a seamless workflow between the two platforms. Across three formats — 4K, Full HD, and Instagram Story size — users can effortlessly input 25 images or videos into existing placeholders. A touch of personalization is also available, as the template facilitates color exploration. Availability in varied languages and a complementary tutorial video augment its accessibility and universal usage. Note that sounds, fonts, and images need a separate addition; they’re not included in the template.

20. Face Frontier – Useful Paper Torn Displays

Face Frontier – Useful Paper Torn Displays (Credit: Envato Elements)

“Face Frontier – Useful Paper Torn Displays” is a Premiere Pro video collage template ideal for a wide array of applications. Broadcasting, event promotions, and corporate portfolios can benefit from its full HD capability. Its specialties lie in grid or mosaic-style display handling multiple frames elegantly that offers dynamic transitions. The Instagram-inspired template includes an intro for vlogs or can also be used for fashion and sports portfolios. The design has an urban, intuitive flair mostly seen in contemporary social media. Larger projects like creating showreels, slideshows, and vlogs to documenting travel, holidays, or memories can use its stylish execution.

What are Premiere Pro video collage templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro video collage templates are pre-adjusted video templates that allows users to apply dazzling visual aesthetics to your footage in a snap. These templates, aimed at filmmakers, videographers, and graphic designers of all levels, effortlessly turn ordinary footage into extraordinary art. They provide ready-made film, video, and TV production structures, complete with meticulously envisaged design standards ensuring an immaculate fit for any content creation project. This year, many of these templates offer multipurpose setups, enabling the integration of texts, images, and videos in an aesthetically pleasing fashion that captures and maintains viewer attention.

The best Premiere Pro video collage templates this year provide creatives with a platform to construct engaging narratives in benchmark presentation styles. The epitome of expedited satisfaction in professional editing solutions, they demystify complex editing tasks, offering an array of striking animations, whirl captions, image inserts, and digital templates, among others, to serve every imaginable need. The manipulation of contrast, layout, speed, audio, scene transitions, or narratives with high octane effects has never been this straightforward and inspiring. These elegant and effective visual tools uphold Premiere Pro’s unswerving commitment to increasing production value whilst optimizing editing time.

Why use Premiere Pro video collage templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro offers a wide range of brilliant video collage templates, vouched for by graphic designers and film creators alike. The best of these templates truly set visuals apart in content marketing this year, offering stunning designs, tools and presets right at the users’ fingertips, eliminating the need for creating complicated collages from scratch. These meticulously-crafted templates provide multi-purpose designs that suit various content areas from fashion, travel, entertainment to corporate, and ensure that any marketing project pushed out will have a polished, creative, and sophisticated look.

The second reason why these Adobe Premiere Pro video collage templates top the charts this year is their ease-of-use along with customizability. Even without prior technical knowledge, the user-friendly interface makes it less challenging for beginners to navigate these resources. Furthermore, each template is customizable to a high degree, allowing creatives the flexibility to modify font styles, colours and layout as per the requirements of their respective projects. The power of Premiere Pro thereby is in demystifying video editing, enabling content creators of all skill levels to produce not just high-quality work but truly cinematic values that appeal at a worldwide scale.

How to import Premiere Pro video collage templates?

To import the best Adobe Premiere Pro video collage templates of this year, first, ensure that you have Premiere Pro installed on your device. Then, download your favorite collage templates from reputable design platforms. After the templates are downloaded and unzipped, launch Adobe Premiere Pro and select ‘New Project’. Navigate to ‘Import Presets’ under ‘Effects’ tab, then select the folder where the templates are saved. Click ‘Import’ and the templates will be added to your user presets. Select the template from your preset list to apply it to your video project, adjust and customize to your liking, and you’re done. It’s a simple and effective way to uniquely enhance your video editing projects with professional-grade visuals. Remember, the templates used should only complement the narrative of the video, focusing on quality over quantity is key.


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