The best Premiere Pro video grid templates this year

Premiere Pro isn't the only source for video grid templates — explore the top-rated, impressive options available this year.

By Matic Broz, editor-in-chief of Photutorial covering stock media, Adobe, and design. He founded Photutorial while finishing his PhD in computational biosciences.

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While many creative professionals are returning in-house, the demand for editing from home using globally recognized software such as Premiere Pro doesn’t look like it’s diminishing anytime soon. Many creators are still utilizing ready-made templates to expedite their editing process for clients, collaborators, and personal projects. While the all-encompassing library of Premiere Pro templates continues to be eminent, there’s an abundance of other quality templates floating around the digital space, waiting to be integrated into your creative pipeline. Our spotlight is now shifting onto some of the more engaging Premiere Pro video grid templates that grabbed our attention this year. We’ve zeroed in on templates that can accommodate overlapping concepts and multimedia formats. Before you invest all your faith in the template that’s been your personal favorite thus far, you might want to test drive a couple of these curated suggestions to gauge how they harmoniously align with your creative flair and the requirements of your current project. Whatever it is you’re aspiring to accomplish, this well-curated catalogue is an ideal place to crack on.

The best Premiere Pro video grid templates 2023

1. Video Grid Logo Reveal | For Premiere Pro

Video Grid Logo Reveal | For Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Video Grid Logo Reveal is a premiere pro video template that offers seamless animation where customization include adjusting colors, inserting images, text, and logos for a striking intro/outro or unique promo campaign. The template has 25 placeholders for photos/videos with a tutorial and voice-over to guide you through the editing process. Moreover, this modern and navigable project supports Adobe Premiere Pro 2021 and above, providing full HD resolution with 1920x1080p. Perfect for business and corporate presentations, and digital platforms like YouTube, the template incorporates typography, logo animation, digital mosaic, grid layout, with bright tones and flat, clean designing. Designed for enhancing marketing appeal, it works without plugins and comes with dedicated support service.

This video grid Premiere Pro template is also part of our video collage list.

2. Super Grid Transitions Video Wall 4K

Super Grid Transitions Video Wall 4K (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Super Grid Transitions Video Wall 4K template for Premiere Pro offers a dynamic video display framework. Packaged with 4K animations, it provides a comprehensive grid platform for both images and videos alike. Respected for its extensive utilisation in corporate presentations, fashion introductions and YouTube openings, this video grid delivers crisp and compelling transitions for a variety of mosaics. The Super Grid template enhances multimedia and multiscreen projects by creating a quick, striking slideshow. Including arrangements in a multigrid format, this transition module is a valuable resource for photography displays using multiple scenes or frames. Audio for preview is Aggressive Sport by Fugu_Vibes.

This video grid Premiere Pro template is also part of our video collage list.

3. Grid Stock Slideshow

Grid Stock Slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Grid Stock Slideshow is a Premiere Pro video grid template that carries a sleek, contemporary feel. It’s designed with modern animation, featuring artificial mixmedia for a clean and minimal aesthetic. This template is commonly used in corporate and business settings due to its professional visual consistency. It includes technically advanced elements such as cube grids, paper rectangles and graph timelines. The smooth motion transitions function as efficient openers, all enhancing your slideshow in just the optimal way to convey your message. Regardless if you’re working on a product promo or an internal report, the seamlessly automated tech-based design makes information display intuitive and dynamic.

4. Instagram Grid Pack

Instagram Grid Pack (Credit: Envato Elements)

Instagram Grid Pack is a Premiere Pro template crafted with adaptability in mind. Ideal for bloggers, businesses or anyone attempting to brand on Instagram. It lends itself well to myriad functions such as advertising products and unveiling logos or intros and can also suit various themes from fitness and food to car and travel. This pack offers Instagram grid and collage styles along with features for Instagram Reels and IGTV, usable even on other platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, or Tik Tok. Play with seamless transitions, split screens, multi-screen grids, and more to invigorate your social media!

5. Multi Screen Grid Transitions

Multi Screen Grid Transitions (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Multi Screen Grid Transitions template for Premiere Pro is a contemporary-styled tool ideal for putting together a seamless multi-screen experience. It places an emphasis on visually engaging grid transitions to exhibit content in a more dynamic way. This resource includes the grid creator feature, enabling both linear transitions and mosaic arrangements typically seen in modern slideshows for videos or photographs. As a straightforward application, it notably features a smooth interface for the design of urban-style transitions. The option also allows creating photo gallery slide shows, multi-frame displays and effective video wall openings.

6. Grid: High Contrast Opener

Grid: High Contrast Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Grid: High Contrast Opener is a contemporary template for Premiere Pro featuring eclectic grid animations painted with vibrant hues. Interwoven within these animations are media placeholders and a series of slides. Perfect for boosting your social media videos, promoting special events, street fashion videos, urban themed let-downs or any YouTube content. It comes bundled with a detailed video tutorial that further simplifies usage. It strikes a pleasant paradox of combining high-speed movement, often synonymous with grime and intensity, with simplicity. The template utilizes several elements such as lines, logos, text, apart from adding a creative touch with dynamic dela elements.

7. Grid Photo Opener – Corporate Slideshow

Grid Photo Opener – Corporate Slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

Grid Photo Opener – Corporate Slideshow is a sophisticated, stylish grid-style Premiere Pro template. Ideal for businesses and corporations seeking a modern, inspirational, clean-cut video opener or slideshow. The template suits a multitude of settings, including office presentations, business conferences, photo albums, app logos, product showcasing, and much more. With its elegant, dynamic display perfect for portraying brand essence and historical journey, this template is also excellent for use in universities, hospitals, churches, and anniversary events. Video features including an expertise in highlighting stunning photo sequences, stylish graphical themes, unique transitions, and trendy digital kinetics extend its versatility, making it a go-to glimpse for companies, educators, and event planners alike.

8. Minimal Grid Slideshow | Premiere Pro

Minimal Grid Slideshow | Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Minimal Grid Slideshow for Premiere Pro is a dynamic, modern video template that integrates your photos and videos in an original, stylish manner. This template offers 65 media placeholders and is operable exclusively with Premiere Pro 2022 and above versions. It functions at 4K resolution (3840×2160) at 60 frames per second. Users can easily manipulate color, size and position through the use of Global Controllers. The template is fully editable, making it suitable for beginners at video editing. Accompanying pdf documentation provides comprehensive instructions to guide users through the customization process. Among its functionality, users can generate multiscreen displays, split screen transitions, and purposeful animation syncs with music.

9. Grid Corporate Presentation for Premiere Pro

Grid Corporate Presentation for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Grid Corporate Presentation for Premiere Pro is a video template designed for a clean, modern corporate aesthetic with a focus on timelines. This template incorporates a modular structure and permits inclusion of photo or video holders. Through using universal expressions with this template, no plugins are needed. It also features color control to match your brand’s aesthetic. Note that sound is not included in this grid template. Theme-wise, it highlights aspects such as business, internet technology for startups or mature corporations alike, and event recaps. Ideal for company histories, conference presentations, product promos, and year-end summaries.

10. Gateway – Creative Video Displays and Titles

Gateway – Creative Video Displays and Titles (Credit: Envato Elements)

“Gateway – Creative Video Displays and Titles” is a scalable Premiere Pro video grid template. Jampacked with 20 pre-made, fully-animated scenes ready for immediate use, the project is modular which allows seamless adaptation to your specific needs. The template is designed to save time and money, and help produce professionally leveled videos. It contains unsplash placeholders and utilises a font from fontsquirrel which is 100% free for commercial use. Note that while the music from the preview is not included, it can be found on audiojungle. Indeed, all assets and links are included in the package. Tags cover a variety of effects from barcode to cross fire and vector, making it versatile for different visual treatments. Please note, the audio used in the preview is ‘Stylish Inspiring Fashion Electronic’ by Fugu_Vibes.

11. Video Wall Promo – Premiere Pro

Video Wall Promo – Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Video Wall Promo – Premiere Pro is a project offering dynamic, broadcast-style video walls with multiple video screens. Whether for promoting videos or events, the project offers a convenient space for placing 20 intricate video or image placeholders, accompanied by corresponding text, on its adjustable five-time duplicated horizontal grid. The bonus project includes another 100 placeholders. The layout encourages customization and style variation and is compatible with Premiere Pro CC 2019 or higher versions, and similarly After Effects CC 2019 for additions. No plugins required, but you’ll need your own images, videos, audio Track (excluded), and specific font data included separately. Note, this video wall template focuses on virtual settings, reflective stage show promos, broadcast businesses, studios, product showcases and corporate portfolios.

12. Intro Video Wall Mosaic Logo Reveal | For Premiere Pro

Intro Video Wall Mosaic Logo Reveal | For Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Intro Video Wall Mosaic Logo Reveal is a template on Adobe Premiere Pro that allows customization of elements for 16 placeholders where you can insert images or videos based on your requirements. It helps to construct a video graphic depiction in a mosaic style for different platforms and can be branded using your own logo. The template comes with a video tutorial and an easy-to-use customization guide. It is noteworthy that plugins aren’t necessary, and the music (“Energetic Logo” by EliansProductions) as well as background photos or videos are not included. This makes it suitable for short, fast video introductions for mediums like Instagram, YouTube, or professional photography sessions.

This video grid Premiere Pro template is also part of our video collage list.

13. Techno Slideshow Digital Inspiration

Techno Slideshow Digital Inspiration (Credit: Envato Elements)

Techno Slideshow Digital Inspiration is essentially an Adobe Premiere Pro video grid template that’s distinctly themed on futuristic technology and hi-tech implements. Ideal mainly for creating technology slide shows and digital intros, it injects motion design and techno slides into the dramatization. It suits a wide range adding zest to scientific and sports events promotions, futurist games’ teasers, hi-tech Hollywood-like film trailers and epic video presentations’ credits as well. Users have successfully used this auditory-visual tool with help from the included inspiration electronic audio tracks for myriad such applications, strongly demonstrating its insurmountable flexibility and adaptation across platforms.

14. Instagram Promo Grid Pack

Instagram Promo Grid Pack (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Instagram Promo Grid Pack is a Premiere Pro video grid template purposely built for commercial and digital agency purposes to craft promotional clips for benefitting social media marketing campaigns. This clean and colorful template can be easily utilized for different types of promotional contexts – from corporate brand introductions to individual product sales. Main features incorporate rapid, smooth text and logo animation to ensure its applicability in various platforms such as Instagram reels, story or IGTV, Facebook, Tik-Tok, and even for training vlogs. The overall design aims for convenience in optimized mobile and online store presentations.

15. Instagram Slideshow Grid Pack

Instagram Slideshow Grid Pack (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Instagram Slideshow Grid Pack is a customizable template specifically designed to be compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro for creating visually engaging Instagram Slideshows. Its attributes stray across various areas like beauty, fashion, business, and urban, making it suitable for a wide range of users. It offers access to multiple features such as text animation, logo animation, photo opener, etc., along with seamless transfer to other social media platforms. The template is designed in vertical video format to meet Instagram, Tiktok, and Snapchat formats, promoting upbeat and engaging content for social media marketing, blogs, and advertising campaigns. It can also aid in designing intro videos and typographies.

16. Modern Grid Slideshow | Premiere Pro

Modern Grid Slideshow | Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Modern Grid Slideshow for Premiere Pro is a versatile media placeholder for presenting your videos and photos. It showcases dynamic animations synced with music, which naturally attracts viewers to the content. Key features include complete modular design for easy sequence editing, simple color changing via expression color controls, and compatibility with Premiere Pro 2022 and above. The 1080p resolution ensures clear visuals, while the 104 media placeholders offer vast insertion options. Additionally, the template offers intricate customizations like multi display, split-screen transitions, and minimalistic modern design, making it highly adaptable for different purposes. Requires .MOGRT files and offers 24/7 customer support.

17. Grid Instagram Stories and Reels | Premiere Pro

Grid Instagram Stories and Reels | Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

Grid Instagram Stories and Reels is a Premiere Pro video grid template that features a dynamic sequence of animations synced to music used on Instagram stories and reels. Suitable for showcasing multiple photos and videos, the template is fully modular, allowing effortless editing and customization of scene sequences, color control with just a few clicks, removal or addition of content, and inclusion of 59 media placeholders. Resolution formats include 1080×1920, 1080×1350, and 1080×1080, and they’re in line with current Instagram standards. With PDF documentation and 24/7 customer support, it’s convenient even for beginner users. Designed for Premiere Pro 2022 or higher versions only.

18. Grid Slideshow with Brushes | Premiere Pro

Grid Slideshow with Brushes | Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Grid Slideshow with Brushes template for Premiere Pro offers a unique way to showcase photos and videos. It features dynamic animations, hand-drawn brush transitions, and rhythmic movement set to music. Designed for flexibility, it allows users to easily edit sequences or alter the coloring to fit their style. With 56 media placeholders and compatibility with Premiere Pro 2022 and above, it delivers 4k resolution and a frame rate of 60fps. Included with the template are MOGTR files, detailed PDF documentation guide and 24/7 customer support. Useful for a striking multicreative display whether it’s apparel promos, family slideshows, fashion shows, photobook presentation and even retro or vintage-themed projects.

19. Grid Multiscreen Slideshow | Premiere Pro

Grid Multiscreen Slideshow | Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Grid Multiscreen Slideshow is a Premiere Pro template designed for presenting photos and videos in a novel and engaging way. Sporting vibrant animations synchronized to the beat of the music, dynamic movements, and editing freedom, the template keeps viewers intrigued and firmly fixed on your content. The template supports 4k resolution (3840×2160), includes 59 media placeholders, and is fully compatible with Premiere Pro 2022 and above. As its name suggests, Grid Multiscreen Slideshow allows the creation of complex grid-inspired montages, making it a good fit for high-energy visual events, gatherings, fashion promos, and more.

20. Multi Screen Grid Transitions – Vertical & Square

Multi Screen Grid Transitions – Vertical & Square (Credit: Envato Elements)

Multi Screen Grid Transitions – Vertical & Square is versatility epitomized with its ingenious design. Incorporated with multiple display effects formulated for vertical and square profiles, it represents the fine blend of minimalism and modernity in keeping with the social media transitions needs. The linear transitions offer a seamless slideshow whether it be a simple photo gallery or grids anchored to highlight textual content. Its auto resize transition provides a fluid movement between media displayed, thereby facilitating a compelling video wall. Further, the pack astutely ingratiates elements like urban aesthetic along with new opener attributes. Ideal for Instagram and vertical video applications.

What are Premiere Pro video grid templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro templates are pre-designed customizable tools for video editing, employed to help content creators speed up the production process, without sacrificing the quality or the results. These templates especially come in handy in situations when you need to incorporate graphic elements or custom designs within a video or when you want to add more flair to a mundane video. Some of these templates include title sequences, lower thirds, and text overlays, enclosing a whole range of creative feats you can perform with ease using Adobe Premiere Pro.

When considering the best Premiere Pro video grid templates for this year, we’re looking at curated selections loved not only for their unique and dynamic style but also for their ease of customization, thus empowering all levels of users. These templates employ cutting-edge design trends, fostering a thrust for creativity and innovation. Browsing and integrating Adobe Premiere’s broad selection of the best video grid templates can result in achieving both a good-looking and well-structured video, even for those on a beginner’s rapport with the program.

Why use Premiere Pro video grid templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro’s video grid templates are the prime choice for content creators and filmmaking enthusiasts this year. Notably, the software’s variety of top-quality, pre-made layouts streamline the creation process, efficiently cutting down the time spent on fundamental editing tasks. These templates, regularly updated to match the recent design trends, expedite projects by laying a professional foundation that can be conveniently customized to one’s vision. Moreover, Adobe Premiere is renowned for its robust knowledge pool, offering resources and tutorials that guide users to fully exploit each template’s potential, making it accessible even for beginners.

Also, the technological integration of Adobe Premiere Pro lifts video editing to innovative levels. These templates are Future proof; designed to be compatible with emerging video formats, resolutions, and even delicate elements such as variable frame rates. Such a dynamic approach transcends the boundaries of traditional shooting scenarios and advents a wide room for creativity and exploration. Furthermore, sharing these templates within Adobe Creative Cloud’s suite expands creative flexibility and envers versatile collaboration. Therefore, the symbiosis of the software’s refined template designs, vast user-support resources, and innovative technological integration marks Adobe Premiere Pro’s video grid templates the forerunner on the market.

How to import Premiere Pro video grid templates?

Adding Adobe Premiere Pro video grid templates is a way to streamline your editing process and lend a professional edge to your projects. Start by selecting a desirable template from various online sources, and download it on your system. Open your Adobe Premiere Pro, click on ‘Graphics’ at the top, followed by ‘Install Motion Graphics Template’. Next, navigate to the downloaded template on your system and click ‘Open’ to enact import. Keep in mind to have your Essential Graphics panel visible. In case it is not, go to ‘Window’ > ‘Essential Graphics.’ Then, all you have to do is drag and drop the template into your timeline. This flexibility offered by Adobe Premiere Pro renders you more control over your projects and helps in delivering commendable results with a professional flair.


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