The best Premiere Pro video templates this year

Adobe's Premiere Pro isn't the only tool for stunning video edits — there are a plethora of top-tier templates you can harness this year.

By Matic Broz, editor-in-chief of Photutorial covering stock media, Adobe, and design. He founded Photutorial while finishing his PhD in computational biosciences.

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While many companies are pushing their marketers to create in-house videos, video editing (when achievable) appears to be increasingly popular and is unlikely to fade away anytime soon. Many of us are utilizing video editing tools to craft compelling brand stories, engaging ads and riveting content. Adobe Premiere Pro continues to be considered a leading tool, but there’s a plethora of free Premiere Pro templates available that could simplify the video production process. The following discussion will outline a selection of the more remarkable free Premiere Pro templates we’ve encountered designed for multiple kinds of projects. We’ve focused chiefly on templates that include at least 10 elements or more. Beyond defaulting to Adobe’s in-built features and development resources, consider checking some of these out for personal and professional projects, you might find them fitting your needs and aesthetic preferences better. This enumeration serves to be an excellent place to kick off.

The best Premiere Pro video templates 2023

1. Extreme Video

Extreme Video (Credit: Envato Elements)

Extreme Video is an exceptionally innovative Premiere Pro template that brings together diverse designs into one electrifying visual treat. It predominantly features big, bold text, colorful illustrations, and cartoon-style characters, giving it a vivacious comic feel. The template incorporates cinematic elements like freeze frames, augmenting the raw energy that action or motion packs. The unique mix of sketch-art truly adds an artistic flair providing inspiration. Finally, the layout is ideal for trailers, event teasers, slideshow intros or openers with its layered urban ‘Marvel’-style approach.

2. Subscribed Video

Subscribed Video (Credit: Envato Elements)

The 09 Subscribed Video Scene is a Premiere Pro video template designed to be user-friendly and versatile. Offering simple customization abilities, users can effortlessly alter colors to suit their branding. The template complements Adobe Premiere Pro 2018 and above, with no additional plugins required for functionality. Each download consists of thorough video tutorials to guide users throughout customizing the template, backed up by 24/7 free support. Accentuated by a free font inclusion and a preview audio, the template sports a clean, corporate look, suited to projects such as business presentation, social media content, intro clips and more for platforms ranging from Youtube to Vimeo.

This video Premiere Pro template is also part of our adobe list.

3. Slideshow Video

Slideshow Video (Credit: Envato Elements)

The ‘Slideshow Video’ template is designed for use with Premiere Pro 2021, offering 4K resolution (3840×2160 pixels). The system doesn’t require any plugins, has a modular structure, and is easy to navigate. Guidance is available in the form of a videotutorial with voice instructions. Furthermore, if desired, an After Effects version of this template can also be sourced. It should be taken into account that music, pictures, and videos used in the preview are not initially included. This template is perfectly suited to vlogging, branding, corporate presentations, fashion portfolios and more, due to its clean, modern and neat design.

This video Premiere Pro template is also part of our slideshow video list.

4. Intro Video

Intro Video (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Adobe Premiere Pro Project is designed for creating engaging intro or outro videos for various online platforms including Youtube, Vimeo, and Facebook. Featuring a detailed video tutorial, it operates comfortably with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015.2 and above. It guarantees 60 FPS and offers 8 text placeholders plus 1 image placeholder with 3 preset color schemes. Fully customizable for a resolution to highest HD standards, it is seen as an ideal fit for uses including but not limited to: rapid intros, promotional visuals, typography depiction, event publicity, reel production, kinetic typography and much more. This versatile and user-friendly template is well-suited for creative, motivational corporeal intros, news op-eds, sport clips, fashion reveals, and youtube videos.

This video Premiere Pro template is also part of our outro list.

5. Sweet Memories Cinematic Slideshow

Sweet Memories Cinematic Slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Sweet Memories Cinematic Slideshow template for Premiere Pro enables you to create a sentimental cinematic slideshow with just a few clicks. Its clean layout and easy customization make it suitable for different events like weddings, anniversaries or birthdays. It can also be used for diverse purposes such as introducing a company’s history, creating a romantic video, or compiling a family album. Moreover, it can complement different moods and themes like vintage films or documentaries. Furthermore, the template goes well with audio tracks like Fly Away Home by Pinkzebra, enhancing the heartwarming memories of any personal or corporate event.

This video Premiere Pro template is also part of our slideshow video list.

6. Video Channel Opener

Video Channel Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Video Channel Opener template for Premiere Pro is an appealingly entertaining design element perfect for various video channels. With a knack for marking a snappy appeal, the colourful and funky style breeds energy in equal measure for a dynamic entrance. Key features include a multitude of glitch effects, meme-style elements, and stop motion style use that reflects an MTV or VHS flair. Suitable for bloggers, entertainers, or anyone running a youthful digital media website, this type of opener amplifies the enjoyment and entertainment factors especially in fields like stand up comedy and social engagements.

7. Video displays in motion

Video displays in motion (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro video template, “Video displays in motion,” is a user-friendly and versatile tool designed for clean and modern corporate or business presentations. It is fully editable from the premiere essential graphics menu, with detailed video tutorial included. The template features larger compatibility, supporting Premiere 2021 and newer versions. It contains 6 video placeholders, 9 text spaces, a slot for a logo, and 3D prerendered background, plus provisions for looping animation. Please note, images and audio showcased in the preview are not included but links are provided for sourcing. The aesthetic is sophisticated, sleek, and high-tech, meeting variety of needs from business logos to social display showcase.

This video Premiere Pro template is also part of our video editing list.

8. Multi Video Logo

Multi Video Logo (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Multi Video Logo Premiere Pro template is a dynamic and visually captivating tool geared for creating cinematic and epic intros. The option to incorporate ‘video walls’ wherein multiple video clips can simultaneously be displayed lends itself perfectly to promotional reels and trailers. Its unique design elements, such as a radiant glow and metallic sheen, recreate an intense, hero-themed aura reminiscent of movie-like introductions or end-credit slides. The robust, ‘particular’ light features provide an immersive layer of depth and dimension to this awe-inspiring template.

9. Dynamic Video Opener

Dynamic Video Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Dynamic Video Opener is a Premiere Pro video template designed for a modern and slick user experience. This neat addition utilizes vibrant and shifting colours to appeal to various aesthetics. Its audio hails from “Big City Lights”, lending an urban edge to compliment light transitions. This template equips empowered minimalistic design aesthetics, flexible motion, ‘easy-to-manage’ controls, and serves a stylish yet simple usage versatility. It unfolds a dynamic opener to produce high-quality videos, which would especially appeal to the trending fashion theme. It also includes seamless lower thirds overlays, injecting additional informativeness to your work.

10. Viral Promo Video

Viral Promo Video (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Viral Promo Video template for Premiere Pro encourages a modern and trendy method of promotion that resonates with young audiences. The template features 13 customizable placeholder displays that can accommodate not just videos and photos, but also logos and text. Suitable for Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2021 or newer, it does not require installation of After Effects. This user-friendly template supports showcasing products, services, events, or any subject matter more creatively and dynamically through images of youths holding signboards. Further guidance is provided by a video tutorial file. However, the complementary music in the preview video must be found separately. Templates are easily tailored to one’s own preferred design or monochrome style.

This video Premiere Pro template is also part of our promo video list.

11. Halloween Opener Video

Halloween Opener Video (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Halloween Opener Video is a high-quality, animated Premiere Pro template. Its fun and spooky design features symbols like a creepy cat, grinning pumpkin, and ghosts. The primary purpose is to act as an engaging opener or transition, which might reveal a logo or introduce a video segment, perfect for a Halloween-themed event, party, or video. It offers a modern look with fantastic typography options, and scatterings of classic Halloween elements like costumed skeletons and spiders. With its helpful emphasis on night and darkness, this template makes it easy to create a memorable and slightly scary first impression.

12. Search The Web Video

Search The Web Video (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Search The Web Video is a Premiere Pro template specifically designed to recreate the Google search experience with crisp, clear animation. Productively tagged with features like ‘mogrt’, ‘search’, ‘searching’, and ‘website’ it successfully facilitates the user to underline a search-centric storyline, augmenting the digital interaction narrative. This valuable tool would be highly suitable for any project related to modern internet usage or keyword research themes. Its web search nature bridges the gap between the browsing experience and viewer engagement effectively.

13. Professional Corporate Video

Professional Corporate Video (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Professional Corporate Video is a Premier Pro video template that exudes a clean and sleek vibe, fitting for organizations in health and medical industries such as pharmacies. It prominently features a hexagon motif in calming shades of blue, embodying both a professional and trendy appeal. Its seamless slideshow format is ideal for profiling new recommendations and trends within the industry. Additionally, it supplies an organized layout, optimized for clearly and effectively delivering crucial corporate insights and updates.

14. Techno Video Displays

Techno Video Displays (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Techno Video Displays template in Premiere Pro is used in creating highly customisable displays inspired by a techno theme or setting. The template relies on Hudge for its operations and can be fully modified according to user needs. The template contains pre-set configurations to fit into 25 placeholders with an easy customisation, ideal for a standard-sized screen resolution. It is suitable for Premiere Pro CC2021 and above, and does not require plug-ins usage. Some attributes packaged with the template include Cyberpunk, Sci-Fi elements and various hi-tech introductory applications among labels and slideshows.

15. Ultimate Video Fx

Ultimate Video Fx (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Ultimate Video Fx is an extensive Premiere Pro video template catering to your varied visual presentation requirements. This resource framework is replete with effects such as abstract, cinematic, optical flares, transitions and vignette enhancers. The color features enable nimble correction, grading, as well as ‘color bleed’ management. Its empowering capabilities such as creating dark ambiance or light leaks offer significant creative freedom. Assuredly, it even provides presets compatible with social media platforms like Instagram. This professionally crafted tool is ready-to-use and also offers three adventure and fashion themed audio tracks by AlexGrohl; optimally timed for promotional sequences.

16. Education Video Opener

Education Video Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Education Video Opener is a versatile Premiere Pro video template designed specifically for educational and corporate contexts. Notable for its clean and professional aesthetic, this template serves various purposes from introducing business timelines in a blog, college presentation, or corporate slideshow, to capturing memories in high school videography and graduation events. It comes in handy for educational institutions as an institute opener or an event promotion template. Additionally, it caters to specific fields such as medicine and dentistry for study or exhibition purposes, making it a universal choice for inclusion in vlogs and youtube content.

This video Premiere Pro template is also part of our graduation list.

17. Video Editing Promo

Video Editing Promo (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Video Editing Promo is a dynamic and versatile template suitable for a range of video projects. Showcasing up to 20 clips and ten text holders, this Premiere Pro template is built for easy customization and features a cinematic, stylish look. It doesn’t require plugin installation and supports a full HD resolution. The template comes with a detailed video tutorial and allows users to modify the colors of the projector lights and flares externally. Themes include fashion, sports, travel as well as urban and lifestyles. This Promo serves ideally for intros and social media promos, action trailers, sport and music event promotion etc. Footages are not included.

This video Premiere Pro template is also part of our editing list.

18. Video Channel Titles

Video Channel Titles (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro video template, “Video Channel Titles,” offers clean and minimalistic designs intended for digital content experience. This versatile template provides helpers for the aspects of broadcast-quality, including titles, transitions, openers, and lower-thirds, beneficial to promote your content on platforms like Facebook, YouTube, or in newsletters. It comes in .MOGRT form making it fully customizable, making it a handy tool for vloggers, and digital content creators, focusing on typography-based output. This template bridges the gap between functionality and aesthetics for users yearning for professional-level video publishing.

19. Urban Video Premiere Pro

Urban Video Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Urban Video Premiere Pro template is specially designed for films and videos showing a focus on urban living, cityscapes, and action sequences. It is ideally tailored towards creating an immersive cinematic experience, especially for genres like crime, mystery, and suspense. The inclusion of grunge aesthetic invokes an enigmatic veil over the narrative. Notables settings involve a vibrant metropolis such as New York and intriguing scenes from rush hour. This template is also perfect for movie trailers, openers or spy-based storylines amidst a bustling city backdrop to heighten the suspense.

20. Social Media Video Graphics

Social Media Video Graphics (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Social Media Video Graphics” is a Premiere Pro based template designed for a seamless experience in crafting aesthetic video content for social media. Equipped with modern and simple typography, it provides flat graphics, titles, and text as lower thirds for meticulous detailed storytelling. The template’s slick modernist theme shine across platforms including Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Compiled as a pack, it assists in a wide range of video applications; from vlogs to promos, which ensures your social media appearance remains coherent, cohesive, and visually enticing.

This video Premiere Pro template is also part of our graphics list.

What are Premiere Pro video templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro video templates are an efficient, user-friendly tool designed to expedite the video editing process for creative professionals. By offering a wide array of customizable, pre-designed construct for common video editing tasks, users can harness these templates to create high-quality content with more speed and precision. These templates include intros, transitions, titles, and special effect instructions that seamlessly integrate with Adobe Premiere Pro’s interface, reducing the need for users to engineer every editing task from scratch. As a result, videographers can produce more professional videos in less time, thereby increasing their content output without sacrificing artistic integrity or quality.

This year, the popularity for Adobe Premiere Pro video templates has grown for their distinct to their definite efficiency, variety, and high-quality design. Respected throughout the industry for their modern and sophisticated attributes, some of the best templates include versatile logo reveals, spirited transitions, cinematographic color grading presets, and advanced motion typography templates. These templates not only add a polished and innovative aesthetic to the final video product, but they also allow video professionals to adjust settings for their needs and preferences. Essentially, Premiere Pro’s video templates represent a significant advance in the industry’s move toward enhancing editing efficacy and the artistic value potential of digitally edited video content.

Why use Premiere Pro video templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro, widely celebrated for its versatility and diverse toolbox, is perpetually on the forefront of video editing technology. One primary reason for using the best Adobe Premiere Pro video templates this year is the expeditious creative workflow they afford. Users can explore professionally-designed templates, each calibrated to a variety of themes and projects. Even novices in video editing can achieve polished and high-grade results, as these specialized templates minimize guesswork and streamline video production processes. Less time spent troubleshooting or grappling with convoluted controls means more room for storytelling and content.

Beyond facilitating the editing process, utilizing these templates imbues projects with a compelling aesthetic appeal. Remember that the quality of your visual content has a direct impact on audience engagement: the glossier and more seamless your videos, the higher the likelihood of viewer retention. Adobe Premiere Pro offerings don’t skimp on creative considerations—they offer a range of visual styles and dynamic transitions sure to make your videos pop. Long story short, opting for high-quality Adobe Premiere Pro video templates equips users both technologically and creatively, resulting in professional-grade videos premised on ease of use and visual excellence.

How to import Premiere Pro video templates?

Importing Adobe Premiere Pro video templates is a straightforward process that video content creators can easily achieve. First, you need to download your preferred Premiere Pro template from reputable sources that you trust, be it Adobe Stock or gifted from a colleague. After downloading, extract the file if it’s a .zip and navigate to Premiere Pro. With Premier Pro open, go to ‘Graphics’ in the top toolbar menu, select ‘Install Motion Graphics Template’. A file browser will then open, allowing you to locate your saved template. Choose the template you’d like to import, hit “Open,” and Voila, the template is readily available in your Essential Graphics Panel awaiting your creative touch.”


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