The best Premiere Pro vlog templates this year

Adobe's Premiere Pro isn't the only vlog template source — there are numerous outstanding Premiere Pro vlog templates you can explore and utilise this year.

By Matic Broz, editor-in-chief of Photutorial covering stock media, Adobe, and design. He founded Photutorial while finishing his PhD in computational biosciences.

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While many individuals prioritize their online presence, diving into vlogging has become increasingly common and shows no signs of halting in the foreseeable future. Many of us are utilizing Adobe Premiere Pro to carve out our virtual narrative, share insights with followers, friends, even work networks. Adobe’s remarkable editing software undisputedly tops the list, but the multitude of vlog templates available can make creating visually captivating content a breeze. What follows are some remarkable, top-tier vlog templates you may consider for your Adobe Premiere Pro repertoire. We’ve emphasized templates that captivate general audiences catering to at least 10 different subjects or niches. Rather than simply choosing the first template you lay your hands on, you might want to experiment with a couple and discover how effectively they work with your brand and coincide with your fans’ tastes and preferences. This list provides an excellent commencement point.

The best Premiere Pro vlog templates 2023

1. Travel Vlog

Travel Vlog (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Travel Vlog template is designed for use with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 or later versions and operates through Essential Graphics. With no requirement for any plugins, the template features high-definition 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second. This well-structured and easily customizable template is ideal for creating dynamic and colorful memory collages reflecting the summer, travel, or vacation vibes. Be it a romantic reel, TV show opener, or photo/video slideshow, with the ability to use images instead of videos, the template perfectly sets the mood for an immersive visual journey. It also includes a useful video tutorial for guidance.

2. Youtube Vlog Intro

Youtube Vlog Intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “YouTube Vlog Intro” is a Premiere Pro template ready-to-use for various types of content creators such as bloggers, podcasters or YouTubers. Notably, its dynamic and animated design is minimalist and modern. The wide palette of visual effects includes 3D, glitch, grunge, cinematic, yet with a colorful and clean presentation. The Brush effect contributes an artistic and dynamic touch. Suitable for sports, gaming, fashion or tech channels, it even offers resources for beauty vloggers, education material, or business promotion. A stylish intro/outro set and compelling text typography complete this multipurpose template.

3. YouTube Vlog Intro

YouTube Vlog Intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro vlog template, named “YouTube Vlog Intro,” is designed for a vast spectrum of vlog themes, from fashion lifestyle to action sports and travel. It adopts a clean, flat, and minimalist style, enabling creators to reveal their logos or initiate their broadcasts prominently. Despite its simplicity, it is designed for rapid and effective impact, inclusive of multiple photo promos for an engaging viewer experience. Business vloggers can leverage its corporate-friendly design while it also provides options for social media-specific intros. It is user-focused and aimed to meet the variety of personal and professional needs.

4. Travel Vlog Opener

Travel Vlog Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Travel Vlog Opener is a vibrant and dynamic Premiere Pro vlog template, packed full with features to help create stylish and engaging travel vlogs. It includes 13 video or photo holders and 10 text holders, all adaptable to fit your unique style. This simple yet inspiring opener boasts a full HD 1920×1080 display and utilises trendy designs, making it suitable for showcasing various content types, such as summer travels and adventurous trips. It is easily customizable, not requiring any plugins to use and is compatible with Premiere Pro CC 2018 and above. Music, video, and photo content are not included.

5. Student Vlog Opener

Student Vlog Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

The ‘Student Vlog Opener’ is a Premiere Pro template ideal for students who aspire to create impressive video content with minimal effort. As the title suggests, it can function as introductions for vlogs, through podcasting, social media outlets like TikTok or YouTube, shows and more featuring bold, brazen typography. It provides four different track durations for added flexibility. Strong, vibrant visuals add visual interest. Although colorful, it can use dark shades depending on user preference. From including a logo, the basic short text to the striking opener, each element can be customized based on the broadcaster’s preferences for an intro.

6. Vlog Photo Opener

Vlog Photo Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Vlog Photo Opener – Student Vlog Opener” Premiere Pro template is an efficient, uncomplicated creation tool for educators, students, or anyone creating content around educational themes. It offers a clean, modern platform to showcase achievements or people from college campuses, high schools, or other educational institutions. This versatile template supports images, video, and text, facilitating customization according to specific needs. Accompanied by ‘A Hipster’ soundtrack by INPLUSMUSIC, the template allows the creation of a sleek, dynamic video valuable for vlogs, presentations, promotions or introductions involving learners or teachers worldwide. Key themes covered include blogging, education, graduation, nomination, training, volunteering, and much more.

7. Urban Vlog Opener

Urban Vlog Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Urban Vlog Opener is not your ordinary Premiere Pro template design. Using urban-oriented visuals, brush and watercolor styles, the template adapts an attractive hand-drawn aesthetic. This is a versatile template suitable for various themes such as; cartoon, fashion, sport, documentary, and vintage. With dedicated audio features and a mix of short and long tracks, it supports a highly customizable user experience. Perfect for youtube, Twitch vloggers, or Instagram users aiming for an elevated introduction to drive motivation, podcast recording, music introduction or displaying portfolio content.

8. Fashion Vlog Opener

Fashion Vlog Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

Drawing from its namesake, the Fashion Vlog Opener for Premiere Pro is a brisk and sleek-looking webpage template with a sophisticated aura, designed specifically for Premiere Pro CC 2019 onwards. The template conveniently possesses 11 placeholders for image/video content, 12 placeholders for text adjustments, and a single slot for entry logos. Thanks to text animations with modern design, it portrays an up-to-the-minute attitude. With this template, showing your travelling stories, fashion styling, slideshows and presentations in the form of a hip vlog is effortless. Users can alter the text and implement media content with a simple drag, drop, and render method. Yet, its highest selling point is it requires no plugins. The resulting vibe is urban and surging, and the overall look is astoundingly dynamic, ideally suited for blogs, social media, and particularly Youtube. The associated themes include fashion, lifestyle, and travel, promoting energetic communication needed today.

9. Welcome My Vlog

Welcome My Vlog (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Premiere Pro vlog template, ‘Welcome to My Vlog’, presents a clean and modern aesthetic with a bright and colorful design. It displays a strong emphasis on beauty, fashion and e-commerce aspects making it great for cosmeticians, fashion bloggers, and online sellers. Lovable traits include beautiful text animations, a captivating intro opener, attractive product promos, and a sexy and sharp slideshow presentation. On top of that, trendy transitions, unique typography, and an undeniably neat overall appeal make it highly desirable for modern, trend-forward vloggers and creators.

10. Travel Vlog For Premiere

Travel Vlog For Premiere (Credit: Envato Elements)

The ‘Travel Vlog For Premiere’ is a highly versatile and modern template meticulously designed for creating standout travel vlogs using Adobe Premiere Pro. It’s been developed keeping in mind the needs of barber and barbershop blogs, mans opening, youtube blog intro and a lot more. Equipped with a multitude of features, it includes grid titles, promotes a fresh and minimalistic look, and supports the embedding of photos, and clips while offering various typography styles. Ideal for promotion on social media channels such as Instagram, YouTube, and Tik Tok, it blends effective blogging practices with rhythmic upbeat audio for an engaging experience.

11. Kid’s YouTube Vlog

Kid’s YouTube Vlog (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Kid’s YouTube Vlog Premiere Pro template is created specifically for young travel enthusiasts keen on sharing their adventures. This design features stop motion animation with several thematic symbols such as airplanes, bags, and papercraft art. Locations are well-managed from world renowned tourist destinations in Egypt, France, Japan, New York, Rome, and Spain. The vlog caters to other situations too, suggesting activities at various places like the beach, and through modes like plane journeys. In displaying these precious vacation memories, the template nails the narrative of a tour diary or travel blog.

12. Youtube Vlog Opener_MOGRT

Youtube Vlog Opener_MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Youtube Vlog Opener_MOGRT is a Premiere Pro pack aimed at young, budding bloggers wanting to create an engaging YouTube channel. Pack includes an opener, three lower thirds, five text bumpers, and vibrant elements such as red hearts, likes and ‘bell for followers,’ emulating a traditional Youtube design. 3Secondary features include channel titles, names, headings, titles, and hashtags options. This template features a colourful, playful design making it ideal for children’s channels, vlogs related to gaming, food or simply showcasing their lives. Portray everyday activities, announcements or messages in a fun and interactive way. Included audio features upbeat, kid-friendly music enhancing the overall lively variable. Template is designed in bright hues to attract a kids-centric audience, this pack was made in Premiere Pro 2020.

13. YouTube Vlog Intro |MOGRT|

YouTube Vlog Intro |MOGRT| (Credit: Envato Elements)

The YouTube Vlog Intro |MOGRT| is a dynamic, quick loading Premiere Pro template suitable for a range of genres including corporate, fashion, lifestyle, and sport. It incorporates clean, minimal design elements ideal for bloggers, vloggers, or social media influencers. Both the action-oriented, fast opener and the flat, yet intricate intro will captivate your viewers. Accommodating for logos, the template includes a stylish logo reveal feature. The packaging includes options for photo promos, making this template perfect for broadcasting travel vlogs or TV shows.

14. Creative YouTube Vlog Intro

Creative YouTube Vlog Intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Creative YouTube Vlog Intro is a sleek and customizable vlogging template perfectly optimized for Premiere Pro. Designed for new-age creatives, its primary function is to introduce vlogs by integrating images, videos, text, and sound effortlessly, resulting in accelerated viewer retention. Key features include Full HD resolution, compatibility with Premiere Pro CC 2015 or higher, seven unique scene options, and comprehensive guidelines (contained in a PDF help file). Perfectly syncing layout colorfulness with simplicity in this package provides unwrapped creativity, ideally attractive to those posting vlogs on lifestyles, travel, sports, or events. Links for associated music, images, and fonts are inclusive for a seamless workflow.

15. Kids Vlog Opener | MOGRT

Kids Vlog Opener | MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Kids Vlog Opener | MOGRT template is a user-friendly Premiere Pro tool designed for easy customization to match your unique project requirements. This template works with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2021 onwards and does not require any plugins or After Effects, making it an accessible, hassle-free resource. The 1920×1080 FULL HD resolution coupled with universal expressions ensure compatibility across languages. Aiding ease-of-use is the control layer that allows swift color configuration. Integrated PDF Help File enhances better understanding of functions, while free 24/7 support tackles any project-related doubts promptly. Appropriate for diverse fields, including but not limited, to travel, sports, corporate, broadcast or social media, relying mostly on previews.

16. Vlog Podcast Intro | Premiere Pro

Vlog Podcast Intro | Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Vlog Podcast Intro | Premiere Pro template is great for adding a creative touch to any child-focused video or podcast. With bright, colorful elements that exude an energetic and playful vibe, it aligns well with celebration events like a first birthday, kids channel broadcast, or kiddie show. Moreover, this fits in academic settings like an after school club announcement, a teacher’s learning course introduction, or a fun-filled slideshow presentation for kindergarten students. Not only designed for entertainment, it can also serve as an invitation or advertisement, shedding light on kids’ achievements and activities. Teens and young adults venturing into vlogs can also benefit from using this versatile template.

17. Intro Fashion Vlog (Premiere Pro)

Intro Fashion Vlog (Premiere Pro) (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Intro Fashion Vlog is a video template designed for use with Premiere Pro. It allows you to create a high-quality, sophisticated intro suited for a fashion vlog or podcast quickly and efficiently. The template offers an impressive stomp opener and bold typography that enhances your brand’s appeal. It features a high-energy, vibrant, clean and dynamic design with text modification for simplicity. Suitable for promoting businesses, services or products on different platforms like YouTube, Twitch, TV, and social media. It includes a helpful video tutorial for entry-level users. Valuable for entertainers, content creators and promoters looking to increase engagement and drive views to their sites.

18. Urban Vlog Intro I Dynamic Opener

Urban Vlog Intro I Dynamic Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Urban Vlog Intro | Dynamic Opener for Premiere Pro is a free-to-choose template that is best suited for modern and trendy use cases ranging from vlogs, fashion and special events to professional portfolios or product demos. It’s highly customizable, easy to use and designed specifically for Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020 and up. Key features cater to the beginners’ needs of user-friendly manipulation with 5 media placeholders, 12 text placeholders, a free font link and detailed instructions. The 18-seconds long,mAttention to detail throughout ensures nods to marketing elements featuring such elements as a 4K resolution, clean design, transitional dynamic elements specifically suited for marketing ventures, startup showcases, or YouTube videos.

19. Creative YouTube Intro || Vlog Intro (MOGRT)

Creative YouTube Intro || Vlog Intro (MOGRT) (Credit: Envato Elements)

Creative YouTube Intro || Vlog Intro (MOGRT) is a Premiere Pro vlog template offering flexibility and perfection. This urban vlog intro lets you fully express your creativity with its dynamic, elastic animation and full HD resolution. It features an easy customisation process, offering color control and six media placeholders, perfect for advertisements, events, livestreams, or social media stories. Apart from its vibrant design suitable for fashion or travel vlogs, it comes with a PDF Help File for seamless user-experience and links to background music and media needed from Envato Elements. All these and more in one 20-seconds, 8-scene vlog intro.

20. Vlog Mosaic Logo Opener – Premiere Pro

Vlog Mosaic Logo Opener – Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Vlog Mosaic Logo Opener Premiere Pro is a modern, vibrant template equipped with powerful features. The template includes magnificent 4k resolution and supports Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2021 and above. There is no need for After Effects as an After Effects version is included. Its creative technical attributes include 7 media placeholders, complete text modularity, 24 seconds duration, and a control layer for adjusting settings. This universally compatible template is super easy to customize yet enables the creation of clean end-results, perfect for social media content, bloggers, vloggers or anyone interested in developing engaging content with a professional look. Its 24/7 support ensures a hassle-free user experience.

What are Premiere Pro vlog templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro templates are powerful tools that possess a set of pre-designed video editing features to ease the daunting process of video production. Catering towards vlogging, these can stand as essential tools for YouTubers, social media influencers, or internet personalities. Premiere Pro serves as an industry-standard when it comes to video editing software, integrating well with the rest of the Adobe creative ecosystem, therefore making these templates versatile, expandable, and customizable as per the users’ requirements. The year’s best vlog templates set the bar high with their innovative designs and varied adaptability — ideal for different vlogging niches connoting travel, lifestyle, beauty, tech and more.

However, it’s not just the niche specificity that counts. The templates adapt to varying skill levels and cover everything a vlog might require, from intro templates, transitions, to special effects, credit rolls and much more. They serve as a roadmap for beginners or experts to lay out their original footage and jumps-start the editing process. Alongside this, the best templates are often well-maintained and updated with new features — keeping abreast with vlogging trends and user demands. In sync with Adobe Premiere Pro’s innovative approach in creating smooth interfaces and high-end professional outputs, these templates essentially serve as ‘time savers’ and enrich the overall visualized output.