The best Premiere Pro wedding slideshow templates this year

Adobe's Premiere Pro isn't the only platform for amazing wedding slide shows - explore the best free templates available this year.

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While many couples are eagerly planning to tie the knot, embracing the digitalization of wedding ceremonies has seemingly become a norm and is likely not dissipating anytime soon. Many of us are continuously harnessing the power of software like Adobe Premiere Pro to create compelling and emotional wedding slideshows. Premiere Pro surely holds the fort when it comes to slideshow templates, but there is a range of other templates out there to make your memories enchanting. What follows are descriptions of some of the most intriguing Premiere Pro wedding slideshow templates that came into the scene this year. We’ve narrowed down the options to those that encompass at least 10 or more unique slide designs. Instead of instantly banking on Premiere Pro as the ideal for you, you might wish to traverse one or two other templates to discover how well they resonate with your creative instinct and that of your clients or well-wishers. This comprehensive rundown is an excellent point to initiate your exploration.

The best Premiere Pro wedding slideshow templates 2023

1. Sweet Memories Cinematic Slideshow

Sweet Memories Cinematic Slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Sweet Memories Cinematic Slideshow is a template specially designed with lovers in mind. Developed for premiere pro, it enables users to easily craft wedding intros, anniversary slideshows or sweet, nostalgic videos. Beyond romance, it is equally suited for creating a home cinema style video or a company’s historical introduction. This template is also fitting for celebrations or holiday greetings. With a 3D aesthetic, it adds a twist of cinematic titles and documentary format even to family albums or event footages. The overall tone is one of love and warmth, eliciting happy emotions from viewers.

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2. Wedding Slideshow

Wedding Slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Wedding Slideshow template for Premiere Pro involves a vibrant mix of 3D images, dynamic typography, and minimalistic text styles. This template is versatile, thus perfect for a range of celebrations including weddings, corporate events and historical commmemorations. It’s also suitable for various broadcasting channels, social networks like Facebook and Instagram, in creating a memorable gallery or portfolio presentations, fashion showreels, event promos, romantic trailers, or for vlog use. Features include light effect and parallax settings, inviting a uniquely cinematic impact, and an atmospheric opener that sets the tone for a poignant video display of special memories.

This wedding slideshow Premiere Pro template is also part of our slideshow video list.

3. Ink Wedding Slideshow

Ink Wedding Slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

Ink Wedding Slideshow is a tastefully designed Premiere Pro template suited for commemorating beautiful unions. It captures the romantic essence of marriage with its flowing ink-themed transitions. This dynamic photo album provides options for presenting beloved memories garnered on spring or summer wedding days with a touch of whimsy amidst the trending flower and gallery infused designs. Its features also make it invaluable for crafting lovely wedding invitations and stunning openers. With this love-brimming, visually captivating template, the beautiful story behind each photograph converges with elegant animations to perfectly encapsulate exquisite wedding memories.

4. Romantic Wedding Slideshow

Romantic Wedding Slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Romantic Wedding Slideshow template on Premiere Pro provides a cinematic, emotional backdrop that creatives can use to showcase love stories. This audio-visual setup artfully captures beautiful moments, cementing them into enduring pictures. It includes five tracks with total durations ranging from 0:10 to 2:42 by Dredstudio. The desired emotion is effortlessly evoked using elements reminiscent of a family album—borne from birthdays and special holidays. Besides weddings, the unified, inspiring theme puts it apt for applications like mother’s day, valentine’s day and family slideshows. The option of a simple slideshow allows inherent creatives flexibility while making galleries or intros.

5. Romantic | Wedding Slideshow

Romantic | Wedding Slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Romantic | Wedding Slideshow is a Premiere Pro template designed specifically with the display of treasured moments in mind. This product comes with five different tracks, each adding a specific emotional tone to the showcased pictures or videos. The theme uses a blend of charming and grunge elements, allowing to convey love’s emotional and adventurous status. It is an attractive medium for celebration of friendships, familial bonds, or romantic wedding moments. This wedding slideshow template’s vintage appeal can be a lovely companion to those looking to vacate from the traditional slideshow designs. It further integrates subtle ink-bleed and paper aesthetics, thereby crafting an immersive visual journey.

6. Wedding Slideshow | MOGRT

Wedding Slideshow | MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Wedding Slideshow | MOGRT is a sophisticated template designed for Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2021. It removes the necessity of using After Effects, but an AE version is included for versatile usage. Promising FULL HD 1920×1080 resolution, this Premiere-pro highly customizable template supports Universal Expression for all AE languages. A helpful guide outlines setting adjustments, free support is available 24/7. As shown in preview, assets – Pictures, music & videos, aren’t inclusive to the project. The attached slideshow example impressively features inspiring music and a variety of images, relating to themes like weddings, love, summer, and family traditions.

7. Wedding Slideshow Pro

Wedding Slideshow Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Wedding Slideshow Pro is a Premiere Pro template perfect for showcasing precious life moments such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and other ceremonies. Its bright white background symbolizes cleanliness and a fresh start, serving as a serene backdrop for your family photos. Customize the template further by adding heartfelt quotes and romantic videos to make it uniquely special. Design features are enriched with a loving glow and delicate pink accents for that emotional undertone, providing your slideshow with a dreamy ambiance. This 4K template also comes with a modular structure ensuring an uncomplicated editing process on Premiere Pro CC2021 and upward. No other plugins are needed. With inspirations from elements coherent to a love story, it effectively brings sentimental value and elegance to the forefront of your slideshow presentation.

8. Lovely Wedding Slideshow

Lovely Wedding Slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Lovely Wedding Slideshow is a Premiere Pro Template designed for wedding films or love-bound ceremonies. It portrays a blend of elegant and colorful elements accentuated with hand-painted details, floral and botanical elements and a hint of gold and greenery. This romantic template ideally used for creating eye-catching cinematics, storytelling or creating a unique invitation video for the event. Highlighting love and togetherness, it pours a bright and clean aesthetic pleasing to viewers. The beautifully intertwined slow motions and revealing shots adds value to its watercolor elements, perfect for imparting an influential narrative through moving texts and titles.

9. Wedding Slideshow MOGRT

Wedding Slideshow MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

Wedding Slideshow MOGRT is a premiere pro template designed for wedding sequences—it’s an energetic, stylish, and modern slideshow, incorporating dynamic camera effects for a compelling introduction to your special wedding day or similar events. Cinematically rendering your favourite moments in Full HD (1920x1080p, resizeable), this handy template doesn’t require any extra plug-ins and offers simple customization thanks to its 5 Image holder, 4 Text holder, and an easy drag and drop approach. Digital manual guidance is also available online. Features include romantic ambient settings such as garden, flying hearts or light motifs, embodying the essence of music albums, movies, or a standalone Youtube, IGTV, Story slideshow. Music and font details are included within the template.

10. Wedding Slideshow (MOGRT)

Wedding Slideshow (MOGRT) (Credit: Envato Elements)

This “Wedding Slideshow (MOGRT)” template for Adobe Premiere Pro provides beginner-friendly customizable options to display memorable photographs or videos. With varying placeholders and lengths flexibly included in the four versions, this template accommodates a wide range of needs. It includes both horizontal and vertical resolutions and allows for color, duration, text, and media changes with no plugins required. The graphics reflect a love-filled aesthetic, making it apt for commemorating events like anniversaries or weddings. A video tutorial is provided within the offering, ensuring ease of use. Although tailored for weddings, it would also work well for general happy moments, family albums, historical memories, or even professional portfolios, etc.

11. Wedding Slideshow || Photo Slideshow (MOGRT)

Wedding Slideshow || Photo Slideshow (MOGRT) (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Adobe Premiere Pro wedding slideshow template titled “Wedding Slideshow || Photo Slideshow (MOGRT)” is designed to enhance your pictures and memories into compelling visuals with motion. This user-friendly template, compatible for Adobe Premiere Pro 2021 and above, requires no plugins. Showcasing 14 unique scenes, the slideshow spares you the tedious graphic designing work by allowing you to customize colors and texts according to your preference. Clear instructions in the provided help file make it simple to deploy the Full HD quality template, ready with 30 fps. It can be an ideal choice for occasions like weddings, anniversaries, or valentine’s day.

12. Romantic Wedding Slideshow (MOGRT)

Romantic Wedding Slideshow (MOGRT) (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Romantic Wedding Slideshow” template for Adobe Premiere Pro is a beautifully designed video frame mindful of loving relationships and lifetime unions. Perfect for wedding celebration recollections, its cinematic and elegant style showcases hand-painted representations characterized by watercolor greenery and floral designs. With gold tints as aesthetic accents, the template taps into nature-themed symbolism, expressing love, brightness, and a colorful palette in a slow unfolding of visual elements. From intro sequences to title reveals, the video can accommodate event-specific texts. Suitable for boh .igvt, tv, anniverseries, or even wedding invitation video format, its usage promises expressive results.

13. Ink Wedding Slideshow (MOGRT)

Ink Wedding Slideshow (MOGRT) (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Ink Wedding Slideshow (MOGRT) is a premiere pro template specifically designed for wedding photo and video montages in a highly vibrant and dazzling design. Incorporating a seamless blend of bright colors, elegant floral elements and gold accents within a clean, minimalist layout, the package reflects a chic, hand-painted ambience with a hint of nature. This is achieved through the usage of delicate watercolor effects and greenery illustrations. As a great option for making lovely wedding invitations or marking a beautiful marriage event, it can fluently tell the love story with options to add romantic narratives and texts. Ideal to air on IGTV or other television channels.

14. Romantic Wedding Slideshow MOGRT

Romantic Wedding Slideshow MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Romantic Wedding Slideshow MOGRT is a Premiere Pro template designed for celebrating airy, sentimental moments. Ideal for wedding, anniversary, or Valentine’s Day presentations, it exudes an elegance paired with visual elements that nod to romance and love – showcasing motifs of hearts, flowers, roses and more. The slideshow includes a romantic piano soundtrack, marrying audio with fluid transitions, and vivid glimpses of bridal and family photos. Suitable for mood-driven photography portfolios, videography, family archives or media openings, this template captures emotion memories in a beautiful, cinematic style complemented by spirited dynamism and title animations. It also elegantly accommodates familial themes, speaking the language of nostalgia.

15. Wedding Slideshow l MOGRT

Wedding Slideshow l MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Wedding Slideshow l MOGRT is an Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2021 template designed to create a romantic slideshow perfect for weddings or other emotional, significant events. This fully customizable template is complete with high resolution (FULL HD 1920×1080) and universal expressions that suit all After Effects languages. No need for an After Effects understanding as it includes the prior version. The detailed PDF help file eases usability while the free 24/7 support offers added reassurance. While showcasing personal pictures and video clips, the slideshow unveils story-telling beauty, immortalizing special moments in classic to trendy, yet charming aesthetics.

16. Wedding Slideshow 3D \ MOGRt

Wedding Slideshow 3D \ MOGRt (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Wedding Slideshow 3D \ MOGRt is a Premiere Pro template that is intricately designed for commemorating the journey of love and celebration. It utilizes advanced 3D effects to portray your fairytale wedding memories through a visually appealing emotional timeline. This template fosters a vintage feel ramped up with custom elements like announcements, invitations, happy moments, and other wedding-related tags. Besides catering to wedding needs, it can flawlessly plot out events, engagements, or love stories for various platforms like Instagram. It includes an intro and opener slots further suited for a ‘save the date’ concept or wedding promotion.

17. Wedding invitation slideshow

Wedding invitation slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Wedding Invitation Slideshow is carefully crafted for Premiere Pro and provides a beautiful way to invite your loved ones to your wedding ceremony. The template has powerful features including full HD resolution, 16 placeholders for media (photos, video or images), and easy colour control for meticulous customization. This template lasts for 01:12 seconds and contains 12 different scenes to construct a captivating story. The design radiates elegance associated with a wedding – signature styles include clean elements of nature like leaves, flowers and hand-painted visuals. Follow included PDF guide for user support, while links provided allow easy access to the compatible music and media files.

18. Wedding Invitation Slideshow

Wedding Invitation Slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Wedding Invitation Slideshow” is a user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing Premiere Pro template that enables the user to generate a dynamic, elegant slideshow in a professional manner. Crafted with a sophisticated design that integrates soft light leaks, simplistic text animations, and sleek transitioning effects, the template includes 37 photo/video placeholders and editable text consisting of 5 layers. Ideal for showcasing wedding moments, anniversaries, valentine’s day activities, romantic instances, exclusive occasions, memories, excursions, vacations, festivities, as well as friends and family photos. The tool requires no plugins, operates at Full HD, and instantly enhances your content to impress your viewers.

19. Wedding Parallax Slideshow

Wedding Parallax Slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

Wedding Parallax Slideshow is an alluring wedding slideshow template developed for Premiere Pro. Furnished with floral embellishments and hand-painted details, its design leads towards a vintage, elegant aesthetic perfect for Instagram posting. Its characteristics lend to a lovely natural feel with highlighted features including bride and groom intros, timeline events leading up to the marriage event, and the wedding date information. It captures the optimism of the event with a ‘save the date’ and ‘invitation’ segment. Modifiable settings also allow for the fitment of a precious ring image and weaving of individual love-stories via photos and text.

20. Wedding Book Slideshow

Wedding Book Slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Wedding Book Slideshow is a Premiere Pro template perfect for showcasing all of the precious moments and memories from your wedding. This slideshow uses parallax animation, elegantly flipping between pages filled with beautiful shots of your special day. It comes complete with romantically themed features and Valentine elements, summing up your love story. It brilliantly suits any depiction of love, marriage, and family moments. Your memories are converted into an astonishingly nostalgic, romantic, and above all, elegant slideshow that echoes the profundity of your commitment and shared experiences.

What are Premiere Pro wedding slideshow templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro is an advanced video editing software used widely in industries ranging from film to marketing. Within this platform, users can utilize pre-designed templates for specific projects, such as creating a wedding slideshow. These wedding slideshow templates generally contain pre-arranged sequences, effects, transitions, and even music which users can customize with their own images, text, and videos to create a professional tier video presentation. This year, like every year, brings countless new and creatively inspiring templates for users to take advantage of.

The popularity of Adobe Premiere’s wedding slideshow templates this year lies in their charm, sophisticated design, and flexibility serving as the base for romantic storytelling. Combining swooping transitions, slick picture-in-picture effects, enchanting graphics overlays, smooth motion graphics, and designed with different wedding themes in mind, these 2021 templates encompass modern elegance to rustic charm. This adaptability allows users, whether professional video producers or happy couple wishing to share their joy, the ability to seamlessly craft high-quality wedding slideshows that visually narrate their romance in breathtaking style.

Why use Premiere Pro wedding slideshow templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro is considered the ‘go-to’ software for personal or professional montage editing, owing to its immense range of high-end features that empowers users to weave poignant narratives seamlessly. Primarily, when crafting wedding slideshows, Premiere Pro touts an extensive array of templates catering to various stylistic preferences, all designed remarkably to bring out the essence and nature of such an event. The designs in these professional-ready templates range from composition, typography to color definition, accentuating the grandeur and subtlety of the couple’s eternal day unique from anything generic you’d land in free portals .

Premiere’s Pro wedding slideshow templates shine the brightest in 2021. Each passes with flying colors in terms of sensibilities and is resiliently customizable, implying users can leverage them regardless of their skill level, guaranteeing a final output that captivates and devoid of any trading between usability and aesthetics. Another sterling point of these templates is the support from Adobe’s overarching ecosystem of apps and their updates, which ensures effortless integration, whether adding visual effects from After Effects, graphics from Illustrator, or images from Photoshop, pushing boundaries in autonomy, diversity, and quality in curating stories in a momentous event like weddings.

How to import Premiere Pro wedding slideshow templates?

Importing Adobe Premiere Pro wedding slideshow templates into your project can breathe life into your wedding videos. To implement them, start by downloading the preferred template, unpack the file to extract node folders if it’s a compressed file. Launch your Adobe Premiere Pro software, select File > Import from the program’s interface or just a simple drag-and-drop of the template file into the Project panel of the software. The imported Premiere Pro wedding slideshow template can now be customized easily to suit the stye and taste of the wedding video you’re editing by adding music, texts, backgrounds, and changing slide transitions or colors to match the wedding theme.


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