The best Premiere Pro wedding templates this year

Premiere Pro isn't your only option for wedding videos — explore the best free templates of this year for an impressive result.

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Premiere Pro wedding templates

Adobe Premiere Pro wedding templates are becoming increasingly popular in today’s digital era. Despite many couples choosing simplistic, intimate ceremonies, the significance of wedding videography remains undiminished. From professional wedding cinematographers to the engaged couples themselves, many are turning to Premiere Pro to craft unforgettable wedding films and teasers. While there’s an abundance of themes available on the platform, some stand out distinctly, perfectly capturing that heartwarming “I do” moment on screen.

In this article, we’ll highlight some of the most sought-after free wedding templates on Premiere Pro. These aren’t just for conventional uses; they can seamlessly align with your videography style or resonate with your storytelling vision. So, before defaulting to the usual favorites, consider exploring these thematic masterpieces. Let your creative journey begin here.

The best Premiere Pro wedding templates 2023

1. Wedding Invitation Opener | Wedding Slideshow | MOGRT

Wedding Invitation Opener | Wedding Slideshow | MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Wedding Invitation Opener | Wedding Slideshow | MOGRT is not just a template, it’s a tool that enables you to create memorable digital wedding invitations and enticing slideshows that will be etched in the memories of your audience. With its cinematic, minimal, and parallax visual effects, it elevates your video displays to a whole new level, infused with a romantic touch.

Its versatility is unmatched, allowing you to use it across social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook, and it offers useful functionality for corporate presentations or promos. Its beautiful gallery format showcases your photographs in a way that is both elegant and functional, making it perfect for photographers’ portfolios, vlogging, product promotions, and fashion lookbooks. This template embodies the perfect combination of style and substance, inspiring you to create something truly special.

2. Watercolor Wedding Invitation || Wedding Slideshow || MOGRT

Watercolor Wedding Invitation || Wedding Slideshow || MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Watercolor Wedding Invitation template, created for Adobe Premiere Pro (MOGRT), offers a delicate and romantic aesthetic to showcase those special wedding moments. With its hand-painted, watercolor floral designs and golden accents, it provides an elegant touch to your audiovisual invitation. This short and bright slideshow, accompanied by sentimental, acoustic folk audio, creates an emotionally warm atmosphere that celebrates the joy of matrimony. The visuals of greenery and nature-themed designs set a peaceful and joyful tone that resonates with the experience of a wedding ceremony. Choose this charming and unique template to add a special twist to your wedding slideshow and create an unforgettable memory.

3. Wedding Stories

Wedding Stories (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Wedding Stories Premiere Pro template is an exquisitely made package designed for creating meaningful wedding videos. Emphasizing on text animation and vintage aesthetics, this package delivers flexibility through hand drawn elements such as flowers, hearts including wedding badges, allowing each video to be unique and personalized according to the couple’s taste. Also included are features such as ‘opener’ and ‘special event’ titles that further tell the love story. This well-equipped package carries a multitude of options from the wedding ceremony to wedding day memories, also catering the Instagram stories which make it an all-in-one solution for wedding videography.

4. Wedding Instagram Story

Wedding Instagram Story (Credit: Envato Elements)

“Wedding Instagram Story” is a Premiere Pro template designed for romantic and commemorative themes. It has a simplistic but cinematographic style typically used for wedding, corporate events, and special celebration broadcasts. Further, this Facebook and Instagram friendly template offers a 3D interface for photographers to create quick portfolios or interactive invitations. Considering its minimalist design and text enhancement, it could even be beneficial for vlog intros or Facebook photo galleries. The template provides stunning light effects while being created to efficiently display visual content like slideshows all in the frame of social media platforms.

This wedding Premiere Pro template is also part of our slideshow video list.

5. Wedding Intro

Wedding Intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Wedding Intro Premiere Pro template harnesses emotional and energizing elements, making it suitable for creating visually powerful wedding videos. Designed to encapsulate a positive, motivational story with bright color details, the template blends inspiration and emotion into rich typographic elements. Also, the layout aligns not only with traditional wedding video formats but also caters to bloggers, vloggers, and digital creators looking to enhance mobile videos, Instagram stories, posts, IGTVs, and Facebook content. It’s easily customizable, making it a handy accessory for professional and individual use. Tags include: lifestyle, branding, and motivation emphasizing its versatility across unique usages beyond the sphere of weddings.

6. Wedding Slideshow

Wedding Slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Wedding Slideshow template works with Adobe Premiere Pro to digitize cherished memories. It features functions like an image gallery, capable of image rotation to assist with streamlined presentation of captured wedding moments. It is crafted for special occasions like weddings and anniversaries but versatile enough for family or business events. The template design maintains a simplistic, yet romantic ambience that is apt perfectly for love-themed storytelling or nostalgic recollection. It is optimized for Instagram, specifically for vertical display formats such as Instagram Stories, making it suitable for creating dynamic and appealing social media invites or greetings.

7. Wedding Titles

Wedding Titles (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Wedding Intro Premiere Pro template is designed for those wishing to make engaging videos relating to weddings, love stories, or any romantic event. It features a gentle, flourishing design with space for customizing text, adding image or video content, alongside audio. Structured in a lovingly romantic style, it can also be adapted for various purposes – from historical presentations to documentary videos, game promos, and even educational slideshows. Its high-quality construction and ease of engagement make the editing process seamless even for a newly married couple, simply drop your materials, alter the text, insert sound, and appreciate the result. This romantic, versatile, and universal project brings a lavish and mood-setting tone right for tender memories.

8. Wedding Memories

Wedding Memories (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Premiere Pro wedding template named “Wedding Memories” is a beautifully crafted utility that enables you to curate videos or a love story from your special day. The template contains aesthetically pleasing animations involving flowers, badges, and titles providing a cinematic and a love film vibe. Its compatibility with as many virtual and real experiences is splendid, such as vows, green themes, introduction sequences, promotion sequences, and snapshots that cover various segments of love and marital celebration. The package also includes audio placements where a love song’s rhythm effectively matches the overall atmosphere.

9. Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Wedding Invitation Premiere Pro template is a thoughtful, cinematic tool designed to highlight significant moments related to weddings such as engagements, wedding ceremonies, and reception celebrations. It incorporates a romantic and vintage charm with a hint of bohemian style, meticulously creating a warm atmosphere evaporating love and happiness. The template further enables you to display visual memories notably through slides, slide shows, and video display, allowing for a personal semblance that evokes emotional resonance. The added light leaks and retro tone contribute to a unique aesthetic accentuating the theme. This flexible template also allows application for birthday or anniversary celebrations.

10. Romantic Wedding

Romantic Wedding (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Romantic Wedding template for Premiere Pro captures the essence of a dreamlike wedding with a clean, elegant display and an array of lovely gallery-style photo and video features. Created for easy photo and video incorporation, this template comes with five variously timed tracks, keyed to coordinate with an Inspiring Wedding Adventure Cinematic Background created by Dredstudio. The template conveys a thoughtfully enriched event video production, suitable for an opening reel or a charming slideshow, thanks to its swift 130 BPM capacity and sentimental tone encapsulated in the specified tags.

11. Wedding Trailer

Wedding Trailer (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Wedding Trailer” template on Premiere Pro 2021 allows users to easily craft unique and elegant wedding invitations or love stories. It is also beneficial for creating intro videos for special events or for other personal needs like engagement invitations, photo galleries, save-the-dates, and birthdays. This multifaceted template enables you to insert photos or video footages effortlessly and is crafted with the flexibility to cater to a wide range of presentation and promotional needs. The recommended output quality is FullHD with a framerate of 30fps while a PDF tutorial is readily available for user guidance. The template leans towards a cinematic, vintage, and elegant theme, masterfully combining creativity and modern elegance.

12. Wedding Day

Wedding Day (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Wedding Day” template for Premiere Pro serves as a beautiful blend of romantic visuals and appealing text overlays. Suited for wedding ceremonies, awards, or official invitations, this template incorporates bokeh effects with particle features, rendering a bright glow to excite users. Its key attributes incorporate gold and white hues, generating an elegant flare that stirs up notions of love and romance. This template is suitable for shares on platforms like Instagram and YouTube. The provision for personal text additions, along with captivating titles, turns this vivid affair into a memorable, visual treat.

This wedding Premiere Pro template is also part of our trailer list.

13. Wedding Invatition

Wedding Invatition (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Wedding Invatition is a Premiere Pro template designed to level up, and simplify the task of creating elegant wedding invitations. Just perfect for users with Premiere Pro CC 2017 and above, the template is designed to work through Essential Graphics and requires no additional plugins. Equipped with high-definition 1080p and 30fps, it is well-organized for easy customization. Its modular structure assures a fast render. Along with a helpful video tutorial, it adds versatility, being suitable for a showreel, opener, slideshow, even specific events. Allows image substitutes for videos; accentuates a cinematic ambiance with a touch of romance.

14. Wedding Memory

Wedding Memory (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Wedding Memory” is a distinctive Premiere Pro wedding template, specifically designed to commemorate the beauty of Indian weddings. Perfectly adorned with hand-painted floral and gold accents, it reflects elegance and captures the flashy subtleness of the occasion through its bright, watercolor-themed design. The template accentuates nature-inspired, greenery elements that emphasize both horizontal and vertical wedding invitations. Built for short, precise videos, this template can create an appealing touch to any traditional Indian ceremonies. Its royal components allow users to communicate wedding invitations more attractively, which hence could become a memorable piece of art; a cherished wedding memory.

15. The Wedding Ceremony Titles

The Wedding Ceremony Titles (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Wedding Ceremony Titles is a Premiere Pro template designed specifically for the application in wedding videos. This refined tool epitomizes elegance and love through its aesthetically pleasing features, offering a perfect space for showcasing romantic moments and memories. Designed with user-friendliness in mind, the template seamlessly encompasses various elements of a wedding including bridal perspectives, loved ones, and glimpses of togetherness. It is also multifunctional, serving as an opener, photo gallery, and a ceremonial visual souvenir. Hold your breaths this Valentine’s day with this extraordinary depiction of marital happiness.

16. Wedding | MOGRT

Wedding | MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Wedding | MOGRT” is a template for Premiere Pro with an array of options to capably construct a vivid and sentimental documentation of a wedding event. It incorporates an assorted bundle of animation elements, badges, and engaging openers while allowing for sophisticated, cinematic execution. The template significantly highlights vintage typography, thereby adding a classic touch to the event representation. It also provides options to customize multiples things such as specific wedding album titles and wedding logo. This template captures not just visuals, but unforgettable instances encompassed by the beautiful occasion.

17. Wedding Gallery

Wedding Gallery (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Wedding Gallery” Premiere Pro template offers an elegant and romantic backdrop for your wedding memories. As suggested by the name, it features a beautiful gallery-like arrangement for showcasing your photos. This enchanting template is complemented by delicate flower accents and indications of spring and summer enhancing its charming premise. It’s perfectly suited to exhibit an inviting love story setup, thereby encapsulating an ultimately apt narrative for events like weddings, marriage invitations, openers, and love letters. It is an invitation to immortalize your memories crafted with deep-seated finesse.

This wedding Premiere Pro template is also part of our wedding slideshow list.

18. Wedding Slideshow_MOGRT

Wedding Slideshow_MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Wedding Slideshow_MOGRT is a Premiere Pro template dedicated to preserving and showcasing your cherished matrimonial moments. This template caters ideally to family compilations, photo portfolios, event promotions with a special emphasis on nostalgia and memories. It encapsulates the meaning behind celebrations and invitation card themes. With a distinct incorporation of wedding-enhanced visuals, it invites users to narrate their unique love story by threading together eventful romance clips into an immersive slideshow. This can serve as an elegant memento or an engaging trailer for upcoming wedding celebrations.

19. Wedding Invitation Intro || Wedding Intro || 2022 MOGRT

Wedding Invitation Intro || Wedding Intro || 2022 MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Wedding Invitation Intro || Wedding Intro || 2022 MOGRT is a versatile Premiere Pro template ideally crafted for those looking to creatively display the charm of golden wedding titles. It includes a bundle of animation elements and a sequence of romantic badges, acquiring an iconic vintage style that complements its love-theme. Ideal for openers, this template can also form part of your wedding album presenting itself as a beautiful visual memory. If you admire an elegant blend of romantic nostalgia and golden vintage style, this template offers detailed attention to such elements.

20. Floral Wedding Slideshow || Wedding Photo Slideshow MOGRT

Floral Wedding Slideshow || Wedding Photo Slideshow MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Floral Wedding Slideshow || Wedding Photo Slideshow MOGRT is a brilliant Premiere Pro template characterized by its bright and clean design. Emphasising on an opulent, golden tone, it embarks on framing couple’s photos to narrate a love story by blending sentimental images with elegant features. It offers a romantic and luxurious aspect that amplifies the feeling of romance. It is excellent for family greetings, wedding intros, wedding slides, and captures beautiful memories meant for making a lovely photo album. Impeccably timed to the melody’s beats, it holds unforgettable synchronicity to compile an exceptional photo slide.

What are Premiere Pro wedding templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro is a video editing software with customizable templates, including popular wedding templates with intros, titles, transitions, and slates. These templates are user-friendly and offer a complete aesthetic solution for any wedding video style. They’re created by expert designers and optimized for easy use, allowing videographers to quickly put together polished videography pieces.

Why use Premiere Pro wedding templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro is a powerful video editing tool with an excellent selection of wedding templates. These templates offer professional-grade quality with creative flexibility for text, graphics, colors, and transitions. Plus, they simplify the editing process and allow you to create personalized videos with premium special effects. Adobe Premiere Pro’s user-friendly interface and extensive range of tutorials make it easy to achieve extraordinary results, even if you’re new to video editing. And, it seamlessly integrates with other Adobe services like Photoshop and Audition, providing a cohesive workflow. By investing in Adobe Premiere Pro, you’ll gain access to updated wedding templates that can help you create a polished and professional video of your special day.

How to import Premiere Pro wedding templates?

To import Adobe Premiere Pro wedding templates into your project, you’ll first have to locate and download your preferred template, generally from online marketplaces that specialize in digital assets like ‘Envato Market’. Once you have downloaded a template, launch Adobe Premiere Pro on your device. Browse to/select ‘File’ in the top menu, then navigate to ‘Import’. In the file explorer, pinpoint the saved template which usually arrives in .prproj format and select ‘Open’. The imported template can typically be found and accessed in your ‘Project’ panel ready for customization. Always ensure the specifications of your project match those of the incoming templates to avoid possible distortions or compatibility issues.


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