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Best Stock Video Sites Of 2022

Matic Broz profile picture By Matic Broz Updated September 4, 2022
Best stock video sites

When picking a stock video site, every person has their video requirements and price range, so no choice is the best for everyone. Thus, we picked the best stock video sites for each of the most popular categories.

After extensively testing over 20 stock video websites, we chose Pond5 as the overall best stock video site. We chose it because it has the largest selection of video clips, offers affordable pricing, and provides simple but broad licensing. Based on your preferences and special requirements, some other excellent alternatives include Adobe Stock, Artgrid, Envato Elements, Videvo, Shutterstock, and Depositphotos.

Top Stock Footage Sites

  1. Pond5: Best overall
  2. Adobe Stock: Best for video editors
  3. Envato Elements: Best for Unlimited Downloads
  4. Artgrid: Best for 8K footage

The Best Stock Video Sites of 2022

Pond5 logo
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Best Overall


  • Videos: 32.6 million
  • Price: $8.32–$25/video
  • Extended license: $149–$299/video
  • Free trial: /
  • Max. video quality: 5K+

Why We Picked It

If you are not limited by your budget, Pond5 is a great choice for stock videos. With over 32 million stock videos of excellent quality, 50+ million images, and millions of other assets, it is great for video editors who need a wide variety of content.

The videos are available on-demand and with subscriptions. You get up to a 25% bonus when you buy credits in bulk, which is your best option if you don’t need videos regularly. If you need videos regularly and at lower prices, you should get subscriptions, which give you videos for $8.33–$19.90/video. However, with subscriptions, you get access only to a small portion (12M out of 32M) of videos.

In addition, Pond5 matches all competitors’ prices if you find the same content cheaper elsewhere.

Pros & Cons


  • 32 million videos.
  • Bonus credits with credit packs.
  • Price matching.
  • Excellent quality.
  • Affordable with subscriptions.


  • Some videos are very expensive ($1,000+).
  • Subscriptions give access to a small portion of the content.

Who It’s For

Pond5 is best for professionals who need high-quality stock videos regardless of the price. Those on a tight budget can get subscriptions to get better prices but a small selection.

Adobe Stock logo
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Best For Video Editors

Adobe Stock

  • Videos: 23.3 million
  • Price: $7.99–$22.39/video
  • Extended license: $64.00–$199.80/video
  • Free trial: Yes (3 or 6 free HD videos)
  • Max. video quality: 4K

Why We Picked It

Adobe Stock is the best choice for content creators and video editors, particularly those who use Adobe Premiere. Since Adobe Stock is integrated into the Creative Cloud apps, it allows you to test the videos (and images) in your edits even before purchasing them. You buy the video at the export, and you don’t pay for those you tested but didn’t use in the final cut.

The cheapest method to get videos is with subscriptions that give you from 3 to 25 videos per month for a monthly fee of $49.99 to $249.99. This is equivalent to $7.99–$22.39/video. However, with subscriptions, you may get only HD videos.

You can also buy videos on-demand with credits (you need to buy credits first) for $64.00–$199.80 per video, based on the video resolution. This way of buying videos is best when you don’t them regularly or when you need higher resolution than HD (FHD, 4K).

Pros & Cons


  • 3 or 6 free HD videos with a free trial.
  • 23mil+ videos.
  • Integrated into Creative Cloud (including Adobe Premiere)


  • Some videos are very expensive ($1,000+).
  • Subscriptions give access to a small portion of the content.

Who It’s For

Adobe Stock is best for anyone using Adobe apps, including Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, and others. Thus, it’s the best choice for professional and amateur video editors.

Envato elements logo
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Best for Unlimited Downloads

Envato Elements

  • Videos: 3.2 million
  • Price: $16.50–$39.00/month
  • Free trial: 7-days (full access)
  • Max. video quality: 4K

Why We Picked It

Envato Elements charges a surprisingly low monthly fee of $16.50 for unlimited downloads of its 3.1 million stock videos. That subscription also includes 6.1 stock images, templates, fonts, 3D models, and audio tracks, which nicely complement video projects. Individuals pay between $16.50 per month for yearly plans and $39.00 per month for monthly plans. Students can get an additional 35% discount and pay only $11.00 per month. There is also a free trial that gives you full access and unlimited downloads for 7 days.

Commercial use is allowed under the Envato Elements license, but you must license the creative assets separately for each user, even if you use the same asset twice. This means that once you cancel the subscription, you can not use the downloaded assets in new projects, but you can continue to use them in existing projects.

Pros & Cons


  • Unlimited downloads with no daily limits.
  • 7-day free trial with full access to all creative assets.
  • Assets can be used commercially.
  • Simple licensing.
  • Plans for individuals, teams, and enterprises.


  • One of the lowest indemnities in the industry.
  • Can’t use creative assets for new projects after unsubscribing.
  • A small collection of photos and videos compared to other stock agencies.
  • No refunds.

Who It’s For

We recommend Envato Elements to anyone looking for a large collection of videos, images, music, and other creative content at a great price. It’s also ideal for freelancers looking for an inexpensive, straightforward source of creative content. Mockup generators are available for an additional $7.47 per month.

Artgrid logo
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Best Quality


  • Videos: 250 thousand
  • Price: $19.99–$49.92/month
  • Free trial: /
  • Max. video quality: 8K

Why We Picked It

Artgrid has the best video quality of all the sites we tested with unlimited footage, making it the best stock video subscription. Many famous YouTubers, including Peter McKinnon, use it as well. The video quality sets Artgrid apart from other stock footage providers. Since the quality is instantly recognizable, the videos are technically excellent, and impressive, and they add a lot of value to your projects.

Junior, Creator, and Pro subscriptions are available with Artgrid. The Junior subscription ($19.99/month) is ideal for simple video projects, as it includes HD clips, H.264 format, and staggered footage. The Creator subscription ($29.99/month) is ideal for freelancers, client work, and social media. It includes 4K and 8K clips, ProRes/DNxHR footage, and graded footage. For commercials and broadcasts, you need the Pro subscription ($49.92/month), which includes RAW / LOG clips in addition to the Creator subscription.

All plans include lifetime use (royalty-free license), cover all platforms worldwide, and even support monetization on YouTube so you do not have to pay any penalties for demonetization.

If you need music and sound effects, you’ll need to sign up for a separate subscription from Artlist, Artgrid’s sister company. Subscriptions cost between $9.99 and $16.60 per month and, like Artgrid, support all platforms and monetization.

Pros & Cons


  • Unlimited video downloads.
  • Up to 8K footage quality.
  • RAW/LOG clips, ProRes/DNxHR, graded footage.
  • Verified for YouTube monetization.
  • Covers all platforms worldwide.


  • No free trial.
  • Music and SFX are sold separately at Artlist.
  • No on-demand options.

Who It’s For

Artgrid is a great source of footage for amateurs, freelancers, and professionals, as there are a variety of subscription plans. All plans include monetization on YouTube and support for all platforms, making them ideal for streamers and YouTubers.

Videvo logo
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Budget Pick


  • Videos: 384 thousand
  • Price: $12.00–$20.00/month
  • Max. video quality: 4K
  • Free trial: /

Why We Picked It

Unlike other stock footage sites, Videvo offers free stock videos in addition to premium clips. More than 18K videos are free to use with attribution to the author and/or Videvo. If you want to avoid giving credit, you have to get a premium plan, like Videvo Plus. The video quality is satisfactory, with even pretty specific topics covered. However, sometimes finding a quality free video is not possible. In this case, you would need to resort to the premium plans.

Very affordable plans set Videvo apart from other stock footage sites. The monthly Videvo Lite plan costs $5/mo (5 videos), and the annual Videvo Plus costs $12/mo (unlimited downloads). The yearly plans represent the best value given that the downloads are fully unlimited. Videvo Pro in particular, is a one-stop creative destination for unlimited stock footage, motion graphics, templates, music, and audio, all for $240/year. Premium downloads are licensed under a royalty-free license, allowing for perpetual use, even in commercial projects. However, content labeled “Editorial use only”, may be used for non-commercial purposes only.

Pros & Cons


  • One of the cheapest stock video subscriptions.
  • Large collection of free stock videos.
  • Unlimited downloads


  • A small selection of stock footage.
  • Unlimited downloads are available only with annual plans.

Who It’s For

Due to affordable pricing but lower video quality and selection, Videvo is the best for amateurs and freelancers on a low budget.

Shutterstock logo
Photutorial logo small
Most popular


  • Videos: 24 million
  • Price: $8.35–$37.80/video
  • Max. video quality: 4K
  • Free trial: /

Why We Picked It

Shutterstock has 24 million royalty-free stock videos that you can buy with subscriptions, mixed subscriptions (images + videos + audio), or on-demand with video packs. The cheapest way to get subscriptions is with video subscriptions that cost $8.35–$37.80 per video. The mixed subscriptions, called FLEX25, are slightly more expensive but offer higher flexibility.

If you need videos only occasionally, video packs are the best choice; however, they are also quite expensive, costing $51.96–$119.80 per video. Music is sold either with FLEX25 subscriptions or separately with unlimited download subscriptions for $41.58 per month. You can also download a single track for $49.

The video quality is comparable to Adobe Stock’s and you can even get the API or a plugin for Adobe Premiere.

Pros & Cons


  • 24+ million stock footage.
  • Flexible pricing.
  • Up to 4K quality.


  • No free trial for videos.
  • Quite expensive.

Who It’s For

Shutterstock is a great choice as a Pond5 or Adobe Stock alternative for those, who do not find the right videos at those two or do not like the buying options.

Depositphotos logo
Photutorial logo small
Good for bloggers


  • Videos: 11.2 million
  • Price: $8.00–$17.80/video
  • Max. video quality: 4K
  • Free trial: /

Why We Picked It

Depositphotos is a stock content marketplace that offers royalty-free files to more than 29 million users worldwide. Over 11 million high-quality clips are available for download after purchasing a subscription or on-demand plan. To see if a video fits your design or creative idea, you can download a watermarked preview of any chosen file. It’s a great option for bloggers due to the wide variety of pricing options and affordable subscription prices, even with smaller plans.

Pros & Cons


  • 70K+ free visuals among 220 million visual files.
  • 4K, HD, and SD quality footage.
  • Budget-friendly subscriptions and on-demand plans.
  • Videos are available for personal, educational, and commercial purposes.


  • No free trial for videos
  • No on-demand options
  • Relatively low indemnity
  • Quite expensive.

Who It’s For

Depositphotos is for those who want similar quality to Adobe Stock’s or Shutterstock’s, but cannot afford their prices. Also, keep in mind that Depositphotos has a much smaller selection of stock footage.

How We Picked

Although we categorized all our picks as the best stock video sites, we evaluated each based on several features and metrics. All sites were chosen based on the favorable price-to-value ratio but based on the category, different weights were used. For example, for the best budget pick, we emphasized the price, while for the best quality, we favored sites with 8K footage.

Here are all the features we checked and why they are important:

  • Video quality: Although the high resolution is important, we put the most emphasis on the technical execution of the videos, including camera angles and movements, lighting, and scenery.
  • Cost: Stock footage is already more expensive than photos or audio, so finding an affordable stock video agency is a must for most editors. The price is particularly important for those on a tight budget. We also considered whether or not you can get free videos and how many different buying options are there.
  • The number of videos: The number of videos directly correlates with the variety and diversity of footage. The number is especially important for sites that provide unlimited downloads because you can quickly run out of new ones if there aren’t many videos.
  • Additional features: The most prominent features of stock video sites are built-in video editors, which allow you to browse footage from the apps. Other useful features also include APIs and advanced video search.

A Beginner’s Guide to Stock Video Sites

How stock footage sites work

The idea behind stock video sites is simple: you buy a video clip that someone else created and you pay them for the right to use it. How much you pay is based on the rights you get (called “license”), video quality, and the source of the stock video.

Stock footage goes through the following steps:

  1. A videographer shoots, edits, and uploads a video to a stock footage site. Videographers often spend days or even weeks planning a single video shoot. Due to the amount of work that goes into creating a video, stock footage is more expensive than stock photos.
  2. The stock footage site reviews and adds the video to their collection. All uploaded content, including videos, goes through careful examination by an experienced review team that checks the video for technical quality. Depending on how strict the review team is, a stock footage site may have more but low-quality videos or fewer but high-quality videos.
  3. You open a stock footage site and browse for videos. The best way to find the right footage among millions of other clips is to first enter your search phrase (i.e., “swan on a lake”). Then, you can narrow the search with filters such as the resolution, whether there are people in the video, and the dominant color.
  4. Choose the licensing for the video. Which license you choose depends on what you need the video for. For most people, a royalty-free video license is the best option because it’s cheap and covers most of the usage. Sometimes, when you need the video for resale or you require more indemnification, you should get an extended license.
  5. Pick a buying option. How you pay for the video depends on how many videos you need and how you need them. Your options include subscriptions, credit packs, and single purchases, but more on this in the next chapter.
  6. You use the video in your project. All you need to make sure of is that you use the video in a way that’s in line with the license you bought.

How to buy stock videos

Stock footage can be bought in many ways and which one you choose depends on how many clips you need and how often you need them. Here we explain the different options and which is the best in every situation ordered from the most expensive to the cheapest.

  • Single purchase. The simplest way to buy stock videos is as a single purchase. It’s the same as buying any product in a grocery store—you pay for it once and you can use/eat it. While this is the simplest and most convenient option, it’s also the most expensive. It’s best when you need only one video and won’t be needing more any time soon.
  • On-demand. An upgrade from single purchases is on-demand. These come in the form of video packs and credits that you may use to buy videos. The larger pack you buy, the more cost-efficient it is, meaning the lower price per video. These are the best options when you need videos occasionally but you’ll use them within a year. That’s because most image packs and credits expire after a year.
  • Subscriptions. Subscriptions are the most popular choice. You pay a monthly fee for which you get a certain number of downloads each month. Similarly to on-demand, the larger the subscription you buy, the more cost-efficient it is. You can save even more by purchasing an annual plan, which is usually 20–50% cheaper than the monthly plan. Subscriptions are the best option when you need videos regularly.
  • Unlimited downloads. These are also monthly subscriptions, but instead of getting a certain number of downloads every month, you can download any number of videos (there’s usually a soft limit of 50-100 downloads/day to avoid stealing). These are your best options when you need a lot of videos regularly but don’t have the budget to buy a large subscription plan. However, unlimited downloads are only available at stock footage sites that have fewer than 1 million videos. So, you must decide whether a smaller selection is worth unlimited downloads because you might run out of fresh videos quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best stock video site?

The best stock video site is Pond5 with over 31 million excellent stock footage clips. Pond5 is also one of the fairest sites because it allows videographers to set their own prices, thus allowing them to cover their expenses. Some good alternatives include Artgrid, Videvo, and Shutterstock.

What is the best free stock video site?

The best free stock video site is Pexels with over 91 thousand videos that you can download under a Creative Commons 0 (CC0) license. This means that you can use the free videos for personal and commercial projects without attribution. Another good free stock footage site is Pixabay with over 40 thousand videos.

Can you buy stock videos?

Yes, you can buy stock videos at stock video sites.

Where can I buy long stock footage?

You can buy videos longer than 5 minutes at Pond5, with some longer than 10 minutes. You can easily filter by the duration of the video with the search filters. Other good options for long stock footage include Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, and Depositphotos.


We reviewed 20 stock photo sites based on 14 data points in the categories of video quality and variety, pricing, licensing, video number, customer support, and additional features. We chose the 8 best video photo sites on the weighting assigned to each category:

  • Video quality & variety: 20%
  • Pricing: 20%
  • Licensing: 20%
  • Image number: 15%
  • Additional features: 15%
  • Customer support: 10%

Within each category, we also considered several characteristics, the number of videos per most popular searches, technical quality, and added value. We also looked at the variety of pricing plans, minimum, median, and maximum video prices, and free trial terms. Finally, we evaluated stock video sites’ customer support, licensing, and additional features that would enhance customers’ workflow.

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