Bunny Studio Review 2022: Pricing, Pros & Cons

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Review Summary

The bottom line

Bunny Studio is a good choice for businesses looking for a versatile outsourcing agency, offering anything a growing business needs: content writing, design, video, ads, and more. While it’s not much cheaper than hiring an in-house employee, it offers more flexibility and access to talent from all over the world.
The overall best alternative is Toptal, which offers even higher quality freelancers but not subscriptions. For graphic design only, 99designs is a clear choice, with much lower prices and the highest ratings.

Best for

Entrepreneurs, small-to-large businesses, and corporations.



out of 100


Most of the time, the final project doesn’t require any revision and is ready for use on the first try.


out of 100


While other agencies are cheaper than hiring an in-house worker, Bunny Studio is just as an expensive in most cases.


out of 100

Ease of use

Ordering projects and navigating the interface is straightforward and takes very little learning, but abundance of services can be confusing.


out of 100

Customer support

Customer support replies within 24 hours, but there is no live chat feature to get an instant reply.


  • High-quality services across the board.
  • 28-day money-back guarantee.
  • Intuitive dashboard.
  • Offers subscription and on-demand services.


  • No free trial.
  • Very expensive.
Bunny Studio logo

Turnaround time24 hours to 3+ days
Simultaneous tasksUnlimited
Free trialNo
Audio adsYes
Money-back28 days

About Bunny Studio

Bunny Studio (previously Voice Studio) is an online project fulfillment platform offering over 100 creative services, including writing, voice-overs, design, and others in more than 100 languages. Their services are available on demand and with subscriptions, which are based on working hours and not a number of simultaneous tasks. With over 3 million completed tasks to date, it’s also one of the largest online platforms for creative services.

How Much Does Bunny Studio Cost?

Bunny Studio services are available with monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscriptions ($2,399–$10,199/month) or on-demand for each project separately. The main advantages of subscription over on-demand projects are the shorter processing time and lower price per hour of creative work. On the other hand, an on-demand option is better for one-time projects that require no commitment.


Subscriptions, called Bunny Studio One, are available in three sizes (Started, Premium, and VIP) and three durations (monthly, quarterly, and yearly). They differ in the monthly fee, the number of creative work hours you can use, and the price per hour.

All subscriptions have in common 24/7 customer support, unlimited revisions, full ownership rights, and access to all project types.

Price (monthly)$2,999/mo ($75/hr)$5,599/mo ($70/hr)$10,199/mo ($64/hr)
Price (quarterly; save 10%)$2,699/mo ($67/hr)$4,999/mo ($62/hr)$9,199/mo ($57/hr)
Price (yearly; save 20%)$2,399/mo ($60/hr)$4,499/mo ($56/hr)$8,199/mo ($51/hr)
Hours of creative work4080160

Frequently Asked Questions About Subscriptions

Can you get revisions?

Bunny Studio offers unlimited revisions for all projects. Requests for revisions will not incur additional costs or hours spent if these alteration requests were covered under the initial project brief. If extra work is needed or the creative direction needs to be changed, they will simply deduct hours from the existing subscription.

What happens if you run out of hours?

You have the option to buy more hours at the same rate or upgrade your plan to include more hours. If you need more than 160 hours a month, there is a VIP plan with 200 creative hours at USD 3,999/month paid yearly, or one with 240 creative hours at USD 4,799/month paid yearly.

Can you share hours with your teammates?

Yes, the enterprise subscription plan is designed for team collaboration and makes it easy to set up and track accounts for an entire team. The overview report makes it easy to see how many hours have been used.

Can you get various formats?

Yes, creative experts can easily adapt or export projects into the formats needed by the customer. This includes different file formats for social media or broadcast. However, the time spent on adapting and exporting file formats will be deducted from the customer’s subscription hours where applicable.

What does your operations coordinator do?

The operations coordinator is a great point of contact and really helps to keep everything organized. It’s helpful to have someone to chase down freelancers for updates and to keep track of projects. The reports that are sent every 15 days are also really helpful in keeping track of progress.

What happens to leftover hours?

Bunny Studio will carry your minutes over to the next month, but not longer than six months. You can transfer the minutes to another account, but you cannot get a cash refund.

On-demand Services

The price of on-demand services depends on the type of service and the scope of the project. What we don’t like is that getting the source files increases the price by 50%.

Most services are available under three project types:

  • Speedy: their algorithm picks the best person for your project with the aim to finish as soon as possible.
  • Contest: you get proposals from three experts and then you pick one (similar to what 99designs does).
  • Booking: you can select the expert from their pool based on the samples of their previous work.

Bunny Studio Services

All services through Bunny Studio are overseen from start to finish in order to avoid abandoned projects or missed deadlines typical of other freelancer platforms. The team stringently pre-vets all applicants to only accept those in the top 4% percentiles among graphic designers.

Quality control reviews are conducted internally before clients receive their final product so that they may be confident in its delivery. Revisions requests made within 90 days of receiving the completed project are included at no additional cost while 24/7 customer support is available if needed prior to then.

NOTE: These services are available on-demand for the price stated next to each service, and also with Bunny Studio ONE subscription. However, instead of having to pay for each project, your remaining subscription creative work hours are subtracted based on the time-spent (i.e., 2 days).

1. Audio

Audio services include creating audio ads, audio editing, sound design, podcast editing, and many more. We have found that the quality of the audio is amazing, and the turnaround time is reasonably fast. The service is also very affordable for most types of customers, making it a good option for brands on a budget. Overall, Bunny Studio’s audio service is a great option for brands that want to reach their target audience through audio.

The cost of your audio project depends on its length, whether or not you also need a script, the type of post-production, and the type of service. These are the costs of various audio projects:

  • 3D audio ads: $200–$343/30 seconds; up to 2 days
  • Audio ads: $226/30 seconds; 12 hours
  • Audio merge: $60–$200/30 seconds; 2 days
  • Audio reports: $56–$206/1oo words; 6 days
  • Audio restoration: $60/file; 2 days
  • Audiobook editing: $22/5 minutes; 2 days
  • File splice and rename: $4 for 5 files; 1 day
  • Jingles and intros: $248/30 seconds; 7 days
  • Mixing and mastering: $22/30 seconds; 2 days
  • Podcast editing: $7/minute; 2 days
  • Sound design: $30/30 seconds; 3 days

2. Design

Bunny Studio designs are similar to what 99designs offers on-demand or Awesomic with subscriptions. You can order with subscriptions or on-demand with an average turnaround time of 1 to 2 days. What confused us is that getting source files increases the on-demand cost by 50%, for some reason.

The following are indicative prices of each design service:

  • Banners: $75; 1 day
  • Billboards: $113; 3 days
  • Brochures: $101; 2 days
  • Business cards: $170; 1 day
  • Character illustration: $179; 3 days
  • Covers: $251; 2 days
  • Diplomas: $77; 1 day
  • Email templates: $129; 1 day
  • Event backdrops: $188; 1 day
  • Flyers: $126; 1 day
  • Icons: $27; 1 day
  • Infographics: $105; 3 days
  • Invitations: $282; 1 day
  • Logo design: $212; 1 day
  • Menus: $77; 1 day
  • Mobile apps: $145; 2 days
  • Presentations: $23; 2 days
  • Stickers: $38; 1 day
  • Web design: $164; 1 day

3. Voice-overs

  • Price: from $64/project
  • Turnaround: 12 hours
  • Pool: over 5,000 vetted voice actors

Bunny Studio offers high-quality voice-over services at an affordable price. This includes support 24/7, as well as full buyout rights and unlimited revisions before a project is released. With a global network of more than 5,000 voice actors, Bunny Studio can provide voiceovers in over 100 languages and accents. All voiceover artists are pre-screened for the authenticity of language, age, gender, and accent, and the in-house quality team reviews each project to ensure technical requirements are met.

The audio file provided by Bunny Studio can be downloaded and used multiple times, and the apartment price includes full buyback rights. If you are not satisfied with any of the auditions, contact customer support and they will be happy to help you find the perfect voice actor.

4. Content Writing

  • Price: from $11/100 words
  • Turnaround: 12+ hours

Bunny Studio is a content writing platform that is quick and easy to use. You can search for and book writers with the help of powerful filters, or let the Speedy technology match you with an available and suitable writer. The writing quality team at Bunny Studio ensures that all projects are delivered without mistakes and that all deliverables are plagiarism-free.

You can choose between bookings, speedies, and contests for your writing project, and revisions are included in your fees. If you’re not satisfied with your writing project, you can request a refund within 28 days of project completion. Bunny Studio also offers a monthly subscription plan for clients with recurring needs.

5. Video

  • Price: from $2–$130 for 1 minute
  • Turnaround: 1 day per 15 secs

Bunny Studio offers video editing, production, and post-production services for a variety of purposes such as advertising, film and television projects, education materials, and animations. The company works with MOV, MP4, WMV FLV AVI, and AVCHD formats. Clients can start a project by filling out a form that includes instructions for the editors along with any necessary files or scripts.

Payments for video services may be made through PayPal or credit card with bank wires being an additional option for those based in the US. The company offers a monthly subscription plan that provides clients with unlimited concurrent projects, their own curated team of editors, and a dedicated project coordinator among other benefits should they need creative services on a recurring basis.

Large-scale one-time projects are also welcome but will require contacting the special operations team directly as pricing will be handled differently than standard bookings.

Bunny Studio Alternatives

Bunny Studio subscriptions are very expensive compared to alternatives, but you also get more work done with them. In our experience, you will get similar productivity per dollar spent as at alternatives, such as Awesomic, Kimp (slightly worse), and Vecteezy Studio. However, Bunny Studio can be better because of the much, much larger variety of services offered, making it a good choice, particularly for large businesses and enterprises.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Bunny Studio legit?

Yes, Bunny Studio is a completely legit website for different services. Throughout the months of using and testing, we haven’t had any issues using it. The payments are safe and encrypted, while customer support resolves all your issues within 24 hours.

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