Canon Statistics: Revenue, Employees, and Market Share

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Canon statistics

Quick Summary

The following Canon data was updated in 2022 and reflects Canon’s performance in 2021.

CompanyCanon Inc.
FoundedAugust 10, 1937 (84 years ago) in Tokyo, Japan under the name “Seikikōgaku kenkyūsho”
Annual revenue$31.97 billion (2021)
Imaging revenue$5.94 billion (2021)
Gross profit$14.81 billion (2021)
Net income$1.95 billion (2021)
Operating income$2.57 billion (2021)
Employees184,034 (2021)
Women employed4,162 (2.26%)
Biggest shareholderThe Master Trust Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Trust Account) (166.1 million shares)


In 2021, Canon generated $31.97 billion in annual revenue, a +11.2% year-on-year growth from $29.71 billion in 2020. Canon’s revenue has been slowly decreasing since 2010 when it reached $45.76 billion. In other words, in 11 years, Canon’s revenue decreased by approximately 30%.

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The table below represents annual revenue data and year-on-year growth:

YearAnnual RevenueYear-on-year growth
2009$34.88 billion
2010$45.76 billion+31.19%
2011$45.61 billion-0.33%
2012$43.50 billion-4.63%
2013$38.43 billion-11.66%
2014$35.41 billion-7.86%
2015$31.54 billion-10.93%
2016$31.29 billion-0.79%
2017$36.31 billion+16.04%
2018$35.96 billion-0.96%
2019$33.06 billion-8.06%
2020$29.71 billion-10.13%
2021$31.97 billion+7.61%
Canon’s annual revenue and year-on-year growth (not adjusted for inflation) for 2009–2021.

Quarterly revenue report

In the most recent reported quarter (Q3 2021), Canon’s revenue reached $7.58 billion, a 5.52% decrease from Q2 2021. The highest quarterly revenue was reported in Q4 2011 when the revenue reached $12.37 billion.

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Revenue distribution

Of the Canon’s $31.97 billion annual revenue in 2021, printing contributed 53.6% ($17.64 billion), imaging 18.0% ($5.94 billion), industrial 15.1% ($4.96 billion, and medical 13.3% ($4.37 billion).

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Compared to 2020, printing is down by 2.96%, while imaging (+17.16%), medical (+6.90%), and industrial (14.75%) all gained in revenue.

Gross Profit

Canon reported $14.81 billion in gross profit for 2021. That’s an increase of 14.54% compared with $12.93 billion a year earlier, but a 33.47% decrease compared with $22.27 billion in 2011.

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Net Income

Canon generated $1.95 billion in net income in the year 2021. That’s a 149.55% increase compared to $0.78 billion in 2020, but a 40.02% decrease compared with $3.26 billion in 2011.

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In 2021, Canon reported having 184,034 employees worldwide, which is a 1.17% increase from 181,897 in 2020. In 2011, Canon employed 198,307 people (7.76% more than in 2021).

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And here are the exact numbers:

The number of employees at Canon between the years 2009 and 2021.

Employee distribution

Of the total 184,034 employees, 66.76% work in printing (122,864), 14.00% in imaging (25,761), 7.64% in industrial (14,053), 6.94% in medical (12.769), and 4.67% in corporate (8,587).

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Employee demographics

According to the latest reports, 41.12% of Canon’s employees come from Asia and Oceania, 38.54% from Japan, 12.04% from Europe, and 8.29% from the Americas.

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In 2021, 2.26% of all Canon’s employees were women, and 3.30% of all managers are women.

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Canon’s top 10 major shareholders own 374.3 million shares combined, which accounts for 36.0% of the entire company. The biggest shareholder is The Master Trust Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Trust Account) with 166.1 million shares (15.9%).

Shareholder NameShares ownedPercentage
The Master Trust Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Trust Account)166.1 million15.9%
Custody Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Trust Account)62.4 million6.0%
The Dai-ichi
Life Insurance Company, Limited
24.3 million2.3%
Mizuho Bank, Ltd.22.6 million2.2%
State Street Bank West Client—Treaty 50523420.9 million2.0%
Moxley and Co. LLC19.1 million1.8%
Barclays Securities Japan Limited15.2 million1.5%
SMBC Nikko Securities Inc.14.1 million1.4%
Sompo Japan Insurance Inc.13.1 million1.3%
Sum374.3 million36.0%
The top 10 Canon’s shareholders in 2021.



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