Best Cheap Stock Video Sites Of 2023

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Stock footage is expensive, so you probably can’t afford to buy it from big names like Getty Images or Pond5. To help you find an affordable option, we collected the cheapest stock video sites that are great even for those on a low budget.

Above all, we recommend unlimited stock footage sites, such as Envato Elements, Artgrid, and Videvo. If you need a great selection instead, you can choose Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, or Depositphotos.

Best Cheap Stock Video Sites

  1. Envato Elements icon
    Envato Elements ($16.50/month)
    at Envato Elements
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  2. Videvo icon
    Budget pick
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  3. Artgrid icon
    Best quality
    Artgrid ($19.99–$49.92/month)
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  4. Pond5 logo
    Great quality
    Pond5 ($8.32–$25/video)
    at Pond5
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  5. Shutterstock icon
    Most popular
    Shutterstock ($8.35–$37.80/video)
    at Shutterstock
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  6. Adobe Stock small icon
    Best for Adobe Premiere users
    Adobe Stock
    at Adobe Stock
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  7. Depositphotos icon
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1. Envato Elements: Cheapest

Review Summary

The bottom line

Envato Elements is a great service that offers exceptional value for money. For just $16.50/month, you get unlimited access to over 6.2 million photos and 3.1 million videos, music, templates, fonts, and more. All Envato Elements creative assets can be used commercially.


Envato elements logo


  • Unlimited downloads with no daily limits.
  • 7-day free trial with full access to all creative assets.
  • Assets can be used commercially.
  • Simple licensing.
  • Plans for individuals, teams, and enterprises.


  • One of the lowest indemnities in the industry.
  • Can’t use creative assets for new projects after unsubscribing.
  • A small collection of photos and videos compared to other stock agencies.
  • No refunds.

Why We Picked It

Envato Elements charges a surprisingly low monthly fee of $16.50 for unlimited downloads of its 3.1 million stock videos. That subscription also includes 6.1 stock images, templates, fonts, 3D models, and audio tracks, which nicely complement video projects. Individuals pay between $16.50 per month for yearly plans and $39.00 per month for monthly plans. Students can get an additional 35% discount and pay only $11.00 per month. There is also a free trial that gives you full access and unlimited downloads for 7 days.

Commercial use is allowed under the Envato Elements license, but you must license the creative assets separately for each user, even if you use the same asset twice. This means that once you cancel the subscription, you can not use the downloaded assets in new projects, but you can continue to use them in existing projects.

Who It’s For

We recommend Envato Elements to anyone looking for a large collection of videos, images, music, and other creative content at a great price. It’s also ideal for freelancers looking for an inexpensive, straightforward source of creative content. Mockup generators are available for an additional $7.47 per month.

2. Videvo

Review Summary

The bottom line

Videvo is worth using if you’re looking for the absolutely cheapest way to get stock footage at the cost of lower quality and smaller selection. You can also get more than 18,000 videos completely free.


Videvo logo

Why We Picked It

Videvo, unlike other stock footage websites, offers both free and premium stock videos. More than 18,000 videos are available for free use with attribution to the author and/or Videvo. If you do not want to give authorship credit, you’ll need to purchase a premium subscription, such as Videvo Plus. The quality of the videos is reasonable, and even quite specific topics are covered. However, it is not always possible to find a high-quality free video. In this case, you’ll have to opt for one of the premium subscriptions.

Videvo stands out from other stock footage sites with its affordable rates. The Videvo Lite monthly subscription costs $5 per month (5 videos), while the Videvo Plus annual subscription costs $12 per month (unlimited downloads). Since downloads are completely unlimited, the annual plans offer the best value. For $240 per year, Videvo Pro is the one-stop store for unlimited stock footage, motion graphics, templates, music and audio.

Premium downloads come with a royalty-free license so they can be used indefinitely, including in commercial projects. However, content marked “For editorial use only” may only be used for non-commercial purposes.

Who It’s For

Videvo is best for anyone who needs free or very cheap stock footage and also does not mind slightly lower quality and considerably smaller variety.

3. Artgrid

Review Summary

The bottom line

Artgrid is an excellent stock video provider. For $299-$599 per year, you get unlimited downloads of thousands of high-quality clips with color graded 8K and RAW / LOG clips, plus a straightforward commercial license.


Artgrid logo

Why We Picked It

Artgrid has the best video quality of all the sites we tested with unlimited footage, making it the best stock video subscription. Many famous YouTubers, including Peter McKinnon, use it as well. The video quality sets Artgrid apart from other stock footage providers. Since the quality is instantly recognizable, the videos are technically excellent, and impressive, and they add a lot of value to your projects.

Junior, Creator, and Pro subscriptions are available with Artgrid. The Junior subscription ($19.99/month) is ideal for simple video projects, as it includes HD clips, H.264 format, and staggered footage. The Creator subscription ($29.99/month) is ideal for freelancers, client work, and social media. It includes 4K and 8K clips, ProRes/DNxHR footage, and graded footage. For commercials and broadcasts, you need the Pro subscription ($49.92/month), which includes RAW / LOG clips in addition to the Creator subscription.

All plans include lifetime use (royalty-free license), cover all platforms worldwide, and even support monetization on YouTube so you do not have to pay any penalties for demonetization.

If you need music and sound effects, you’ll need to sign up for a separate subscription from Artlist, Artgrid’s sister company. Subscriptions cost between $9.99 and $16.60 per month and, like Artgrid, support all platforms and monetization.

Who It’s For

Artgrid is a great source of footage for amateurs, freelancers, and professionals, as there are a variety of subscription plans. All plans include monetization on YouTube and support for all platforms, making them ideal for streamers and YouTubers.

4. Pond 5

Review Summary

The bottom line

Pond5 is the best service for stock footage loved by customers and contributors. They offer a wide variety of buying options that are affordable even for individuals. Overall, it’s expensive, making Pond5 ideal for professionals and teams with large budgets.


Pond5 logo

Why We Picked It

With 32 million stock videos of excellent quality, Pond5 remains the undisputed number one choice for stock footage—if you don’t mind about the price. To complement the clips, their marketplace offers music, after-effects, sound effects, and 3D models. Although it’s not the cheapest, Pond5 offers unique videos that you cannot find anywhere else, making them one of the best in the industry. In addition, Pond5 matches all competitors’ prices if you find the same content cheaper elsewhere.

The cost of each video depends on how you purchase it. You can purchase it with a membership, with credits, or as a one-time purchase. It costs between $8.35 and $19.99 per video if you buy it with membership. If you buy it with credits, each video costs $20 or more. If you buy it all at once, it costs $25 or more per video.

Who It’s For

Pond5 is best for professional video editors who need top quality. You get the lowest prices with subscriptions, while on-demand can be quite expensive.

5. Shutterstock

Review Summary

The bottom line

Although not a typical stock footage site, Shutterstock offers more than 24 million royalty-free stock videos. The videos are shot by professionals, which is reflected in their quality and sentimental value.


Shutterstock logo


  • 24+ million stock footage.
  • Flexible pricing.
  • Up to 4K quality.


  • No free trial for videos.
  • Quite expensive.

Why We Picked It

The cost of your subscription is based on the type of subscription you choose and the length of your commitment. For example, the FLEX25 subscription will cost you $41.58-$69.00 per month and provide you with 25 credits that you can use to purchase 25 images, 6 music tracks, 3 video clips, or a combination of all of the above.

On-demand packages are also available in four different sizes (1, 5, 10 and 25) and in three different video quality levels (SD, HD, 4K). These cost $51.96+ for a SD clip, $63.16 for a HD clip and $91.96 for a 4K clip. A single 4K video clip costs $179. Footage license includes use on the web, social media and live performances. However, a separate license is required for TV, movies or OTT. Plus, you can save up to 25% off your purchase with a coupon code.

Who It’s For

Shutterstock is ideal for those who need quality stock footage together with images and audio tracks.

6. Adobe Stock

Review Summary

The bottom line

Adobe Stock is an excellent stock photo site for graphic designers using Creative Cloud apps, like Photoshop or Illustrator. Because it is very affordable and comes with royalty-free licensing, it’s a convenient option for any buyer who needs high flexibility and low prices.


Adobe Stock logo


  • 3 free HD videos with a free trial.
  • 20mil+ videos
  • Integrated into Creative Cloud.


  • Expensive.
  • No subscription plan for videos.
  • No unlimited downloads option.

Why We Picked It

Adobe Stock stock videos cost $64.00 to $79.99 for HD clips and $160.00 to $199.99 for 4K clips. However, these videos can only be purchased with credits or cash. The credit system allows for lower prices for the videos, as buying with cash usually results in the highest price. You have to buy credit packages first before you can use them. These packages allow you to purchase HD and 4K videos at a lower price.

The Enhanced license applies to all Adobe Stock stock material. This license includes all the benefits of a royalty-free license, plus unlimited copies or views of the clip. Adobe Stock offers a free trial with three videos. Finally, users can browse all assets in Adobe Premiere and other Creative Cloud apps, including images, videos, soundtracks, and more. Music is licensed as part of standard asset plans, which also include images, templates, and 3D elements.

Who It’s For

Adobe Stock is the best choice for content creators who use other Adobe Creative Cloud apps, especially Adobe Premiere. Since it’s integrated into the software, in Adobe’s case, Creative Cloud apps, it allows you to try out the videos (and images) even before purchasing them. Only when you’re satisfied with the final product do you buy the videos you use and discard those that didn’t fit.

7. Depositphotos

Review Summary

The bottom line

Depositphotos is an RF microstock photo agency based in Florida. Its collection of images contains 224 million files of high-quality photos, vectors, videos, and illustrations. Since it offers incredible e-commerce stock images, it’s the best stock image website for bloggers and small businesses.


Depositphotos logo


  • 70K+ free visuals among 220 million visual files.
  • 4K, HD, and SD quality footage.
  • Budget-friendly subscriptions and on-demand plans.
  • Videos are available for personal, educational, and commercial purposes.


  • No free trial
  • No on-demand options
  • Relatively low indemnity is a stock content marketplace that offers royalty-free files to more than 29 million users worldwide. Over 11 million high-quality clips are available for download after purchasing a subscription or on-demand plan. To see if a video fits your design or creative idea, you can download a watermarked preview of any chosen file.

Depositphotos offers a variety of video files that can be downloaded and used for any creative project. The files are available in different qualities, from 240p to 4K, and can be downloaded up to 25 times. The Standard license allows for 500 thousand copies of the file to be made, while the Extended license has no limits.

Final Verdict

When choosing a stock footage website, you can hardly go wrong with any of the sites. Your choice will likely depend on your budget and the added benefits of the sites listed. However, if you’re unsure which site you want, you should start with Videvo, as it offers the cheapest unlimited downloads. For $12/month, you’ll get a good overview of what you need for your videos. Artgrid is the more expensive alternative.

If your budget does not constrain you, you can’t go wrong with Pond5, Adobe Stock, or Shutterstock. They all offer more than 20 million stock video clips at moderate prices but with excellent quality.

What are stock videos?

Stock videos, also called stock footage, are short video clips, usually 20-60 seconds long, created with the sole purpose of being resold or licensed. These videos are typically distributed by stock video agencies (or sites) in the name of the videographers who shot them. The stock video agency and the contributing videographer split the profit upon purchasing a video license.

When you purchase a stock video, you don’t actually buy the video, but rather the license that gives you the right to use it for your project(s). In most cases, it’s a variation of a royalty-free license that allows you to use the video forever for your projects, but you must not resell it.

How to buy stock videos?

You can purchase stock videos from stock video sites (Storyblocks, Artgrid) or stock photo sites that sell videos (Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, iStock).

In total, there are three different ways to buy stock videos.

1. Subscription downloads

Conventional subscription plans give you a fixed amount of downloads per month. And if you run out of them, you either have to pay extra or get an on-demand plan, which is significantly more expensive (more on it in a second).

Subscription plans are the best option for you when you know you’ll need video consistently for a long time. They are more cost-efficient than on-demand plans.

2. Subscription unlimited downloads

Unlimited downloads, while the cheapest, are also the most convenient. Once you purchase a subscription plan, you don’t have to count downloads and worry about running out of them. Also, the video quality is quite good, although it doesn’t match Pond5’s quality.

Many video editors agree that switching to an unlimited download plan was the best decision for their projects.

3. On-demand

On-demand plans work in two ways, but both are similar. You can either directly purchase a video with your cash or purchase credits first and then use them to purchase videos.

On-demand plans are more expensive than subscription plans. But they’re the best option when you only need a couple of videos. In this case, purchasing a subscription plan wouldn’t make sense.

What are stock videos used for?

Stock footage is most commonly used as B-roll. The B-roll supplements the primary footage by tying it together. It’s usually used for television shows, news broadcasts, and films. Examples include aerial stock videos of a location and people walking down a street.

Stock footage is sometimes used as primary footage and B-roll, meaning that the whole video consists of stock footage. This happens when the video editor does not possess any original clips.

How to use stock videos?

If you don’t have a videographer to capture all the videos for you, stock videos are a lot cheaper than buying all gear and learning how to shoot footage. In addition, sometimes you require footage that you cannot get otherwise—for instance, a volcano eruption.

At the beginning of their careers, video editors often underestimate the number of videos they need. So they opt-in for the cheapest plans, which usually give you around 5 downloads per month. That’s simply not enough.

The best option is to get an unlimited stock footage download plan.


How much does stock footage cost?

The price of stock footage depends on the video quality. On average, HD video footage costs $24, 4K costs $170, and unlimited downloads cost between $15 and $50 per month. 8K footage can cost $1,000 to $4,000 per minute.

Where can I buy cheap stock videos?

The cheapest stock footage site is, offering unlimited downloads of stock footage for $12.00/month. Another inexpensive option is Storyblocks, costing $30/month for unlimited downloads of stock footage, audio, and other assets.

Why is stock footage so expensive?

Creating a video takes more planning, props, time, and personnel than taking photos. As a result, videographers charge more for stock footage to cover their filming costs.

What is the best site for stock footage?

Pond5 is the best site for stock footage; although it’s not the cheapest, it has an extensive library of 31 million video clips, and you can get a bonus of up to 25% if you buy a larger quantity.

Do you have to pay for stock footage?

You can’t buy the stock footage itself, but the right to use it within certain limits. There are different licenses, each with usage restrictions and prices, the most popular of which is the royalty-free license.

Can you use stock footage with a watermark?

You may not use watermarked stock footage as this violates the copyright. You must pay for the right to use content legally, also called a “license.”

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