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Crestock review (2023)

Photutorial’s take

Crestock provides a decent selection of royalty-free images with flexible licensing options and pricing plans. However, its limitations, such as a smaller image selection compared to competitors, Standard License restrictions, and credit expiration, make it a less attractive choice. While it may cater to some users’ needs, there are other stock photo websites on the market that offer a more comprehensive and satisfying experience.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Flexible licensing options
  • Variety of pricing plans
  • Royalty-free images
  • Wide range of image usage


  • Difficult to obtain extended licenses
  • Limited image selection
  • No free images
  • Credits expiration
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How much does Crestock cost?

Crestock offers three flexible pricing options: Pay & Go, with individual images priced between $1 and $30 based on size; Subscriptions, starting at $199 for 1 month with 20 daily downloads in any resolution; and Credits, with packages ranging from $10 for 10 credits to $600 for 1000 credits, with up to 40% off on larger packages.

Pay & Go

This option allows customers to purchase images individually without any commitment to a subscription or credit package. The prices for each image size are as follows:

  • XSmall: $1
  • Small: $4
  • Medium: $6
  • Large: $10
  • XLarge: $15
  • XXLarge: $20
  • XXXLarge: $25
  • Vector: $30


Customers who need a large number of images regularly can choose from different subscription plans, which provide 20 images per day at any resolution. These plans also include vector format files. The subscription options are:

  • 1 month (30 days): $199.00 (600 images, $0.33 per image)
  • 3 months: $529.00 (1820 images, $0.29 per image)
  • 6 months: $959.00 (3640 images, $0.26 per image)
  • 12 months: $1,799.00 (7300 images, $0.25 per image)


This option allows customers to purchase a package of credits that can be used to download images anytime. Credits will expire one year from the date of purchase. The credit packages are:

  • 10 credits: $10.00 (10 images, $1.00 per credit)
  • 25 credits: $25.00 (25 images, $1.00 per credit)
  • 50 credits (20% OFF): $40.00 (50 images, $0.80 per credit)
  • 100 credits (40% OFF): $60.00 (100 images, $0.60 per credit)
  • 250 credits (40% OFF): $150.00 (250 images, $0.60 per credit)
  • 500 credits (40% OFF): $300.00 (500 images, $0.60 per credit)
  • 1000 credits (40% OFF): $600.00 (1000 images, $0.60 per credit)

In summary, Crestock offers three ways to buy images: Pay & Go, Subscriptions, and Credits. Customers can buy images individually with Pay & Go, choose a credit package for added flexibility and savings, or pick a subscription plan for daily downloads at any resolution for a set period.


Crestock offers a variety of licensing options to cater to the diverse needs of its customers. All images provided by Crestock are Royalty-Free, meaning that a one-time fee grants you the right to use the image as per the licensing terms. The company offers a Standard License, as well as several Extended License options to cover a wide range of uses.

Standard image license

Crestock’s Standard Image License is quite flexible and allows you to use the images for various purposes, including but not limited to:

  1. Printed advertising
  2. Printed documents
  3. Web and screen-based advertising
  4. Press and publishing editorial
  5. Website and blog illustrations
  6. Social media usage (personal, professional, and corporate channels)
  7. Multimedia presentations
  8. Book and CD covers
  9. Display advertising and signage
  10. Software applications (games, iOS, Android, and other apps)
  11. TV, film, and video productions
  12. Educational materials
  13. Art prints or interior decoration not for resale

For more information on the Standard Image License, refer to Crestock’s Image License Agreement.

Extended license options

Crestock offers additional Extended License options for customers who need more comprehensive usage rights. These options include:

  1. Consumer Merchandise: This license allows you to place images on products or product packaging for commercial resale or redistribution. Examples include product packaging, apparel, toys, greeting cards, stationery, calendars, stickers, posters, and similar paper products.
  2. Electronic Templates: This license grants permission to resell or distribute the image as part of an electronic template, such as e-greeting cards, PowerPoint slideshows, WordPress themes, or software deployment packages.
  3. Unlimited Print Run: While the standard license limits the number of printed reproductions to 500,000, this extended license removes the limit, allowing for unlimited print runs.
  4. Multi-Seat License: This license enables multiple employees within the same company to use an image.

To obtain an Extended License, contact Crestock directly. They can arrange an Extended License for you within one business day, and a separate fee will apply.

Usage Restrictions: Crestock’s licensing comes with certain restrictions that are common to most companies offering royalty-free images. For a complete list of these restrictions, consult Crestock’s Image License Agreement.

Frequently asked questions

What types of images does Crestock offer?

Crestock offers a diverse selection of royalty-free images, including photos, illustrations, and vector images. The images cover a wide range of subjects and styles to cater to different user needs.

Can I use Crestock images for commercial purposes?

Yes, Crestock’s Standard Image License allows for various commercial uses, such as advertising, website and blog illustrations, multimedia presentations, software applications, and more. For specific commercial uses like consumer merchandise or electronic templates, you may need to obtain an Extended License.

What happens if I don’t use all my credits within a year?

Crestock credits expire one year from the date of purchase. If you don’t use all your credits within that time, they will no longer be valid, and you will lose the remaining credits.

How do I obtain an Extended License for an image?

To acquire an Extended License, contact Crestock directly. They can arrange the Extended License for you within one business day. A separate fee will apply for each Extended License.

Can I share my Crestock account with other team members?

The Standard License allows for single-user access. If you want multiple employees within the same company to use an image, you need to purchase a Multi-Seat License as part of the Extended License options.

Can I use Crestock images on social media?

Yes, Crestock’s Standard Image License permits the use of images on personal, professional, and corporate social media channels.

Are there any restrictions on using Crestock images?

While Crestock’s Standard Image License covers a wide range of uses, there are certain restrictions. For example, images cannot be used in connection with adult content, discriminatory content, or any illegal activities. For a complete list of restrictions, consult Crestock’s Image License Agreement.

Does Crestock offer a refund policy?

Crestock does not offer refunds for downloaded images. However, if you encounter technical issues or have concerns about the quality of an image, you can contact their customer support for assistance.