Depositphotos review

Written by Matic Broz Updated on December 3, 2021

Depositphotos review

Depositphotos is a popular, inexpensive, and trustworthy royalty-free stock photo site with an extensive library of 224 million+ stock photos, vectors, and videos. Still interested in this Depositphotos review? Sweet!

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Great for bloggers.

Subscription plans, on-demand packs, and extended licenses; everything you need for every graphical project.
  • 205 million images
  • Exceptional image quality
  • No daily limit
  • Reverse image search
  • Great customer support (phone, live chat and email)
  • A collection of free images 
  • No free trial
  • No custom packs – only available for enterprises

Since it was founded in 2009 by Dmitry Sergeev, Depositphotos has grown into a large stock photo site that has had more than 18 million customers and is trusted by world-renowned corporations, such as Subaru and Bosch.

Its affordable prices, high-quality images, and easy-to-use website make Depositphotos especially popular among bloggers and website designers.

Depositphotos pricing

Prices start at $0.22/image with annual subscriptions and $0.27/image with monthly subscriptions. With on-demand packs, the prices start at $2.99/image. An extended license costs $63.96/image.

Depositphotos offers 2 types of pricing plans: subscription plans and on-demand packs.

The key difference between these is that subscription plans give you a certain number of downloads each month, while you purchase on-demand packs once and use them until you run out of downloads.

In general, subscriptions come with a lower price per image and are a better option if you know you’ll have consistent image needs. On-demand packs are perfect when you only need a couple of images and don’t want to commit to any sort of recurring contract.

Subscription plans

Subscription plans are what you should choose if you know you’re going to have consistent image needs and you want the best prices. You can choose between more expensive monthly plans and cheaper annual plans.

Depositphotos review - Subscription plans Monthly
Monthly subscription plans pricing
Depositphotos review - Subscription plans Yearly
Yearly subscription plans pricing

However, annual plans bind you to a yearly contract. Here is the price comparison of subscription plans:

Images/month Monthly Yearly
Price/month Price/image Price/year Price/image
30 $29.00 $0.97 $299.00 $0.83
75 $69.00 $0.92 $699.00 $0.78
150 $99.00 $0.66 $999.00 $0.56
750 $199.00 $0.27 $1,999.00 $0.22

For example, if you purchase 30 images for 12 months (a year), you will pay $348 (12×$29); however, if you commit to an entire year, you pay only $299.

Features of subscription plans:

  • Additional images $1 each – if you run out of images in a given month, you can purchase additional images for as low as $1.
  • Unused downloads transfer to the next month – super-useful if you don’t use all the images in one month. Depositphotos makes sure you don’t waste your money.
  • Up to 500,000 copies – you can use these images for printing, but you must not copy them more than 500,000-times. For that, you need to purchase the Extended License.
  • Life-long right to use images – once you download an image, you can use it forever. Some stock photo sites don’t let you use the images you download as soon as you stop paying.
  • You can use images for marketing and advertising.
  • Print or digital use – you can reprint the image or use it as you wish, as long as you’re not selling it.

In conclusion, subscription plans are a great option if you know that you’re going to consistently need images for at least a couple of months. Otherwise, on-demand plans are your best option.

On Demand plans

On-demand plans are the right option for you if you know you’ll only need a couple of images. But be careful, these are a lot more expensive. With On Demand plans, you can buy Standard or Extended Licenses with four different plans.

Let’s look at Standard licenses first:

Depositphotos review - On demand plans Standard license
On Demand pricing for the Standard License

The best prices come with the largest plan of 100 images for $299, resulting in $2.99/image. The smaller the plan, the higher the price per image gets. Therefore, 3 images cost $42, with $14.00/image.

With the Extended License, these plans get significantly more expensive.

Depositphotos review - On demand plans Extended license
On Demand pricing for the Extended License

Again, the larger the On Demand plan, the lower the price per image. In this case, The pack of 25 Extended license images cost $1,599 for just $63.96 per image. If you only purchase 1 Extended license, this cost gets up to $89.

Why would you even purchase the Extended License?

The Extended License gives you the rights to create more than 500,000 copies of the image and use it as the main part of the design for resale. Such as, T-shirts, gift wrapping, stickers, keychains, etc.

Read a full Depositphotos license comparison.

Features of On Demand plans:

  • Download files any time within a year since purchase
  • Full access to Depositphotos library
  • Download photos (JPG) and vectors (EPS and AI)
  • Includes all files sizes
  • You can purchase either under Standard or Extended license

Unlimited downloads

Do you need substantially more downloads than Depositphotos offers, but you also want a lower price? You can choose Unlimited downloads plan that costs just $4.99/month and gives you access to a collection of 732,000+ files.

Depositphotos review Unlimited downloads
Unlimited downloads plan


With videos being an important part of some advertisements or websites, Depositphotos offers both subscriptions and on demand packs for videos. Subscriptions include all SD, HD, and 4K videos, which will cost you between $19.96 and $29.80.

Depositphotos review - Subscriptions for videos
Video subscription plans pricing

On demand plans are sold separately based on video quality, where you can choose between 240p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, and 4K. I won’t go into detail about every video definition price; you can buy videos for between $12.76/video and $169.00/video.

Depositphotos review - On demand for videos
On Demand pricing for videos


Music is sold slightly differently at Depositphotos. You can choose between either an unlimited subscription (unlimited downloads) or on-demand plans for Standard and Extended licences.

Unlimited subscription gives you unlimited downloads of music and gives you access to all the tracks on Depositphotos. If you want to save money, instead of purchasing a monthly plan ($19/mo), go for a yearly plan ($199/ye or 16.58/mo).

Depositphotos review - Unlimited subscription for music
Music Unlimited Subscription

On the other hand, if you only need a couple of tracks, on demand plans are your best bet. They will cost you between $15.96/sound track up to $39.00/sound track.

Depositphotos review - On demand music Standard license
On Demand music pricing for the Standard License

Extended license tracks are expectedly more expensive:

Depositphotos review - On demand music Extended license
On Demand music pricing for the Extended License

Pricing for Business

If you’re not a business owner, skip this chapter. For businesses that have more than 1 employee, enterprise plans are a go-to option. In contrast with individual plans, these allow several users to use the downloaded images, videos, or music.

I won’t bore you with pricing details, because if you’re a business, I’m 100% sure you know your way around stock photo pricing. Here’s the gist:

Depositphotos review - Enterprise plans
Enterprise subscription and on demand plans

For large companies, Depositphotos will happily put together a custom plan with high indemnification.

Depositphotos review - Enterprise custom plan
Enterprise custom plans

Furthermore, similar pricing plans are available for videos and music.

Free Trial

Depositphotos does not offer a free trial. If you want to download free files from Depositphotos, there is a collection of almost 70,000 files that you can download for free.

Depositphotos review Free files
70,000 free files to download at Depositphotos.

But here’s the catch: you may not use these files all willy-nilly. Na-a.

Here is the summary of permitted uses (read full text):

Depositphotos free license summary
Free license summary

Additionally, you must attribute the author and Depositphotos as stated under the image. Here’s an example (notice the attribution in the caption of the image):

Standard License

Depositphotos Standard License is a default license similar to a royalty-free license. Every price plan you saw up until this point is for the Standard license (unless explicitly stated otherwise).

It allows you to use a downloaded file for personal and commercial purposes that are in line with the terms of the Standard License.

Standard License may be used for purposes such as advertising, product packaging, marketing, newspapers and magazines, websites and apps, digital use, book and e-books, and a lot more.

A print run of a Standard License is limited to 500,000 copies. Plus, you may not use the file in a way, where it’s the major part of the design.

If you need more copies or want to use it as the main design piece, consider purchasing an Extended License:

Extended License

Extended License permits all the uses that the Standard License does and more.

For one, Extended License does not have any limits on prints (you can do more than 500,000). Plus, you are allowed to use the downloaded file as the main or only part of the design, such as posters, postcards, cups, T-shirts, etc.

The Extended License at Dreamstime can only be purchased with On Demand plans.


What is Depositphotos?

Depositphotos is a reputable and inexpensive stock photo company.

Is Depositphotos legit?

Depositphotos is safe. It is trusted by millions of customers worldwide, and corporations such as Subaru and Bosch.

What does Depositphotos pay?

Depositphotos pays up to 42% for photos purchased with On Demand plans and up to $0.35 for photos downloaded with Subscription plans.

How can I download images from Deposit photos for free?

Create a free Depositphotos account and download the free images you can find on the website.

How do I cancel my Depositphotos subscription?

If you wish to cancel Depositphotos subscription, go to Buyer Menu > Active plans > My Subscription > Settings > On/Off.

How to download Depositphotos without watermark?

There are two way to download Depositphotos without watermark. First, download any of the 70,000 free files from Depositphotos. Seconds, purchase a license for a photo with subscription or on demand plans.

How to download Depositphotos images for free?

You can download any of the 70,000 files Depositphotos offers for free. However, you must attribute Depositphotos upon the use of the free downloaded file.


Depositphotos is a viable alternative to other stock photo sites, such as Shutterstock, Alamy, and even Adobe Stock.

With its competitive prices, it’s difficult to decide which one is the best. Your final decision should be based on which site has the most photos of the niche you need.

I recommend Depositphotos to anyone looking for a very good stock photo website with low-average prices and high-quality photos.

I don’t recommend Depositphotos to anyone looking for lower prices (Dreamstime), higher amount of total images (Shutterstock) or to any creative/artist using Adobe Creative Cloud (Adobe Stock).

On Depositphotos, you will find just any image, videos, or vector you’re looking for.

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