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Depositphotos Review 2022

Matic BrozUpdated June 12, 2022

Our Verdict

Depositphotos sells royalty-free images, videos, and audio at affordable prices, but unlike its competitors, it doesn’t offer a free trial. If you only need a few images, this stock photo agency offers one of the cheapest small subscriptions considering the price per image.


  • A collection of 70,000 files that you may use for free, but they require attribution.
  • Cheap small subscription plans (25 and 75/month) compared to competitors like Shutterstock.
  • A good collection of built-in tools that simplify your workflow, such as a free image upscaler.


  • No free trial, with which you could get free stock images like at other stock photo sites.
  • Large subscriptions cost the same as other stock photo agencies, but you get a smaller selection of files.

Best for Bloggers


on Depositphotos’ website


rating 4.5

Photutorial rating

Our ratings take into account a product’s benefits and coverage levels. All ratings are determined solely by our editorial team.

Images180 million
Extended license$63.96–$89.00
Free trialNo

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Who is Depositphotos Best For?

Depositphotos is the best used for smaller subscription plans. The 25 monthly download subscriptions cost $0.83/image, while the 2x larger subscription plan at Shutterstock costs twice as much ($1.98/image). Therefore, we recommend using Depositphotos instead of Shutterstock for 25 and 75 monthly download subscriptions.

When it comes to larger subscriptions, on-demand packs in general, and extended licenses, Depositphotos is slightly worse than Adobe Stock and Shutterstock. That’s mainly due to the same prices for the smaller image library and the absence of the free trial.

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Best Alternatives

Best Overall


on Shutterstock’s website


rating 5-0

Photutorial rating

Our ratings take into account a product’s benefits and coverage levels. All ratings are determined solely by our editorial team.

Extended license$67.96
Free trialYes (10 images)
ReviewShutterstock review

Best for Graphic Designers


on Adobe Stock’s website


rating 5-0

Photutorial rating

Our ratings take into account a product’s benefits and coverage levels. All ratings are determined solely by our editorial team.

Extended license$79.99
Free trialYes (10, 25, or 40 images)
ReviewAdobe Stock review

Best for Commercial Use


on iStock’s website


rating 4.5

Photutorial rating

Our ratings take into account a product’s benefits and coverage levels. All ratings are determined solely by our editorial team.

Extended license$144–$216
Free trialYes (10 images)
ReviewiStock review

Depositphotos Pricing

Depositphotos has diverse pricing options, including subscription (best prices) and on-demand packs (most flexibility) for images, videos, and audio.

Stock Photos & Vectors Pricing

  • Subscriptions ($0.22–$1.44/image) cost $24.92–$199/month. You can choose between four subscription sizes (25, 75, 150, and 750 images/month) and two billings (monthly and yearly). With subscriptions, you get a standard royalty-free license, which allows the use in marketing and advertising, perpetual use of the image, and up to 500,000 copies. The unused downloads are transferred to the next month, so you don’t have to worry about always downloading max images to get your money’s worth. If you run out of downloads on any given month, you can download additional images for $1 each.
Monthly billingYearly billing
25 images/mo (30 images/mo with yearly)$36 ($1.44/image)$24.92 ($0.83/image)
75 images/mo$69 ($0.92/image)$58.25 ($0.78/image)
150 images/mo$99 ($0.66/image)$83.25 ($0.56/image)
750 images/mo$199($0.27/image)$166.58 ($0.22/image)
  • Standard license on-demand packs ($2.99–$14.00/image) cost $42$299 for packs of 3, 11, 25, or 100 images. The downloads are valid for one year after the purchase.
3 images$42 ($14.00/image)
11 images$65 ($5.91/image)
25 images$99 ($3.96/image)
100 images$299 ($2.99/image)
  • Extended license on-demand packs ($63.96–$89.00/image) cost $89–$1,599 for packs of 1, 5, or 25 images. Like with the standard on-demand packs, the downloads are valid for one year. The only difference is you get the extended license, which allows more than 500,000 copies of the images.
1 image$89 ($89.00/image)
5 images$359 ($71.80/image)
25 images$1,599 ($63.96/image)

Stock Videos Pricing

  • Subscriptions ($8.00–$17.80/video) cost $74.92–$239/month. You can choose between three subscription sizes (5, 10, 25 videos/month) and two billings (monthly and yearly). With subscriptions, you get access to all videos, including 4K, that you may use for marketing and advertising, creative projects, websites, and social media.
Monthly billingYearly billing
5 videos/mo$89 ($17.80/video)$74.92 ($17.80/video)
10 videos/mo$149 ($14.90/video)$124.92 ($12.49/video)
25 videos/mo$239 ($9.56/video)$199.92 ($8.00/video)
  • On-demand packs for videos ($7.96–$149/video) cost $42$299 for packs of 1, 5, or 25 videos. They are available in 5 resolutions, namely 240p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, and 4K.
1 video$19 ($19.00/video)$34 ($34.00/video)$54 ($54.00/video)$59 ($59.00/video)$149 ($149.00/video)
5 videos$59 ($11.80/video)$139 ($27.80/video)$219 ($43.80/video)$269 ($53.80/video)$539 ($107.80/video)
25 videos$199 ($7.96/video)$599 ($23.96/video)$979 ($39.16/video)$1,199 ($47.96/video)$2,069 ($82.76/video)
  • Extended licenses for videos ($180–$269/video) can only be bought by contacting Depositphotos’ support through live chat or email, or by signing up for an enterprise plan. Regardless of which you choose, the extended license rights are the same for both.
1 video$269/video
5 videos$259.80/video ($1,299)$249/video ($1,245)
25 videos$220/video ($5,500)
50 videos$180/video ($9,000)

Stock Music & SFX Pricing

  • Music subscriptions ($12.99/month or $129/year) get you unlimited downloads of all 1.1 million music tracks and SFX in the Depositphotos library. You may use the tracks for YouTube and podcasts, as well as on websites, social media, and events.
  • Music on-demand packs come in three sizes (1, 5, and 25 downloads) and with either standard or extended license.
Standard licenseExtended license
1 download$39 ($39.00/track)$349 ($394.00/track)
5 downloads$139 ($27.80/track)$999 ($199.80/track)
25 downloads$399 ($15.96/track)$1,999 ($79.96/track)

Unlimited downloads

  • Unlimited downloads subscription ($4.99/month) grants you access to the collection of 1.3 million files. While these are not the best quality and the variety is also low, unlimited subscriptions are a good option for those who need a lot of stock images but have a low budget.

Enterprise Pricing

Separate from the pricing for individuals, Depositphotos offers stock images, videos, and audio to enterprises. The prices depend on the number of users, so enterprises need to get in touch with Depositphotos to get custom plans. As a result, enterprise pricing is not covered in this review, as it’s going to be different for every company. Based on the pricing available for two users, we can see that subscriptions are three times as expensive as subscriptions for individuals, while on-demand packs cost roughly the same.

Depositphotos Free Trial

Depositphotos doesn’t have a free trial that would allow you to download premium royalty-free images free of charge. However, you can download any number of free files, but don’t forget to attribute Depositphotos when you use them. Alternatively, you may download watermarked premium files, but you may not use them for any other purpose than testing. You’re also not allowed to try removing the watermark because that’s considered an unlawful use of the content, which can cause legal issues for you, your team, and the project.

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Standard vs Extended License

Licenses are long agreements, so here we provide a quick summary.

Images, Vectors, and Videos Licensing

The Standard license for images, vectors, and videos is sufficient for the use on websites and electronic use, for resale when the file plays a minor role, and for copies or impressions up to 500,000. However, for unlimited copies or for resale where the file play a major role, you need an Extended license.

Standard licenseExtended license
Copies and impressionsUp to 500,000Unlimited
For electronic useUnlimitedUnlimited
Max file resolution of the unmodified fileUnlimitedUnlimited
For resale where the file plays a minor roleAllowedAllowed
For resale where the file plays a major roleProhibitedAllowed

Audio Licensing

The Standard license is enough for sharing the audio on social media and video sharing platforms, as well as for personal use. The Extended license is needed when you want to use the audio file for offline advertising, broadcasting, and resale or distribution.

Standard licenseExtended license
Viewers, listenersUnlimitedUnlimited
Social media, video sharing platformsAllowedAllowed
Personal offline use, one-time public performanceAllowedAllowed
Online advertisingAllowedAllowed
Offline advertisingProhibitedAllowed
Offline broadcasting, multiple public performancesProhibitedAllowed
Resale or distributionProhibitedAllowed
A major part of audio-only contentProhibitedProhibited

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How Do You Use Depositphotos?

  1. Pick a subscription or an on-demand plan that fits your needs.
  2. Continue to the payment page.
  3. Enter your payment information.
  4. Double-check that you selected the right plan.
  5. Confirm the purchase.
  6. Wait for 1 to 2 minutes for verification.
  7. Download stock images.

Summary: Depositphotos Review 2022

Depositphotos has a rating of 4.8 out of 5.0 and ranks 4th among stock photo sites, indicating that most customers are satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with Depositphoros like the affordable prices, high image quality, and great selection of stock images and videos. Depositphotos is great specifically for bloggers and small businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you trust Depositphotos?

Yes, you can trust Depositphotos. It’s a reliable and safe stock photo agency, trusted by world-renowned customers, such as Bosch, Tripadvisor, and Forbes. In addition, it offers a variety of safe payment options, including PayPal, payment cards (Visa, MasterCard, etc.), and wire transfers.

How much does Depositphotos cost?

Depositphotos subscriptions cost $24.92-$199/month ($0.22-$1.44/image), on-demand plans cost $42-$299 ($2.99-$14.00/image), and the Extended License costs $63.96-$89.00. Stock videos cost $8.00-$149/video, while music tracks with unlimited downloads are available for $12.99/month.

Does Depositphotos have a free trial?

No, Depositphotos doesn’t have a free trial. However, you can get free images by downloading any file from the collection of 70,000 free stock images, videos, and music. But these images require attribution.


Photutorial reviewed Depositphotos based on 14 data points in the categories of image quality and variety, pricing, licensing, image number, customer support, and additional features. Photutorial rated Depositphotos based on the weighting assigned to each category.

  • Image quality & variety: 20%
  • Pricing: 20%
  • Licensing: 20%
  • Image number: 15%
  • Additional features: 15%
  • Customer support: 10%

Within each category, we also considered several characteristics, the number of images per most popular searches, technical quality, and added value. We also looked at the variety of pricing plans, minimum, median, and maximum image prices, and free trial terms. Finally, we evaluated Depositphotos’ customer support, licensing, and additional features that would enhance customers’ workflow.

Information provided on Photutorial is for educational purposes only. Your situation is unique and the products and services we review may not be right for your circumstances. We do not offer financial advice, nor do we recommend or advise individuals to buy or sell particular stocks or services. Performance information may have changed since the time of publication. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

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