Envato Elements student discount: how much is it, and how do you get it?

Use the Envato Elements student discount to save 30% on the subscription costs.
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Envato Elements student discount

If you’re in education, utilizing the Envato Elements Student Discount is a great way to save some pennies on the most popular unlimited stock image subscription. With the free trial gone, Envato Elements discounts and great deals are hard to find, but luckily the Envato Elements student discount seems to be a year-round staple.

The amount saved with the Envato Elements student discount varies depending on whether you pick the monthly or annual commitment. As a rough guide, you can save 30% on Envato Element’s subscription. Now, 30% may not sound like a lot, but considering you already save 57% with the annual subscription, it’s nothing to sniff at: especially if you’re a new student who has a tighter budget! We’ve put together this guide below to help you use the Envato Elements student discount. We’ve included discounts and prices for students in both US and EU, so you can jump straight to the relevant offer.

Envato Elements Student Discount: where to find the best deals

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Student Discount: Pay $11.50 instead of $16.50/$39.00

As a European student, you get a 31% Envato Elements student discount. Non-students pay 14.50€ with the annual plan, and 39.00€ for the monthly plan. This means, you’re getting a 71% discount on the unlimited downloads plan and saving $330 per year.

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Student Discount: Pay 10€ instead of 14.50€/39.00€

As a European student, you get a 31% Envato Elements student discount. Non-students pay 14.50€ with the annual plan, and 39.00€ for the monthly plan. This means, you’re getting a 74% discount! Using this discount, you will save 348€ yearly.

How to get an Envato Elements Student Discount

With the Envato Elements Student Plan, not only students but also teachers and faculty staff can benefit from discounted pricing. All you have to do is verify your eligibility, and you’re set to enjoy the discount on a wide range of digital assets and resources.

To get started, make sure you have a valid student/teacher/staff email address from an accredited educational institution. Accepted email domains include .edu, .ac, .sch, and .school. If your email domain is eligible, simply sign up and verify your student/teacher/faculty staff status using your educational email address. Once your email address is confirmed, you will be sent a link to the available plans, where you can sign up for a student plan.

For those who are unable to verify their eligibility through the accepted email domains, you can register your interest in a student plan by completing Envato’s survey. Unfortunately, at this time, Envato does not accept ISIC or other student/faculty/teacher IDs for student plan subscriptions.

Who is eligible for an Envato Elements Student Discount?

01. Students

If you are an enrolled student in an accredited educational institution and have access to a valid student email address, you’re eligible for the Envato Elements student discount. Just provide information about your educational institute during the verification process.

02. Teachers and Faculty Staff

In addition to students, Envato Elements also offers its student plan to teachers and faculty staff. All you need is a verified educational institution email address to prove your employment at an accredited educational institution.

03. Primary/K-12 School Students

Please check Envato’s age restrictions in their User Terms (points 4 & 8) and eligibility criteria for more details on whether primary/K-12 school students can apply for a student plan.

What does the Student Discount offer?

The Envato Elements Student Plan provides complete access to all of the features of Envato Elements, including Item Licensing and Template Kits, at discounted pricing. To see the available student plans and their pricing, visit the Envato Elements student plans page.

Whether you’re a student, teacher, or faculty staff member, this discount is a fantastic opportunity to access a vast library of digital assets and resources at a fraction of the regular cost. Don’t miss out on this chance to boost your creative projects with Envato Elements!


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