Envato Elements vs. Artlist: Which is better in 2023?

When it comes to media assets, Envato Elements has a much larger selection for creators, whereas Artlist's selection is much smaller. Additionally, Envato Elements is cheaper than Artlist, making it overall more popular with video editors.
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Envato Elements vs Artlist

Envato Elements is the top-rated resource for creatives ranging from video editors to marketers, bloggers, and designers, while Artlist specializes in providing resources to video editors only. However, with the relatively high prices and a low number of video assets, is Artlist even worth it?

In this Artlist vs. Envato Elements comparison, I will share my thoughts and experience with their quality, licensing, pricing, and usefulness. I will provide a definite answer to which one you should choose, depending on your needs and job.

Let’s talk a look at how Envato Elements vs. Artlist did in my in-depth review.

Envato Elements vs. Artlist: At a glance

Both Envato Elements and Artlist offer unlimited downloads of video, audio, and SFX. However, the clear winner is Envato Elements because it has a larger collection of assets, lower monthly fees, and exclusive content that isn’t available on Artlist, such as photos, themes, plugins, video templates, and more.

That being said, Artlist does have an advantage in one area: it offers 8K video, a feature not available on Envato Elements, which only provides up to 4K video quality.

Envato ElementsArtlist
💵 Pricing:From $11.50/monthFrom $29.99/month
📹 Videos:4.2 million300,000
🎵 Music:145,00060,000
🕪 SFX:629,00030,000
📝 Templates:461,00010,000
🔥 CouponsEnvato Elements discounts 71% OFF
💁🏻SupportHelp Center, FAQs, emailHelp Center, FAQs, email
ReviewsEnvato Elements reviewArtlist review

Pricing: Envato Elements vs. Artlist

There is no denying that Envato Elements is cheaper than Artlist. For $39.00 a month when billed monthly and $16.50 a month when billed yearly (57% discount), you get unlimited downloads of over 13 videos, music, templates, photos, and more. Students get an additional 30% discount and pay just $11.50 a month.

Meanwhile, Artlist pricing starts at $29.99 a month for full access to around 500,000 videos, templates, and audio. Alternatively, you can get plans for videos or audio for the same price as the full Envato Elements subscription.

Envato Elements also offers a significant discount for teams, costing just $10.75 per month per additional team member, while Artlist requires you to get the pricey Enterprise plans.

You can get a refund at both Envato Elements and Artlist, but only for as long as you don’t download anything. Beyond that, you will not be able to get a refund.

Opting for Envato Element’s one-year plan will get you the best deal, including unlimited downloads of the entire collection. In my opinion, it provides the best all-in-one solution for most creatives, especially those on a budget. You can use all traditional methods to buy your subscription like credit cards, PayPal, and Apple Pay.

Licensing: Envato Elements vs. Artlist

When it comes to licensing, both Envato Elements and Artlist offer royalty-free licenses for their resources. This means you’re free to use their assets however you like without worrying about extra payments to the original creators. But, there are a few important differences between the licensing rules of these two platforms.

With Envato Elements, you need to license an asset for each new project you work on. This might sound inconvenient, but it’s not a big deal because you get unlimited downloads. On the other hand, Artlist doesn’t make you license an asset for each separate project. So while it may be a bit of a hassle, you won’t have any extra charges.

The biggest difference, however, lies in how you can use the assets. Envato Elements restricts you from using its assets for merchandise or on-demand services. This means you can’t take a logo, print it on a T-shirt, and sell it. The assets from Envato Elements must be part of larger projects.

Artlist doesn’t have such limitations. But it’s worth noting that it wouldn’t really be possible to use Artlist’s assets for merchandise anyway, as they only provide video, templates, and audio.

Customer support

When it comes to customer support, both Envato Elements and Artlist are on fairly even ground, neither exceeding expectations nor falling short. Each platform provides a help section full of FAQs and offers email support that usually responds within one to two business days.

The main feature lacking from both Envato Elements and Artlist’s support systems is a live chat or telephone call option. These methods are known for their swift problem-solving capabilities. If these platforms had a customer support system similar to those of Shutterstock or Depositphotos, it would greatly enhance their user experience.

The final verdict

The verdict in the comparison of Envato Elements vs Artlist hinges heavily on the specific needs of creative individuals and the value they place on certain elements like variety, pricing, and customer support.

Undoubtedly, for a broad spectrum of creatives, including video editors, marketers, bloggers, and designers, Envato Elements emerges as the winner. With its substantially lower pricing and vast collection of assets (25 times larger than Artlist), it presents a more comprehensive and cost-effective offering.

Envato Elements’ array of assets isn’t just limited to video, audio, and SFX. It extends to photos, themes, plugins, video templates, and more. These additional assets add significant value and versatility to its overall package, offering a single, consolidated platform for multiple creative needs.

However, Artlist does claim a unique selling point: it offers 8K video, an advanced feature absent in Envato Elements. For users who prioritize ultra-high-definition video content, this could tip the scales in Artlist’s favor.

For a specific niche of editors, such as streamers and YouTubers who may prioritize quality over quantity and cost, Artlist might prove to be a suitable option, albeit a pricier one.

In conclusion, the decision between Envato Elements and Artlist should ideally be made by examining individual creative needs, budget considerations, and the value placed on the unique offerings of each platform. Nonetheless, for the majority of users seeking a wide array of creative resources at an affordable price, Envato Elements stands as the superior choice.

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