FINDSTORY review: poor video variety at a high cost

With the many repetitive collections (stories) that contain even more similar videos, FINDSTORY's video variety is quite poor for a paid stock footage site.
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Photutorial’s take

FINDSTORY offers a unique approach to stock video footage with its focus on thematic stories comprised of multiple clips. However, its subscription-only pricing model and limited diversity within each story could be drawbacks for some users. That said, the user interface is well-designed and the licensing is generous. A solid choice for those looking to bring coherence to their video narratives but perhaps less ideal for those needing more varied individual clips.


  • High-quality video footage
  • Intuitive and modern user interface
  • Variety of pricing options tailored for different needs
  • Generous, straightforward licensing


  • Subscription-only payment model
  • Limited diversity within each video story
  • Licensing terms could be more transparent
  • Lack of customer support information

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Why would you even consider a platform like FINDSTORY when we already have excellent stock video sites and subscriptions? In my opinion, you don’t have to consider it. While not bad in any aspect, FINDSTORY also doesn’t outshine any of the top 10 picks I listed in the buying guides above. There’s one angle that gives it a slight edge over other providers: unlike traditional stock agencies that offer individual video clips or images, FINDSTORY specializes in curated video stories.

These are packages of clips meant to be used together for thematic consistency. Each story typically contains between 5 to 15 clips, totaling a library of around 8,800 stories with 60,000 individual video clips. The question is: does this thematic consistency bring added value or limit your creative freedom? In this comprehensive FINDSTORY review, I’ll delve into FINDSTORY’s pricing structure and licensing terms, the quality and variety of its content, user interface, and customer support.

FINDSTORY comes with three unlimited subscription plans, differing in the pricing and available video resolution and formats.

FINDSTORY adopts a subscription-only model with several pricing tiers, each catering to distinct user needs. All of FINDSTORY’s plans come with a royalty-free license, covering worldwide usage, unlimited viewers, and unrestricted budgets. This means that you can use these clips for commercial use without having to worry about additional fees or geographic limitations. However, the licensing agreement lacks specificity regarding indemnity clauses. This absence may be a concern for larger businesses where legal liability can be a significant issue.

For individual creators primarily focused on social media platforms like YouTube or Instagram, the Vlogger plan at $19/mo (or $228/yr with annual billing) is the most budget-friendly option. It supports up to Full HD resolution but is limited to the H.264 format. If you opt for monthly billing, the cost almost doubles to $39/mo. For small businesses and local TV commercials, the Creator plan offers more bang for your buck. At $39/mo or $468/yr with annual billing, you get access to 4K UHD and Full HD videos in ProRes 422HQ and H.264 formats. Those involved in producing commercials for major brands or international TV platforms like Netflix would find the Professional plan more apt, offering resolutions up to 6K and including RAW files. This comes at a steeper $49/mo or $588/yr with annual billing.

The Enterprise option is an “all-inclusive” package tailored to your needs—simply reach out to them for more details.

FINDSTORY free collection
FINDSTORY offers a small collection of 20 free videos you can use non-commercially.

If you want to browse the free collection, you have to create a free account, which is relatively straightforward with Gmail or Facebook integration. The free collection contains only 20 videos at the moment, available under a Creative Commons BY-NC license, which limits their use to non-commercial projects. The absence of a credit line requirement for these free videos is a small but welcome feature.

All plans allow for various payment methods, including PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. Notably, there is no auto-renew feature, offering a level of control to the subscriber. A free account provides access to a limited free collection, but even then, you’re constrained by a 100-video daily download limit and scraping is not permitted.

If your project requires an extended license, FINDSTORY does offer that option, although you would need to contact them directly for more information.

FINDSTORY video resolution
You can pick footage resolution by clicking on it.

At its core, FINDSTORY offers high-quality video footage, but unlike other stock video platforms, all videos are bundled into stories, numbering around 8,800 at the time of this review. These stories are highly thematic and focused, meaning all the clips within a single story are from the same shoot. While this thematic consistency can be a boon for coherent storytelling, it also means that you have less variety within each downloaded package. For example, if you’re looking for a diverse set of clips under a single theme—say, “corporate meeting”—you would need to dip into multiple stories, which could be both a time and financial investment. In addition, ever several stories are often from the same photoshoot, which further reduces variety.

FINDSTORY search filters

I’m someone who has very specific requirements when looking for stock footage; I want as many filters as possible so I can narrow down my search quickly. FINDSTORY’s modern, user-friendly interface allows you to browse either by stories or collections—think of categories such as fitness, couples, and inspiring women. The filters on the left sidebar are particularly useful; you can narrow down your search by moods, number of people, age range, ethnicity, gender, location, and even shooting technique. This level of granularity makes it incredibly easy to find what you’re looking for, cutting down time spent on manual searching. But you cannot specify the needed resolution, so finding 8K footage takes a while.

The platform allows you to organize your downloaded videos into projects, which can be invaluable for team collaborations or ongoing campaigns. This adds another layer of organization, keeping your workspace neat and efficient.

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