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Flocksy Review (2023)

Is it worth it?

Flocksy is versatile, but it’s not the best graphic design service. The platform offers unlimited revisions of graphic design, audio, video, and copywriting projects. Although it doesn’t excel in any aspect, you might still find some value in it.


  • Highly versatile with graphic design, audio, video, and copywriting services
  • Quick turnaround times


  • Many designers aren’t US-based
  • Requires several revisions for good quality
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Photutorial Score = 3.9/5

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Money-back14 days

Should you get Flocksy?

No, we think you shouldn’t get Flocksy. While it’s a decent unlimited graphic design service, the large variety of other services they offer (video, writing, audio) take away their specialization. Instead, use highly specialized services, such as Awesomic or ManyPixels.

Are there any risks with using Flocksy?

No, you’re 100% safe using Flocksy. Although there’s no free trial, the 14-day money-back guarantee ensures you get a refund if you don’t like the designs you get. In addition, payments are safe and encrypted, so your payment information will not be abused.

The only risk you face is that you might not like the designs you get, and you will spend too much of your subscription time waiting for revisions.

Who should get Flocksy?

With so many better options available, we don’t think Flocksy is a good option for anyone. But if you’ve exhausted other options, Flocksy is a good option for those looking for an all-in-one branding service.

Who shouldn’t get Flocksy?

Anyone who needs highly specialized graphic design, copywriting, audio, or video editing.

How Much Does Flocksy Cost?

Flocksy has three subscription plans: Silver Plan ($499/mo), Gold plan ($995/mo), and Platinum Plan ($1,495/mo). All plans are available only on a month-to-month basis, meaning there are no annual discounts. The plans differ in the type of design requests you can submit and extra features.

All plans come with a Zapier integration, USA daytime creatives, and a dedicated project manager. You can also order standard graphic design and custom illustrations. The Gold Plan also offers copywriting, video editing, motion graphics, logo and branding, voiceovers, and audio. Compared to the Silver Plan, you get an “expedited” turnaround instead of a “fast turnaround”. But according to our experience and reviews from other customers, the turnarounds are not fast at all and generally take longer than at competitors.

Flocksy pricing review
Flocksy pricing (Credit: Flocksy/Matic Broz)

The Platinum Plan is $500 more expensive than the Gold Plan, for which you get three times as many outputs as on the Silver plan, PSD to HTML conversion, PSD to drag and drop builders, and the option to submit projects and revisions via email.

What Services Does Flocksy Offer?

The Flocksy team offers a wide range of services, including graphic design, writing, illustration, video editing, and voiceover work. Flocksy offers unlimited services, but they’re best known for graphic design work for social media ads, presentation designs, flyers, or book covers. Their project managers can also assist in determining the best approach for any project.

Their copywriters can handle all types of writing projects, including blog posts, social media ad copy, marketing materials, articles, and emails. Illustrators specialize in creating illustrations for merchandise, comics, products, storybooks, mascots, manuals, and portraits.

Video editing services include subtitles, thumbnails, color correction, music selection, merging, animation, and adjusting the length of videos. Voiceover artists can create advertisements, commercials, product videos, radio ads, TV tags, and any other audio needs.

While such diversity of services is generally convenient, we don’t think it’s the best approach. You know the saying, “The jack of all trades but master of none”. This quote aptly describes Flocksy and is the reason we don’t think it’s a good choice for anyone.

Customer Reviews

Flocksy has a consumer rating of 4.54 stars out of 5 from 82 reviews, indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Customers who dislike Flocksy complain about too many revisions and poor design quality while also receiving poor ratings from their freelancers.

We like that the Flocksy PR team replies to all reviews on Trustpilot, indicating that they care about their company’s reputation. In our experience, this generally means that customer support is also reliable.

We also noticed that a few customers complain about being baited into buying a subscription. According to Cam Johnston on Trustpilot, Flocksy provided top-notch designers and communication during the trial period but switched to worse designers after the trial period expired.

Reviewers who rated Flocksy with 4+ stars have praised the service for its efficiency, high-quality output, and flexibility. Many have noted that working with a project manager and the ability to give creative briefs has been a game-changer for their business. Reviewers have also stated that they regret not using the service sooner. Some reviewers have also stated that Flocksy is a great tool for quick content and small graphic edits across multiple websites.

People Also Ask

Is Flocksy worth it?

No, we think Flocksy is not worth your money. There are better and more specialized graphic design services that will provide better results with fewer revisions for the same money.

Is Flocksy legitimate?

Yes, Flocksy is a legitimate graphic, writing, video, and audio service based on outsourcing work to vetted freelancers.

Is Kimp better than Flocksy

In terms of design quality, Kimp is not better than Flocksy. Flocksy also offers wider variety of services since Kimp offers only graphic and video design. However, both have better alternatives.