Freepik Pricing Explained (2023 Guide)

By Matic Broz, editor-in-chief of Photutorial covering stock media, Adobe, and design. He founded Photutorial while finishing his PhD in computational biosciences.

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Freepik pricing

How much does Freepik cost?

Freepik Premium plan costs $24 per month with a monthly subscription and $12 per month with a yearly subscription. Freepik also has a free plan that lets you download 10 assets per day, but you must provide attribution.

Free vs. Premium

Freepik offers two subscription plans: Free and Premium, each designed to cater to different user needs. The Free plan offers a baseline service, while the Premium plan expands upon this, offering a more comprehensive toolset for those requiring extensive access and functionality.

Thousands of free assets
Premium vectors
Premium stock photos
Premium videos (for a limited time)
Premium PSD files
10,950,000 vector icons and stickers
Built-in icon editor
No attribution required
Unlimited downloads
Unlimited collections
Priority support

One of the key highlights of the Premium subscription is the inclusion of access to both Freepik and Flaticon, two leading platforms in the design resource space. Freepik is a favored platform for high-quality photos, vectors, editable illustrations, and fonts, while Flaticon is a treasure trove of over 11.0 million editable icons and stickers, available in multiple formats, such as SVG, EPS, and BASE64.

The Premium plan also offers a built-in icon editor, allowing users to customize their chosen assets as needed. This feature, combined with the ability to create custom collections, gives users considerable flexibility and control over their design process.

Do note the Premium subscription is set to renew unless you opt to cancel it automatically. For those unsure about committing, Freepik offers a 30-day refund guarantee, provided no resources have been downloaded within 30 days from the purchase date.

Freepik subscription price

The cost of a Freepik Premium subscription varies based on the plan duration you choose. Opting for a 12-month plan will cost $12 per month, billed annually at $144, while a 1-month subscription comes at a price of $24 per month. Do note the listed prices exclude VAT or other local taxes that may apply.

The prices in Euros are as follows: the 12-month subscription costs 9 euros per month (totaling to 108 euros annually), and the one-month subscription costs 15 euros plus applicable taxes.

For users in the UK, the 12-month plan costs £7.75 per month (or £93 annually), and the one-month plan is priced at £13 plus taxes.

Better than Freepik

1 Envato Elements

Envato Elements logo
  • Cost: $11.50–$39.00/month
  • Images: 8.1 million
  • Videos: 4.2 million
  • Free trial: 12 files per month

3 Shutterstock

Shutterstock logo
  • Cost: $24.91–$249/month
  • Images: 434 million
  • Videos: 29.2 million
  • Free trial: 10, 1 video, or 2 audio

2 Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock logo
  • Cost: $29.99–$249.99/month
  • Images: 326 million
  • Videos: 26 million
  • Free trial: 10–40 images or 3–6 HD videos

Premium vs. Ultimate

Freepik appears to be experimenting with a different pricing model in some countries, including the UK and France. This model offers two premium plans: the regular Premium plan and an Ultimate plan. The Premium plan is priced at £12.99 per month or a more affordable £7.79 per month if billed annually. The Ultimate plan costs £9.99 per month when billed annually or £16.99 per month when billed monthly.

The main difference between these plans lies in the access to premium videos and the extent of legal protection provided. The Ultimate plan allows users to download Premium videos and offers extended legal protection worth £10,000. This legal protection is not included in the regular Premium plan. These prices and benefits represent Freepik’s efforts to provide flexible and comprehensive options to users worldwide.

Freepik for teams

Freepik offers a specialized pricing structure for teams designed to promote collaborative work while providing cost benefits. The unique feature of this plan is the reduced per-seat cost with increased team size.

For instance, the team plan costs $22.79 per seat per month for two users ($11.39 for 12 months), while it drops to $20.51 per seat per month for a team of 10 ($10.25 for 12 months). Please note that these prices are exclusive of any applicable taxes. A corresponding discount mechanism is also available for pricing in Euros and Pounds.

The Teams plan is tailored to foster collaboration and establish a unified visual language within a company. It comes with several benefits, including the ease of managing your creative team and the ability to monitor your team’s performance effectively. Key benefits offered with the Teams plan are:

  • Access to all the perks of the Premium plan.
  • A single administrator to oversee and manage your team.
  • A customized plan to match your specific requirements.
  • Priority technical and legal support.

Significantly, with this plan, the more seats you add, the more the per-seat cost reduces, resulting in greater overall savings.

How does Freepik pricing compare?

Freepik provides access to a comprehensive library of 41 million images and 894,000 videos at a fixed monthly fee ranging from $12 to $24, offering unlimited downloads.

One of Freepik’s closest competitors is Envato Elements. Like Freepik, Envato Elements also provides unlimited downloads but with a slightly different portfolio – it hosts fewer images but boasts a broader selection of videos, fonts, and templates. The monthly subscription for Envato Elements costs $39 under the annual plan. However, Photutorial readers can get a special offer of a 70% discount on the first month, reducing the cost to just $11.50.

For an annual subscription, Envato Elements is priced at $16.50 per month, slightly higher than Freepik. Eligible students can avail of an extra 30% discount on all Envato plans, reducing the cost to $11.50 per month.

In terms of team subscriptions, Envato tends to be more costly for smaller teams of 2 to 4 members but becomes more cost-effective for larger teams.

Which should you pick?

The decision between Freepik and Envato Elements largely depends on your specific needs. With its wider range of assets, Envato Elements is better suited for video editors and freelancers. At the same time, Freepik, with its vast library of images and icons, caters well to graphic designers and illustrators.

Another factor to consider is legal coverage. Envato Elements provides some degree of legal coverage, which Freepik doesn’t offer. Therefore, your choice might also depend on the level of legal security you require.

Ultimately, we recommend browsing through each platform’s collection as a free user and choosing the one that best suits your needs. Given the competitive pricing of both platforms, you might also consider subscribing to both, thereby accessing a broader range of resources.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is Freepik premium?

Freepik premium is a paid subscription that provides additional benefits beyond the free account. With premium, you can download licenses for Freepik resources that allow use without attribution. Your daily download limit is increased to 100 on Freepik and 2000 on Flaticon. Other benefits include unlimited icon collections, no ads, and more flexibility.

What are the benefits of Freepik premium?

A Freepik premium subscription increases your daily download limit to 100 resources per day on Freepik and 2000 icons per day on Flaticon. It removes the requirement to attribute or credit Freepik as the source. Premium also removes all ads on the site for a cleaner experience.

What is the Freepik premium limit?

With a premium subscription, you can create an unlimited number of icon collections containing up to 256 icons each. Your daily download limit for icons is 2000. This allows greater flexibility and volume in using Freepik icons.

Can I use Freepik for commercials?

Yes, Freepik’s free resources can be used for both personal and commercial projects. For commercial use, free users must credit Freepik as the original designer by including the line “Designed by Freepik”.

Can I use free images from Freepik commercially?

A: Absolutely. Freepik’s free photos can be used commercially for a variety of projects like website design, marketing materials, client work, and product packaging. You must comply with Freepik’s usage rules, but there are no restrictions on commercial use.


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