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While Freepik offers a decent selection of resources, it falls short compared to Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, and Envato Elements, which provide more extensive libraries, advanced features, seamless software integration, and flexible pricing plans, making them better options for professionals and users with diverse creative needs.


  1. Good selection of free resources.
  2. User-friendly platform.
  3. Affordable premium subscriptions.
  4. Suitable for occasional or low-volume users.


  1. Limited collection compared to competitors.
  2. Imposes daily download restrictions.
  3. Lacks advanced features and software integration.
  4. Less diverse range of assets for niche requirements.
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How much does Freepik cost?

Freepik offers two pricing plans: Free and Premium. The Free plan provides access to thousands of free assets, while the Premium plan offers more than 47 million editable images, icons, and fonts. The Premium plan also includes Flaticon, which provides users with access to over 9.7 million vector icons and stickers.

The Premium plan is available in two pricing options: monthly and yearly. The monthly plan costs $24 (£13/15€) per month, while the yearly plan costs $12 (£7.75/9€) per month, billed as $144 (£93/108€) per year. Please note that VAT and local taxes may apply to these prices.

Freepik pricing
Freepik pricing (Credit: Freepik)

The Premium plan offers a range of benefits to designers, including high-quality assets, exclusive resources, content variety, and easy-to-edit files. Flaticon, which is included in the Premium plan, is the home of editable icons and provides designers with a built-in icon editor. The plan also includes a font generator to enhance the design process.

One of the most attractive aspects of the Premium plan is that it offers a full license, which allows users to use any asset for commercial or personal use without attributing the author. Additionally, there is no limit to the number of collections that users can create and no limit to the number of downloads per day. The plan also includes priority support, ensuring that users can get help when needed.

Teams pricing

For teams and companies, Freepik offers a Teams plan. The Teams plan provides access to unlimited creative assets, which can be customized according to a team’s needs. The plan includes all the benefits of the Premium plan, and it comes with a single administrator account to manage everything from it. The greater the number of seats, the greater the discount. The Teams plan can be billed monthly or yearly.

The following table represents the monthly and annual team pricing per seat per month:

Number of seatsMonthlyAnnual

Daily download limits and both impose daily download limits based on user types to prevent irresponsible use of assets. On, non-registered users can download three resources per day, while registered free users have a limit of 10 resources per day. Premium users enjoy a higher limit of 100 daily downloads, with multiple downloads of the same file counting only once.

In contrast, allows non-registered users to download 10 icons per day, registered free users to access 100 icons per day, and Premium users to download up to 2000 icons daily.

Both websites reset these limits daily. also restricts Icon Collection creation; non-registered users can create one collection, registered free users can create three collections with 50 icons each, and Premium users can create unlimited collections with up to 256 icons each.

Registered users can monitor their remaining downloads by clicking the Profile icon. Notably, downloading the same icon or pack multiple times within the same 24-hour period only counts once towards the daily limit.

Freepik alternatives

While Freepik offers a commendable selection of resources, it falls short in comparison to other popular stock photos websites like Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, and Envato Elements. Each of these platforms excels in various aspects, providing users with specific benefits that are not available on Freepik.

Shutterstock, for example, boasts a vast library of over 435 million images, including high-resolution photos, vectors, illustrations, and even video clips. This extensive collection ensures users have an unparalleled variety to choose from, catering to a wide range of creative needs. Additionally, Shutterstock offers flexible pricing plans, including subscription and on-demand options, making it an attractive choice for both occasional and frequent users.

Adobe Stock stands out for its seamless integration with Adobe Creative Cloud applications like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. This feature streamlines the creative process for professionals using Adobe software, allowing them to search, license, and manage assets directly within their projects. Adobe Stock also offers an impressive collection of images, vectors, and other creative assets, ensuring users have access to high-quality resources.

Envato Elements, on the other hand, operates on a subscription model that provides users with unlimited access to a comprehensive selection of digital assets. This all-inclusive approach includes not only stock photos but also graphics, templates, fonts, audio, and video files. Envato Elements is ideal for users who require a wide array of resources for various projects, as it offers an extensive and diverse library at an affordable price.

In contrast, Freepik’s selection, while good, is more limited compared to these other platforms. Additionally, Freepik imposes daily download restrictions based on user types, which may be inconvenient for users with high-volume needs. The platform also lacks some of the advanced features and seamless integration offered by its competitors, making it less appealing to professionals and users seeking a more comprehensive and flexible solution for sourcing stock imagery and other creative assets.

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