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How Much Does Graphic Design Cost in 2022?

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Designing graphics for websites and other online platforms have become an increasingly popular way to make a living. The cost of online graphic design services has also increased in recent years. Here, we discuss how much online graphic design services cost in the year 2022.

Hourly Costs of Online Graphic Designers

While not every agency expresses its pricing in hourly rates, they can be easily calculated. Here are the approximate hourly rates of designers of different skill levels:

  • Entry: $5–$20/hour
  • Intermediate: $20–$60/hour
  • Professional: $60–$160+/hour

Outsourcing vs In-house

The average graphic designer earns $50,710 in the US. By hiring an in-house designer, you don’t pay them only the wage, but also for benefits, their workplace requirements (hardware and software, equipment), and more. So in total, an in-house designer costs much more than $50K a year.

In addition, you also have to go through the hiring and onboarding process, which either requires weeks of your time or of one of your employees. Finally, if you ever decide that you don’t need a designer anymore, you must pay them a severance.

On the other hand, outsourcing graphic design is considered cheaper, yet the truth of that statement depends on which agency you pick. Generally, we recommend outsourcing graphic design to most of our readers, since it’s cheaper, more flexible, and you can get better results.

The main advantage of outsourcing is that you get access to a larger pool of designers. It’s also easier to switch between freelancers or agencies when you start another project. This way, you can get a new expert.

In contrast, you can’t expect one in-house designer to be an expert in every field of graphic design. As a result, you would either have to hire several designers or keep hiring and firing for every task.

In the end, it’s much easier to outsource and simply swap out designers you don’t need anymore. Or if you work with an agency, they’ll automatically assign a new designer based on your project.

Freelance vs. Agencies vs. Crowdsourced

Before we jump into pricing, let us explain what each type of design service means:

  • Crowdsourced design services are a newer option that is becoming increasingly popular. These services connect businesses with a large pool of designers from around the world. Their cost is typically based on a per-project basis, and businesses only pay for the designs they choose. In other words, you pay for a project, often called a “contest”, which is then automatically submitted to a pool of designers, who can then choose to participate and submit their concept. You receive some number of designs, usually 30 to 90, and can pick the best one. The price you paid for the contest is then awarded to the winner.
  • Freelance marketplaces connect those hiring with freelancers. How you are connected with freelancers varies among platforms, but in any case, the entire project is coordinated by the platform. This way, both you and the freelancer are protected from scams.
  • Hours of work bought represent monthly subscriptions that grant you a certain number of creative hours. You can then use those in any way or at any time you would like.
  • Unlimited design services are also monthly subscriptions that promote themselves as offering unlimited work, but this isn’t true. The amount of work you can get done depends on several factors, most notably the number of simultaneous tasks, turnaround time, and the number of revisions you ask for.

Online Graphic Design Cost

BrandTypePriceWhat You Get
99designsCrowdsourced$299–$1,29930 to 90 designs
CrowdspringCrowdsourced$299–$1,19920–70 designs
DesignCrowdCrowdsourced$59–$77930 to 170 designs
DesignHillCrowdsourced$249–$99920 to 80 designs
Zillion DesignsCrowdsourced$274–$1,173Some number of designs
BestGraphicDesignCrowdsourced$1–$993 to 10 designs
ToptalFreelance$80–$150/hourFreelancer’s time
UpworkFreelance$7–$285/hourFreelancer’s time
FiverrFreelance$5–$1,000+/projectFreelancer’s time
Bunny Studio ONEHours of work$2,399–$10,119/month40–120 creative hours; 1–3 days turnaround
SupersideHours of work$5,500–$95,000/month60–1,100 hours of work
AwesomicUnlimited$699–$2,490/month1–2 simult. tasks; 1–3 days turnaround
KimpUnlimited$599–$995/month2–4 simult. tasks; 1–4 days turnaround
DotYetiUnlimited$399–$2,395/month1–2 simult. tasks; 2 days turnaround
Vecteezy StudioUnlimited$1,599–$3,999/month1 task per day; 2–3 days turnaround
ManypixelsUnlimited$439–$1,199/month1–2 simult. tasks; 1–4 days turnaround
Kapa99Unlimited$442–$6491 simult. task; 12 hours to 2 days turnaround
DesignPickleUnlimited$499–$995same day to 2 day turnaround
PenjiUnlimited$374–$999same day turnaround
FlocksyUnlimited$499–$1,495fast turnaround
Designed.coUnlimited$2,500–$10,000/month4 to 28 projects per month
DesignCloudUnlimited$439–$999/month1× designer

Pick Cheap or Expensive?

Price often correlates with the quality of a product or a service. Therefore, it’s difficult to compare various agencies, especially when you consider they don’t all offer the same services nor price them in the same manner.

So before you pick the cheapest service available, we’d like to propose a different approach: first consider the quality of design you require, and then adjust your budget accordingly.

For example, if you want to create a professional logo or Facebook ad, it’s unreasonable to expect satisfactory results from an entry-level designer. Thus, you must first adjust your budget. Of course, if you can sacrifice quality for lower costs, go for it.

So, How To Pick Then?

The best way to select the best graphic design service for your project is to consider the value-to-cost ratio. Yet, it’s not something you can calculate and it differs for every client.

The only way to accurately estimate it is by knowing the ins and outs of all the agencies. Since we know you don’t have the time to do that as it takes months and years of experience, you can rely on our reviews. We have tested, used, and re-tested pretty much every graphic design agency.

You can also get in touch with us for a free consultation.

How Much Do Freelance Graphic Designers Charge?

The costs of freelance graphic designers depend on their expertise, task duration, and complexity. Here are the average project costs:

Hourly Rates: $20–$160+/hour

The average hourly rate for a freelance graphic designer ranges from $20 to $160+, depending on experience and expertise. Entry-level designers can charge as little as $5–$20 per hour, while designers with more experience and expertise can charge $20-$160+ per hour.

Some factors that can affect a designer’s hourly rate are the complexity of the project, the time frame required, the number of revisions needed, and whether the designer also offers other services such as illustrations or web design. When hiring a freelance graphic designer, you should discuss their hourly rate in advance so there are no surprises later. Once you know the hourly rate, you can negotiate a price that is acceptable to both of you.

Logo Design: $150–$1400

A simple logo design may cost as little as $150, while a more complex design may cost up to $1400. It also depends on whether you hire an experienced logo designer or a newbie. Keep in mind that some brands pay hundreds of thousands for logos.

Web & App Design: $80–$50,000

Apps can take weeks or months to develop, so they can cost tens of thousands, while simple landing pages, website icons, buttons, and similar features cost less than $100. There are also WordPress themes and plugins which cost anywhere from $500 to $10,000+.

Business & Advertising: $150–$400

Postcards, flyers, print, leaflets, direct mails, album covers, podcasts, infographics, brochures, booklets, pamphlets, wraps, signage, billboards, banners, menus, PowerPoint templates, emails, website headers, resumes, Word templates, and booths.

Clothing & Merchandise: $170–$200

T-shirts, clothing, apparel, jerseys, merchandise, bags & totes, hats, caps, shopping bags, cups, mugs, and stickers.

Art & Illustrations: $150–$400

Illustrations (classic, business, website, book), graphics, patterns, cards, invitations, greeting cards, characters, mascots, tattoos, 3D, and 3D architectural rendering.

Packaging & Label: $250–$400

Product, food, retail, and cosmetics packaging, box, wine, beer, beverage, food, and product labels.

Book & Magazine: $250–$300

Book cover, interior book design, eBook cover, magazine cover, and book layout.

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