How to Convert AVIF to JPG? 

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Increasing image or photo downloading websites use AVIF image format to speed up the website loading time. You can read this article if you are looking for an easy and safe way to convert these AVIF photos to a general JPG or PNG file format. You will find out how to convert AVIF images without uploading your photos, including everything you need to know about AVIF photos.

What is AVIF?

AVIF stands for “AV1 Image Format” and is a brand new photo file format created and introduced by Alliance for Open Media. The said group made this file format to create smaller photos while maintaining quality. AVIF photos are denoted using the AVIF extension.

The Alliance for Open Media also created this new photo format to provide royalty-free photos with improved compression efficiency. Furthermore, they also created this new photo format to include more supported features that aren’t typically found in older image formats.

Why Do We Need to Convert AVIF to JPG?

Most of the time, you need to convert AVIF to JPG to view them on your Windows or Mac Device. After all, AVIF images cannot be opened using your device’s default image viewer. Furthermore, You can only access AVIF images if you have the AV1 video extension or a specific platform for viewing AVIF photos.

You can simply convert your AVIF images through a reliable AVIF converter to eliminate those issues. But of course, many users wouldn’t risk using these converters at the risk of their photos getting uploaded to the sites and having their privacy invaded.

Luckily, reliable converters out there upload your photos to their server upon usage. And one of these tools includes the AVIF2JPG converter.

Comparison between WebP and AVIF.

If you know AVIF, you might also be familiar with WebP image format. WebP is another optimized image format created by Google. It applies another lossy and lossless compression technology to reduce file sizes. But which one is better? Let’s make a comparison here. 

  1. First, let us download a PNG image format, and we will convert them to JPG, AVIF, and WebP.
  2. We will compare the final image file size.
  3. We will test which browsers support these formats.
  4. We will compare the final image quality.
DimensionFile SizeReducing SizeBrowsersQuality
PNG1680×10503.2 MB0%All BrowsersBest
JPG1680×10501.1 MB65%All BrowsersHigher
WebP1680×1050352 KB89%Most BrowsersMedium
AVIF1680×1050482 KB85%Chrome and SafariHigher

In our test, I found that the WebP could have a better compression ratio than the JPG and AVIF. However, it greatly decreases the image quality, and you can see the color change.

For AVIF, it has the benefits that make it stand out. The AVIF image format supports animations, and live photos. It also supports HDR and a wide color gamut, and that’s why it has a similar perceptual quality to the PNG and JPG.

However, as a brand new and modern image format, not all browsers support AVIF. But Chrome and Safari are already supporting this new image format, and that means, you can open AVIF on most Windows or Mac computers. 

Another thing that you should note is the conversion process. When encoding/decoding the WebP or AVIF, I found the PNG to AVIF needs more time than PNG to WebP. If you have numerous PNGs and want to convert them for image optimization, you may need to consider the conversion speed.

Overview of AVIF2JPG

AVIF2JPG is an online AVIF converter that converts your AVIF photos into JPG or PNG formats without getting your photos uploaded to its site. With the help of VUE and JS technology, this AVIF converter can quickly turn your AVIF images into JPG or PNG images.

This tool is completely free to use and allows you to convert hundreds of AVIF images in a single batch. As stated on their official site, each AVIF image only takes a second to convert, ensuring speedy but efficient processing for all your photo needs.

How to use it

If you want to use AVIF2JPG to convert your AVIF pictures to JPG or PNG, here is a simple step-by-step guide you can follow below:

  1. Visit the official AVIF2JPG online tool here:
  2. Next, go ahead and upload the AVIF photos you wish to convert. Alternatively, you may also drag and drop them in the designated area.
  3. Once you’re done uploading the AVIF photos, choose your output or the photo file format to which you wish to convert your photos (JPG or PNG).
  4. Afterward, go and pick your preferred photo size and quality by toggling the Size and Quality options in the converter.
  5. Finally, if you’re done making your selections, click the “Convert All AVIF” button to begin the conversion process.
  6. You can now download your newly converted photos once they’re done processing. And to remove the photos from the site, click on the “Remove All Files” button.


If you’re interested in using this fantastic tool, here are the following benefits you can experience as you use this tool:

  • Have your images converted to JPG or PNG without uploading them to the site
  • Convert hundreds of images in a single batch
  • Quick conversion times
  • Completely free to use

Convert AVIF to JPG on Mac

Do you own a Mac device and wonder if you can convert AVIF to JPG there? You can use AVIF2JPG’s offline Mac tool to successfully convert your AVIF photos into a PNG or JPG format.

Use AVIF converter on Mac

You can download the offline Mac tool for free and follow the steps to successfully install it on your device. Now, if you’re going to convert AVIF images to JPG or PNG through your Mac device, here are the following steps you should follow:

  1. Launch the AVIF2JPG offline Mac tool on your device.
  2. Next, click the Add Files button to upload the AVIF images you want to convert. You may also place them on the tool by dragging and dropping the images there.
  3. Afterward, choose the photo file format you want to convert your AVIF photos to (JPG or PNG). You also have the option to keep the images’ Create Date and Modification data unchanged by toggling the checkbox.
  4. Select the Convert button to begin the conversion process. You can now simply wait for the photos to finish converting.

Download AVIF Converter Mac from MacStore


Thanks to the existence of AVIF converters such as AVIF2JPG, you can freely convert your AVIF photos without worrying they’d get saved on the site. That way, you can still guarantee your privacy while successfully converting your images into the format you prefer.


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