How to download Envato templates for free?

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How To Download Envato Templates For Free

Editor’s note: Envato Elements no longer offers a free trial. It was a limited-time offer that is no longer available in any country. The offer ended in March 2023. Instead, you can get 12 free hand-picked files each month, including templates, fonts, presentations, videos, and more.

Envato offers templates with unlimited downloads at Envato Elements and as one-time purchases at Envato Market (formerly “Themeforest”). At Envato Elements alone, you can get video templates (73K), graphic templates (228K), presentation templates (91K), web templates (4.7K), and CMS templates (1.1K).

Step-by-step: Download free Envato templates

  1. Visit the Envato page.

    Since Envato Elements no longer offers a free trial, visit the free files page monthly to download 12 files each month, including templates.

  2. Create a free account.

    Click the red “Create account now” button to create a new Envato Elements account. You can connect it to your Google, Apple, or Facebook account.

  3. Download free templates.

    Download the files you like by pressing the red download icon. However, keep in mind that these files do not have the same licensing terms as the paid Envato license. Most notably, you don’t get any legal coverage.

  4. Come back monthly.

    Every month, Envato Elements handpicks 12 new free files, so come back each month to get new freebies.

We recommend

Envato Elements

Envato Elements is a fantastic resource for free and paid templates. In fact, it’s our go-to option for many stock assets. It’s very affordable and has a great variety. The only downside is the low indemnity, but if you don’t do anything risky with the template, you’re good to go.

Get free templates
Envato elements logo

How to buy Envato templates

If you’re going to use templates for commercial purposes, then you should get a proper license. While the free license does cover commercial use, it doesn’t provide any legal coverage, which is crucial for commercial purposes.

The cheapest way to buy Envato templates is through Envato Elements. This is Envato’s platform offering over 13 million stock assets, such as images, fonts, videos, plugins, and even templates, under one affordable subscription that grants you unlimited downloads.

The subscription costs just $16.50 per month when bought or yearly. Eligible students get an additional 30% discount and pay just $11.50 monthly. This makes Envato Elements one of the cheapest sources of stock assets, including templates.

Envato Elements student pricing
Envato Elements student pricing (Credit: Envato)

Frequently asked questions

Can I download Envato templates for free without the free trial?

No, downloading Envato templates for free through unauthorized means is illegal and can result in copyright infringement. The only legitimate way to download Envato templates for free is by downloading the 12 free monthly files.

What types of templates can I find on Envato Elements?

Envato Elements offers a wide variety of templates, including video templates, graphic templates, presentation templates, web templates, and CMS templates. With over 400,000 templates to choose from, there’s something for everyone on Envato Elements.

Can I keep the templates I downloaded during the Envato Elements free trial?

Yes, you can keep the templates you downloaded during the Envato Elements free trial even if you decide to cancel your subscription. However, you will not be able to access new templates or updates after the trial period ends.


Envato Elements is a great resource for designers, developers, and creatives looking for high-quality templates. With the 7-day free trial, you could download as many templates as you want without paying anything. However, now that the free trial is gone, another great way is to download the 12 free files.

Additionally, it’s important to note that downloading Envato templates for free through unauthorized means is illegal and can result in copyright infringement. As tempting as it may be to try and download templates for free through illegal channels, it’s always best to use legitimate sources like the Envato Elements free trial.

So, take advantage of the free trial and explore Envato Elements’ extensive collection of templates. You may just find the perfect template to help you take your project to the next level. Happy template hunting!

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