How We Test And Review Design Services

We categorize design services based on several aspects: subscription-based and on-demand; unlimited and fixed-rate; budget and premium; and graphic and video.

We know that you cannot find the best design service without first having a full picture of what you need. So, we listed all the graphic and video design services first, those we had experience with, and those that were new to us. We collected all their stats (price, turnaround time, etc.) in a table to get an overview of how they compare. Then, we got into testing, reviewing, and comparing over the course of months and years. We also went back to old reviews to update them based on new features and our newfound knowledge.

We do everything a new customer would do, but we go a step further and obsessively check for tricks, potential dealbreakers, and scams so you don’t have to.

The Process of Testing Graphic and Video Design Services

We always remain anonymous, so we don’t get a favorable service by being recognized as reviewers. First, we do our due diligence by checking existing reviews, reading what customers think, asking questions on forums, and digging through the documentation and policies of the design service.

Once we get a lay of the land, we start by bugging customer support with all kinds of questions: from beginner questions like “What do I get from logo design?” to more advanced questions like “How do you ensure that designs comply with all necessary policies?”. We pay attention to how well customer support answers questions and their willingness to find answers if they don’t have them, and we note how long it takes them to respond. During the course of our testing, we return to customer support with questions about the service.

Next, we book a demo or start a free trial when available. With the demo, we’re looking into how good the representation is and whether the demo presenter has a firm grasp of the design service. In the free trials, we write down what you get, for how long, whether you have to pay for anything, and if there are hidden tricks (such as having to cancel days in advance).

After the trial ends, we get full access to the design service. In this part of the review, we first check the dashboard and website usability. For instance, how easy it is to submit and manage tasks, how fast it loads, and what the workflow feels like.

We submit as many tasks as possible and go through every possible scenario you, our readers, would go through. This includes submitting, editing, resubmitting, and canceling all tasks the design service offers.

Lastly, we cancel the subscription or ask for a refund, to see whether there are any issues. For example, some services might try to persuade you that you cannot ask for a refund, although it is stated in their terms and conditions. We take note of such issues.

Quality Check

What is more important than the ease of use of a design service? The quality of the results. Since our quality checks rely heavily on our expertise, it’s difficult to explain what makes a quality design.

For one, we look into whether the designer followed our instructions. Did they use the color we specified? Did they use our fonts? Did they create a minimalistic design when we asked for one?

We also check for design expertise. This includes verifying that the colors fit together to form a palette, how fonts complement each other, the use of white space, various layout techniques, and if the images used are high-quality, properly licensed, and match the intent.


In our reviews and comparison lists, you will find ratings of graphic and video design services. We rate them from 1 to 5 based on a proprietary in-house formula. The ratings take into account the price, pricing options, free trials, demos, turnaround time, number of active requests, design quality, service diversity, customer support, and website usability.