Eva Grabner

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I am is a self-taught photographer from the central part of Slovenia. My passion for photography is deeply intertwined with nature, which manifests in a diverse portfolio – from landscapes and long exposure to macro.

Living in the suburbs of Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana, I take many of my photos on the nearby fields and hills. To me, photography is a “serious hobby”. When I’m not not behind the camera, I study for my master’s in microbiology.

I often wanders around alone with my camera as a form of relaxation; however, I also enjoy the company of my family and our dog Poso.

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My Best Photo

My best is the photo of a physalis plant seed I took in 2016. I took it in manual focus using the focus ring on the camera I had back then and was the best amongst the photos I took at that time. It stood out so much that it was my favourite for a long time. I still enjoy the colours on it, although it could be improved with higher aperture value and consequently more depth of field.

evineslike #1

My current favourite photo is this stone bridge in the forest with a small stream I took in February. It’s a long exposure, but it was not particularly difficult to pull-off from a technical standpoint. I simply adore the scenery, because it looks like something from a fairy-tale (or Skyrim) to me. It’s one of those photos I can’t stop looking at, even if it’s my own.

evineslike most

I used the following gear:

I’d say it only has a small impact on my photography, especially from a creative standpoint, since photography and nature have always gone hand in hand for me.

Timewise, most of my schedule is taken up by University-related assignments, so I have to adjust my photographic activity to it. That has taught me to be more spontaneous for sure, that’s why sometimes I grab my camera without any prior planning and just go out and shoot!

My settings

I shoot various motives and naturally always try to find the settings that work best, so I’d say that they are very versatile. The only thing I like to avoid is high ISO due to the noise it introduces. Long exposure is a technique that stands out to me – it takes some more planning, but is oftentimes the most rewarding.


I’m a big fan of open source software, so I use just that. The main program I use for postprocessing is Darktable. My editing process usually consists of adjusting the tone curve, local contrast, sharpening the image and fixing the colours a bit, and then just playing around with settings until I achieve what I think looks the best.

I’m not concerned about consistency all that much. I also find myself using masks in almost every photo, either to enhance the subject in some way or to remove disruptive background elements.

Sometimes I manually stack images or remove larger elements from the photo. I do that in Krita, which is primary a painting program.

Another fun fact is that since I’m left-handed, I can use a graphic tablet and a mouse simultaneously when editing, with a stylus in my left and a mouse in my right hand. 

To beginners

Double check the settings.

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