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Kimp is a popular unlimited graphic design service, but it’s not the best one. For the same price, you can get several better alternatives, including Awesomic, ManyPixels, and Design Pickle. However, Kimp offers video design services, which most other alternatives do not.


  • The working hours of designers overlap with several time zones.
  • A 7-day free trial during which you can make up to 3 requests.
  • You get a project manager and three designers.
  • Excellent, fast, and friendly customer service.
  • Low prices.
  • No hidden fees or costs.
  • The integrated Trello task management platform makes it simple to handle requests and modifications.


  • Since designers work in different time zones, some clients’ requests take longer.
  • Kimp stores design files on Google Drive only and provides links for each task.
  • If you don’t submit any design requests, you won’t get a refund.
  • Unlike standard graphic design, custom illustration takes 4 to 5 days.
Kimp Logo
Photutorial Score
Photutorial Score = 4.2/5

Photutorial scores are objectively determined by our editorial team. Our scoring formula weighs several factors consumers should consider when choosing creative products and services.
Price$599–$995/month (50% off the first two months)
Turnaround time24 hours–4 days (depending on the tasks)
Simultaneous tasks2 to 4
Free trialYes (7 days; 1 video, 3 graphics)
Unlimited designs and revisionsYes
Logo designYes
VideoYes (separate plan)
Web & App UI/UXNo

2-Minute Kimp Review

Kimp is a graphic design service that we tested according to strict criteria to provide an honest review. In terms of ease of use, we rated it 4 out of 5. The process of getting started was tedious and time-consuming, including creating an account, activating a free trial, and answering a questionnaire, with a wait time of several hours before the account was activated. Once access to the Trello board was granted, we were required to read numerous rules before submitting their first design request, taking 14 hours in our case. In terms of following instructions, we rated Kimp 4.5 out of 5.

The designers generally followed our instructions well, except that the first iteration of a logo redesign did not fit the brief. The quality of the designs received a rating of 3.5 out of 5, with all designs being good but none standing out as exceptional. The logo, in particular, appeared to be amateur or created by a logo-making tool. The customer support team was responsive and helpful, but some questions did not receive an answer on the first inquiry, resulting in a rating of 4.5 out of 5.

Overall, Kimp is a budget-friendly option for graphic design but not suitable for high-end designs. At a similar price range, you can get much better design quality at Awesomic ($699/mo), our Top Pick for unlimited graphic design services. You can also try ManyPixels, which is cheaper than Kimp but offers more professional designs. Agencies or high-budget businesses will be better off with Vecteezy Studio or by stacking several Awesomic plans or getting their 1 on 1 plan.

How Much Does Cost?

Kimp offers three subscription plans: Graphics ($599/mo), Video ($699/mo), and Graphics + Video ($995/mo). New customers get a 50% discount on every plan for the first two months, paying $299.50 to $497.50 per month. As the names suggest, the Graphics plan gives you graphic designs, the Video plan is best for video editing, while the Graphics + Video gives you both at a 23% discount.

The Graphics plan, priced at $599/month or $299.50/month for the first two months, is designed for custom illustrations, simple GIFs, landing page designs, and NFT designs. The Video plan, priced at $699/month or $349.50/month for the first two months, is for creating videos such as demo videos, animated texts, animated video ads, and animated static designs.

Kimp Pricing Screenshot
(Credit: Kimp/Matic Broz)

All plans come with a dedicated design team and a project manager, as well as Zapier integrations and a Trello project manager. The Graphics plan comes with a 24-hour turnaround, while the Video plan takes 2 to 4 days since videos generally take longer to edit.

Features and Services You Find on Kimp

Kimp offers a wide range of features and services to help you design, create, and market your brand. Some of the features of Kimp include:


Although Kimp includes many visual features, the following stand out the most:

  • Logo Design: There are many logo design options to choose from. You can select one of their pre-made designs or create your own logo. You can also add text or symbols to your logo, and Kimp designers will work with you to ensure that your final design is what you’re looking for.
  • Landing Pages: When working with Kimp designers, you can customize your landing pages to match your brand identity. 
  • Social Media Posts: Kimp is a great graphic and video service for businesses seeking social media posts. Kimp provides high-quality, engaging, and visually appealing content to help companies stand out on social media.
  • Business Cards: You can select the size, shape, and color of your card and add text, logos, and photos. The cards are printed on high-quality paper and have a glossy finish.
  • Email Newsletters: It is ideal for retailers. It is used to increase sales and notify clients about upcoming promotions.
  • Infographics: Infographics are a great way to visualize data or present information in a visually appealing way. The infographics are professionally designed and can be customized to your specific needs.


Professionals at Kimp Design can make videos for a variety of uses, like advertising or teaching. Some of the video designs you can request on Kimp include the following; 

  • Animated Static Designs: Animated designs outperform other forms in terms of ROI and can increase customer engagement, views, and conversions.
  • Demo Videos: They demonstrate to potential clients how your product or service can help them. Demo videos are essential for persuasion and conversion.
  • Editing Raw Footage: Raw footage is edited and turned into a high-quality, professional video. They can also add special effects, transitions, and music to make your video more engaging and visually appealing.
  • Animated Typography: Animated typography combines text and motion to capture attention and express ideas. It may be used anywhere, from social media to landing pages.
  • Audiograms: Audiograms mix audio, sound waves, animations, subtitles, and images to generate shareable content.
  • Text Overlays: You can use text overlays to showcase essential features or a unique video offer to help your audience make wise judgments.

Who Is Kimp Best For?

  • Small businesses: Small business owners cannot afford to hire an in-house designer because it can cost thousands of dollars per month. Instead, they can outsource their design needs to Kimp, who does the same work for one-tenth of the monthly price.
  • Influencers: Influencers have difficulty creating high-quality in-feed videos for social media. Trying to make an informative video in under 30 seconds is almost impossible. Through Kimp, influencers can work with qualified designers to get more organic engagement through videos and graphics. 
  • Bloggers/Vloggers: For most bloggers/vloggers, creating content that holds value requires hiring graphic designers, which can be very expensive. Through Kimp’s graphic design services, they can get logos, branding, titles, opt-in graphics, etc., which help build brand recognition. 
  • Social media managers: Social media highly depends on graphics to boost user experience, engagement, and advertising effectiveness. By leaving their graphic design needs to Kimp, social media managers can focus on developing strategies to increase followers and overseeing other social campaigns. 
  • Larger organizations: Working with a design agency is very restrictive for larger organizations. Most hours are calculated beforehand, leaving very little room for multiple revisions. Kimp’s design team can handle high volumes of work quickly and efficiently on an ongoing basis. 

How Does Kimp Work?

Getting started with Kimp is relatively simple, although it takes too long because you have to wait for your project manager to accept your account and the questionnaire you filled in.

Step 1. Create an account and start a free trial

To start your free trial, create an account on our website. You will automatically receive a 50% discount on the first two months of your subscription. Note that the free trial and discount will only be applied if you are a new customer and have never created a Kimp account.

Kimp free trial checkout
Kimp free trial checkout (Credit: Kimp/Photutorial)

Step 2. Complete a brief questionnaire

As a next step, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire about your business. This questionnaire is designed to help your dedicated manager better understand your business needs, niche, and other important details. By taking the time to answer these questions carefully, you will ensure that your manager can provide you with the best possible support and guidance.

Screenshot of Kimp's questionnaire
Screenshot of Kimp’s questionnaire (Credit: Kimp/Photutorial)

3. Complete the onboarding process

Once your application has been approved by your project manager, you will receive an email invitation to access Kimp’s Trello dashboard. To do so, you must create a free Trello account and connect it to your email address. While Trello is a separate platform from Kimp’s website, the two are integrated, so you can easily switch between them without any confusion.

During the onboarding process, you will need to familiarize yourself with the Trello workspace, which can be somewhat overwhelming due to the many active tasks on the dashboard. To make this process easier, we recommend following the “Before You Make Your First Request” card, which includes 10 steps to complete.

These steps will guide you through sharing your brand guidelines and ensure that you are prepared to make your first request. Overall, the onboarding process may seem complex initially, but it is designed to help you get the most out of your Kimp subscription.

4. Creating your first request

Once ready, click the “Add a card” button in the “Requests” column to create your first request. You will be prompted to enter a title for your request, such as “Updating our logo.” Make sure you choose a simple and descriptive title, as this will help your project manager understand what you need.

After entering a title for your request, you can click on the newly created card to add a description. In this section, you should provide as much information as possible about what you seek. You can refer to the “Graphics Guidelines” column on the right-hand side of the screen for tips on writing an effective description. Depending on your request type, this column guides you on what to include in your description.

5. Asking for revisions and finishing the design

After you submit your request, your project manager will review it to ensure that all the necessary information has been provided. If any important details are missing, your request will be labeled as “Details Missing”, and you will need to add more instructions before it can be processed.

Once your request has been approved, it will be moved into the “In Progress” column, where it will be assigned to one of the designers on your team. Your team consists of three designers, each of whom has their areas of expertise. Your project manager will make sure that your request is handled by the designer who is best suited to meet your needs.

As your team works on your design, you can communicate with them via Trello or email to provide feedback and ask for revisions. You can submit unlimited requests, and your team will work on them as quickly as possible. When using Trello, you can submit a new request by adding a card to the “Requests” list.

When making a request, be sure to provide your project manager with all the necessary details, including size, format, orientation, logos, colors, inspiration images, and any other specifications relevant to your brand.

Once your team has completed your request, it will be moved into the “In Review” column, where you can review the finished design and request any additional revisions that may be needed. Once satisfied with the final design, it will be moved into the “Completed” list.

How Do Kimp Prices Compare?

Suppose you’re still surfing the internet, comparing one graphic design service to another. In that case, a few other alternatives to consider that offer competitive prices are ManyPixels, DotYeti, and Design Pickle. 

ManyPixels is an excellent option for on-demand design services. Its services include social media graphics, display ads, logos, websites, and landing pages. On pricing, Kimps has a 7-day free trial period, whereas other ManyPixels do not. Instead, they offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. ManyPixels lets you pay monthly, quarterly, or yearly, and there are three plans for each: advanced, business, and dedicated designer.

Unlike Kimp, DotYeti has three different pricing plans where you can pay for one month, three months, or six months. DotYeti doesn’t offer a 7-day free trial; however, it offers a 14-day money-back guarantee.

They also offer a pay-as-you-go package for users who have a one-time project. This is also a free brand consultancy package for anyone looking for professional advice on the direction that their branding and marketing should take. 

Design Pickle is another subscription-based service that provides unlimited graphic design services for a flat monthly fee. Design Pickle offers a 100% money-back guarantee within the first 30 days if you’re unsatisfied with their services. On the other hand, instead of a money-back guarantee, Kimp offers a 7-day free trial. 

Design Pickle’s pricing plan is monthly with three plans; graphics, graphics pro, and graphics premium. Kimp is less expensive than Design Pickle, especially considering that their basic package includes a dedicated project manager and logo design.

For customer service, Design Pickle employs a live chat system that is simple to use and quite effective. On, everything takes place on Trello. Messages are added to the tasks on the Trello Board.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is worth it?

Yes, is worth a try if you’re looking for a professional unlimited graphic design service. The 7-day free trial is the best way to test it for yourself and decide based on your experience. You can also get video designs and a combination of graphics and videos.

How much is Kimp?

Kimp is a subscription-based service, so you pay a monthly fee for access to their design team. The Graphic Design Plan is $599/month, the Video Design Plan is $699/month, and the Graphic + Video Design Plan is $995/month.

Is KIMP any good?

Kimp is, without a doubt, one of the best unlimited graphic design services. Its design team will work on an infinite number of designs and modifications for a fixed monthly fee. Additionally, it is a low-cost solution for getting a professional design team to work on your graphic and video designs.


We tested and reviewed Kimp according to our protocol for graphic design services. We rate design services from 1 to 5 stars based on their price, turnaround time, design quality, customer support, and website usability. We also consider whether the service offers a free trial or demo and how easy it is to submit and manage tasks.

Kimp Review Updates

We regularly test Kimp and update this Kimp review to reflect their most recent changes and improve information delivery. These are the latest updates we made to the Kimp review:

  • January 22, 2023: Thoroughly updated the entire Kimp review, with the biggest emphasis on the pricing section.

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