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Looka Review (2023)

Is it worth it?

If you want to create a logo online, Looka is the best choice. It offers excellent value for money, with professional logos and over 300 pre-designed options to choose from. Some estimates suggest that Looka can save you $250,000 and 9 months’ worth of work in just 5 minutes.


  • Beautiful, highly customizable logos
  • A reliable way to make good-looking logos
  • $3,000+ in Exclusive Offers
  • Simple and fast workflow
  • Branding Kit with 300+ premade designs


  • Auto-generated logos often differ from your directions
  • The website is sometimes slow
Looka logo
Photutorial Score
Photutorial Score = 4.8/5

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Cost$96 or $192/yr;
$20 or $65 one-time
Free trialYes
Refunds7 days

2-minute Looka review

Looka is a popular and reliable ai-based online logo maker, making it our Editors’ Choice for the best logo maker. We love it thanks to its easy-to-use workflow and setup, beautiful logos, high customizability, excellent value Brand Kit, and glowing customer reviews. Looka was previously known as Logojoy but was rebranded later. It received highly positive reviews on Producthunt, with 42 reviews averaging 4.7/5 and 2.6K upvotes. Looka also received an average rating of 4.5/5 from over 11,500 reviews on Trustpilot, mainly because it produces very nice-looking logos in little time.

One of the strongest Looka alternatives is Tailor Brands, which also offers LLC formation, a more advanced website builder, business email, business insurance, and tax filing. Another option is Wix Logo Maker, offering similar functionality yet has a slightly less clean interface and is also more expensive. Although they are similar, they target completely different customers—you should pick Looka if you need a logo and/or Brand Kit, while Wix Logo Maker is best for anyone who also needs web hosting (on Wix).

Who’s Looka best for?

Looka is ideal for anyone looking for an affordable DIY logo creation, with options to download just the logo or also get branded designs and a website.

  • Solopreneurs
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small business owners
  • Freelancers working on behalf of clients

Looka Pricing

Looka has two subscription options: Brand Kit Subscription ($96/yr) and Brand Kit Web Subscription ($192/yr). There are also two one-off logo packages: Basic Logo Package ($20) and Premium Logo Package ($65). There are no additional costs or hidden fees.

The company accepts payment by all major credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express) and PayPal. However, you cannot pay with Discover cards.

Subscriptions are the best option for most customers. Your Basic Kit Subscription gives you ongoing access to your Brand Kit, which has more than 300 marketing materials that can be changed to fit your needs. The subscription also includes unlimited edits of your logo, even after you download your files. This is particularly useful since most customers go back to tweak the logo after a few days or weeks of using it—but you can’t do this with packages. You retain the full rights to your logo even after the subscription expires.

Looka Subscription Pricing

The main difference between both subscriptions is that the more expensive Brand Kit Web Subscription also generates the website’s UI/UX design for you, including the photos from your industry.

If you don’t need to change the logo, getting a package instead of a subscription is cheaper. Basic Logo Package only lets you download one PNG logo file, which no one should do, in our opinion. By today’s standards, your logo should always be in a vector format, such as SVG or EPS. So, if you are going to get a package, go for the Premium Logo Package, which for an additional $45, lets you download EPS, SVG, and PDF files, multiple color variations, and lets you do some post-purchase changes. However, you will not get access to over 300 ready-to-go designs.

Can you get a discount?

While Looka does not participate in coupon code offers, you can still get a discount. When you sign up for an account, you will receive a coupon code for a 30% discount on your purchase. This code is unique to you and has a one-time use, but it’s a nice way to get you started.

Looka Coupon Code Discount
To comply with Looka’s policy, we blurred our coupon code.

How To Create a Logo with Looka?

Looka Logo Maker has a simplified and guided workflow for creating logos by yourself, aided by an AI engine. You start by entering your company name (see image below). In the following steps, the setup wizard guides you through several questions and options, including picking your industry (e.g., “graphic design” or “beauty”), color (blue, purple, etc.), and adding a slogan (if you have one).

You will also be asked to select a few logos you like from Looka’s library. This way, the AI gets a better understanding of the direction you want to go in. Finally, the wizard will ask you about the type of the symbols you want, such as computers or creativity. You should use this section only if you want a logo that has an icon + text. In contrast, you can skip this step if you want a text-only logo.

Looka Create Your Logo By Entering Your Company Name

The process takes no longer than 2 to 3 minutes, after which Looka spits out dozens of bespoke logo designs based on your inputs. At this point, you will be asked to create an account if you want to continue.

Our main complaint with the logos Looka creates based on our specifications is that many of them do not match the specifications. For example, we picked a blue logo with only text and no icons. However, as seen in the image below, Looka created several logos with behemoth icons and weird background shapes. In addition, there were a few orange, white, green, and yellow logos, too. However, we assume this is intentional, so you get a wider variety of ideas.

Looka Resulting Logos

Despite the inconvenience of inaccurate logo creation, Looka’s customization options are top-notch and allow for a wide range of design variations. You can save multiple logos in your Saved Logos section before moving on to customization. Looka’s customization process is the best we’ve seen among all the logo makers we tested. It allows you to modify every aspect of your chosen logo, including the layout, color palette, background, name, slogan, symbol, and container. Additionally, you can browse additional suggestions based on the preferences you provided in the wizard and access these saved suggestions through your Saved Logos.

Looka Customization Options

With each logo, you can get the Brand Kit, which gives you a number of mockups, from social post templates, website designs, and print shops to email signatures and business cards. The Brand Kit automatically applies your colors, font, and logo to all designs, so they are ready to go as soon as you download them.

What Is Looka Brand Kit?

Looka’s Brand Kit is a fantastic tool for businesses of any size looking to establish a strong and consistent visual identity. Access to over 300 designer-made templates tailored to your industry makes creating professional-looking designs a breeze. The Brand Kit editor is very user-friendly, allowing you to make changes to photos, text, colors, and backgrounds in just minutes and saving you the expense of hiring a designer. The templates include social media posts, business cards, email signatures, and more.

It’s worth noting that Looka’s Brand Kit is only available as a subscription service, which may not be the best fit for everyone. However, if you are looking for a one-stop shop for creating a cohesive visual identity for your business, Looka’s Brand Kit is a great choice. As a subscriber, you have ongoing access to all designs and the ability to change them as often as you like, even after you download your files. It’s easy to transform templates into marketing materials in minutes.

In conclusion, Looka’s Brand Kit is a comprehensive and convenient tool that allows you to easily create a stunning logo and accompanying marketing materials, all while maintaining consistency and a professional appearance. It’s a great option for businesses that value a strong visual identity and want to save time and money on design.

Social Media Kit

Social Media Kit is a part of Looka’s Brand Kit. It is available with Premium and Business Brand Kit subscriptions, allowing unlimited edits and new social media designs while subscribed. With over 100 pre-designed templates, you’ll have everything you need to make your pages look sharp. Plus, the ability to customize the templates with your logo, brand colors, and industry-specific photos makes it easy to stay on-brand.

With an active subscription, you can find it in the left sidebar of your Brand Kit. It includes over 60 social profiles, 120 social covers, 100+ social posts, and at least 30 social stories.

A screenshot of Looka Social Media Kit
Inside the Social Media Kit (Credit: Looka/Phototurial)

One of the things I love most about Looka’s social media kits is that they offer templates for a variety of different platforms, including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Etsy. This makes it super easy to create a consistent look across all of your channels. And since the templates are pre-sized, you won’t have to worry about formatting issues.

Another great feature is that if you make any changes to your logo, your social media templates will automatically update. This is a huge plus for businesses that like to keep their branding fresh and up-to-date.

Customer Support

Looka offers customer support through email and live chat but not through phone. To our surprise, you can get an email reply within 1 hour on weekends, which is extraordinary. However, the live chat is not available 24/7, but only from 9 AM to 9 PM EST (+5 GMT). The fastest response times tend to be between 10 AM and 5 PM. During these hours, we got a response to each question within 2 minutes.

The chat system is also connected to their help center and knowledge base. If you have a question and don’t receive an immediate response from customer service, a chatbot will automatically search the knowledge base for relevant articles.

In our experience, customer support is friendly and knowledgeable. Our questions were answered promptly and accurately with very little waiting time. Even refund requests are resolved within a few days.

Is Looka Worth Your Money? Our Experience

If you’re looking for an online logo maker, Looka is your best option. The value you get for your money is unmatched, with professional logos and over 300 designs already created for you. By some estimates, you save $250,000 and 9 months for what Looka can do in 5 minutes.

In our experience, Looka served as a valuable starting point for getting a logo when we couldn’t afford to outsource logo design to professional designers. Its automatic generation of logos and the free trial gave us a good idea about what kind of logo we needed. It performed better than other logo makers, such as Vista or even Canva.

People Also Ask

Is Looka legit?

Looka is a legitimate and reliable platform for creating professional-quality logos. While it may not offer as many customization options as some other logo design tools, it offers beautiful default designs and is a good choice for those who are on a budget or limited on time.

Do you own your logo with Looka?

Yes, you own your logo when you purchase it through Looka. You are free to use it for any commercial or non-commercial purposes and have full ownership rights. However, it’s important to note that the copyright for your logo applies to the design as a whole and not to the individual elements.

Can you use Looka for free?

Looka allows you to design, edit, preview, and save as many logos as you want for free. However, if you want to download a logo or obtain full copyright ownership, you will need to purchase the assets.

Can you cancel Looka subscription?

You can cancel your Looka subscription and request a refund within seven days of payment if you have not downloaded or used any design files outside the platform. If you are a customer in a jurisdiction with different refund requirements, Looka will accommodate those requirements. After seven days, fees paid are non-refundable and non-cancellable. If Looka determines that you have downloaded or used any end products associated with the fee for commercial or personal use or that your cancellation request was made in bad faith, they may charge you for the services received as allowed by law.

How much does a logo cost on Looka?

Looka has two one-off logo packages: Basic Logo Package ($20) and Premium Logo Package ($65). It also has two subscription options: Brand Kit Subscription ($96/yr) and Brand Kit Web Subscription ($192/yr). The Premium package includes vector format files and post-purchase changes, and subscriptions include ongoing access to a Brand Kit with 300+ designs and unlimited logo edits.

How We Tested & Customer Reviews

We first used Looka over a year ago when we were rebranding Photutorial. We used it to generate hundreds of ideas for logo design, including experimenting with several colors, fonts, icons, and layouts. Before writing this Looka review in January 2023, we thoroughly tested Looka again, including all the latest features, such as Brand Kit. We wrote this Looka review in line with our best practices for testing and editorial integrity.

While writing the Looka review, we considered other customers at Trustpilot by scrolling through more than 11,500 reviews and reading subreddits such as r/Entrepreneur. To get a better handle on the company and its values, we read the interview with Looka’s CEO at Newswire.