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This Luminar 4 discount is a limited time offer for $10 (also 10€ or $ AUD) off of the award-winning Luminar 4 price.

The successor of the already popular Luminar 3, the 4th version is here to make a statement in the world of photo editing.

Luminar 4 is an AI-fueled photo editing software designed to simplify and speed up your photo editing process.

Since Luminar 4 has been released, two new updates, namely Luminar 4.2 and Luminar 4.3, have introduced brand new features that significantly improve user experience for both amateurs and professionals.

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Luminar 4 Discounts in 2020

This is a list of all Luminar 4 discounts in 2020:

  • Luminar 4: $67 $87 ($57 with code OTTER10)
  • Aurora HDR: $74 $99
  • Luminar X: $59/yr $99/yr
  • Romantic Sunset skies: $18 $25
  • B&W classic looks: $7.5 $9.99
  • Andrei Oprinca’s LUTs Collection: $4.5 $5
  • Luminar AI (preorder): $69 $79

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Luminar 4 Discount: Coupon Code

Luminar 4 discount Promo Code Enter Here
Save $10 off the already inexpensive Luminar 4

Although Luminar 4 has already been significantly discounted with the announcement of Luminar AI, you’ll be able to save another $10 with my coupon code.

Follow these simple steps:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Conclusion | Luminar 4 Discount

Don’t forget to use the Luminar 4 promotional code provided above.

At the moment, this, $57, is the lowest price you will get for Luminar 4.

This is a one-off purchase and NOT a subscription, meaning that you only pay once (the $57) and you get a lifetime license for Luminar 4.

This way, you’re saving a lot of money in comparison to other subscription-based apps, such as Lightroom, where you never actually own the software and cannot use it anymore as soon as you stop paying.

Whether you’ll use Luminar 4 just for the basic edits or you’ll take full advantage of its powerful AI tools, you’ll really enjoy using and will never be sorry that you invested in it – and in yourself.

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