Midjourney statistics (Updated: September 2023)

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Midjourney statistics

Midjourney is a quickly-growing AI image generator whose numbers and revenue increase by the day. We’ll keep these statistics updated as we follow Midjourney’s journey.

Key Midjourney statistics

FoundedJuly 12, 2022 (by David Holz founded Midjourney, Inc. in San Francisco, California)
Total users15 million
New daily users90,000
Monthly visits41.4 million
Number of tasks~20–40 per second
Total jobs completed300 million (our estimate)
Revenue$250 million (our estimate)

All Midjourney statistics

  1. Midjourney Inc. was founded by David Holz on July 12, 2022, in San Francisco, California.
  2. Midjourney’s Discord server has 15 million total users (14,960,513), with between 1.5 million and 2.5 million active at any given time.
Midjourney active users
  1. Around 150,000 new members join Midjourney’s Discord server daily, but around 60,000 leave it. Effectively, Midjourney’s Discord server gains around 90,000 new users each day.
  2. Midjourney’s popularity and search traffic have more than doubled in 2023. It’s expected to keep rising throughout 2023.
  3. Around 20 to 40 jobs are submitted every second through Midjourney’s Discord server. As a result, we estimate that approximately 300 million jobs have been completed so far.
  4. Midjourney has earned around $250 million through subscriptions ever since it introduced paid plans in December 2022.


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