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Luminar 4 Review

This is an unbiased review of Luminar 4: an award winning photo editing app, capable of producing professional-looking results with very little effort. Luminar 4 is the best option for beginner photographers with little photo-editing experience; however, using Luminar 4 as a plugin will attract several professional photographers as well. …

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The Best Stock Photo Sites

Stock photos are crucial for every business, but finding the best way to buy them is not easy. Here, I help make you an informed decision based on 36+ stock photo sites I’ve reviewed.

Lightroom vs Luminar 4

Lightroom vs Luminar 4

Deciding on the best photo editing software for yourself is no easy task. Photo editors are usually long term decisions for several reasons: They are not cheap Mastering them takes time and effort Not every photo editor works well for everyone In this comparison of Lightroom vs Luminar 4, I …

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