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All Basic Camera Movements

Camera technology has advanced dramatically over the last two decades. Manufacturers have integrated high-quality lenses and powerful kits into more miniature housings, which are easier to use and allow more intentional camera movement. You can also find the filmmakers’ lab on Technogage, a 3D lab network, where you can find …

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How to Shoot Video in Low Light?

Low-light videography is on-trend these days, but to master it, you need to have good experience and know the different filming techniques that professionals use. If it’s the expensive video camera you’re using, if you don’t know how to play with the different camera settings, you will not get the …

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Pixpa Review (+10% Discount)

The bottom line Pixpa is an easy-to-use site builder with a free trial. It lets you create and publish attractive websites, portfolios, client galleries, online stores but could use faster page loading and some gallery functions’ improvements. The coupon code “PHOTUTORIAL10” automatically applies on the button click for a 10% …

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How to Get Adobe Illustrator for Free?

Adobe Illustrator is one of the most popular vector illustration programs in the world and is basically the industry standard for graphics. It’s also one of the most expensive, but there are several ways to get it for free, like the 7-day free trial. Let’s look at them. The steps …

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Free Adobe Stock Images

Want to download high-quality, royalty-free Adobe Stock photos? There are two legal ways to do so for free, and that’s what I’m going to cover in this article. First I’ll explain what Adobe Stock is and how it works. Then I’ll give you the details on how you can download …

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The Best Stock Photo Free Trials (Get 100+ free images)

Free trials for stock photos allow you to get up to 40 free images. While the free trials don’t differ in how you get them, we distinguish them in the quality of service and insights they provide for free. With that in mind, I compiled the complete list of all …

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Storyblocks vs Artgrid

If you’re looking to buy stock video footage, you’re probably deciding between Storyblocks and Artgrid. I’ll compare the two in the following areas to help you decide: cost, licensing, and video quality. Quick summary Storyblocks and Artgrid are quite similar. They both offer unlimited stock footage downloads with subscription plans. The … review thumbnail Review is an amazing resource for free and low-cost quality stock videos. Finding the finest solution for your needs is not an easy feat. So, in this piece, I’ll describe Videvo’s price, license, video quality, and alternatives.

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The Best Sigma Lenses for Canon

Sigma makes great third party lenses for Canon cameras. So I reviewed and compared 37 Sigma lenses for Canon to decide which one is the best. Based on my research, the Sigma 24-105mm F4.0 Art DG OS HSM is the best all-purpose Sigma lens for Canon. Image quality, build, and …

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The Best Sony Mirrorless Cameras: Which One Is Right for You?

Sony has been a leader in the field of cameras for a long time. In recent years, it’s been making a lot of headway with mirrorless cameras. The Sony a7 series stands out as one of the best. But among the a7 models, there are a few I recommend. In …

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The Best Canon Mirrorless Cameras

Moving from a DSLR system to a mirrorless system is a big step. In fact, I’ve done that myself this year. And before I switched, I had consulted with experts and poured hours of research and testing. Now, I want to share my findings with you and help you pick …

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7 Ways to Use Stock Photos In Your Ads

Stock photos are one of the best ways to add a visual touch to your ads. They are cost-effective, readily available, and present in numerous categories to efficiently fill the void your ads may have without illustrations.  You see, marketers are busy people. In today’s digital boom, they have a …

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