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Best Polaroid and Instant Cameras

In this post, I’ll look at the best instant cameras for weddings, beginners, and kids. If you want instant photo prints or you enjoy using retro cameras, then you’ve come to the right place. I’ll show you: What is a polaroid camera? How to use a polaroid camera? How much …

Best lens for Sony A7sIII

The Best Lenses for the Sony a7S III

FYI. I chose the best seven lenses out of a pool of 58 candidates. I only considered lenses that fit the Sony E-mount, have autofocus and image stabilisation, and have an average customer rating of 4.5 or higher. I also consulted a buddy who shoots with a Sony a7S III. …

Ingo Jakubke - My best photo

Ingo Jakubke

Hi, I’m Ingo Jakubke. My nickname, “Nordseher”, is a combination of “Nord (meaning “North”) and “Seher” (meaning “Seeing”). When I started with photography, the results were not so great. With time, the results got a little better. As a young man, I even took part in a photo competition and …

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Storyblocks Review: Is it right for you?

Having an endless source of high-quality videos is essential to video editors. Storyblocks’ unlimited downloads of stock footage, music, audio, templates, and images allow you to create more videos without sacrificing budget and time. In fact, many popular YouTubers use Storyblocks. Altogether, Storyblocks is our preferred choice for stock footage. …

Black and white photography hashtags

200+ Black and White Photography Hashtags

Black and white photography is a lot more challenging than you might think. You can’t apply a black and white filter to any photograph and hope to achieve great results. Thus, it’s important that when you finally create a top-tier black and white photo, you know how to promote it. …

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Depositphotos Contributor Review

You might be a well-established professional photographer, an amateur, or a complete newbie. Regardless, Depositphotos accepts photographers from all walks of life. The only criteria: Your photos and videos must be at least good. Even if you only own a smartphone, you can apply for the Depositphotos contributor program and start …

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iStock and Getty Images Contributor Review

Why am I reviewing iStock and Getty Images contributor programs at the same time? Let me explain: In 2006, Getty Images acquired iStock (formerly known as iStockPhoto). While iStock maintained its autonomy, for the most part, contributor programs were merged. Now, you can only apply for the iStock contributor program …

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The Best (Budget) Telephoto Lenses for Canon

In this blog article, I collected all the best budget telephoto lenses for Canon full-frame and APS-C cameras. For those looking for higher performance, I also added a few high-end telephoto lenses for Canon.

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Best Lens for Pentax K70

This is a heavily curated list of the best lens for Pentax K70. Note that the list consists of DA lenses, which were designed specifically for Pentax APS-C cameras, which include Pentax K70. Since you’re using a crop-sensor camera, to get the realistic focal length, you need to multiply each …

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How to Get Photoshop Free Trial?

It’s possible to get full access to Photoshop for free. This tutorial shows you how you can get Photoshop for free, buy it at the lowest price, and list the best free Photoshop alternatives.

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How to Get Adobe Stock Free Trial?

In this short guide, I’ll show you exactly how to get Adobe Stock free trial. These are the exact steps thousands of businesses and individuals used to get 10 or 40 free stock images. Let’s get right into it… How to get Adobe Stock free trial? First, you must realize … review thumbnail Review is a highly automated online suite of graphic design tools. You can use it to create logos, videos, designs, graphics, convert text to speech, and lots more. Thanks to the intuitive interface, it is particularly beginner-friendly. PROS Simple and intuitive tools guide you through the whole process. Integrated 123RF …

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