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Photocase review

Matic BrozUpdated May 17, 2022

At Photocase you will find only the very best. All their images are handpicked with value and quality in mind. You don’t believe me? Just check their library. And in the meantime, I’ll let you read this Photocase review.

I recommend
Buy images with credits
Buy images with cash
I select and review products independently. If you buy through affiliate links, I may earn commissions, which help support my testing.
  • Heavily curated library
  • Superb image quality
  • Adjustable Extended license
  • Hefty bonuses
  • Credits don’t expire
  • Easy to use
  • No subscription plans
  • The smaller library can quickly become too small
  • Can get expensive
  • A lot of grammatical errors on the website reduce its credibility

Photocase was launched in 2001 as a photography community platform but quickly grew into a stock photo agency.

Being founded in Germany, it is often best-suitable for the European market; however, its heavily curated images will leave everyone satisfied.

Here’s my full Photocase review.

Photocase Image Quality

Photocase is not like the other stock photo sites, that have large libraries of barely curated stock images. Indeed, Photocase puts a lot of emphasis on curating the photos that they into their library; consequently, Photocase library is considerably smaller than those of other stock photo sites, but the image quality is all the better.

This German company has always believed in the authenticity of their photos, and today, when the authentic style is very sought over, their efforts are paying off.

Naturally, to make this happen, Photocase has one of the strictest curating processes – nothing but the superb-quality, both content-wise and technical are allowed to enter the library.

There’s just no way you’re going to leave Photocase empty-handed. I am 100% you will find dozens of images that will perfectly fit your needs.

Photocase Prices

Okay, I’ve cleared that Photocase features nothing but premium photos, but how do you purchase the photos? Photocase has made this process very convenient for you by offering all their images on demand. There are no subscription plans; however, this doesn’t mean that you cannot get any discounts.

You can buy images one by one, or you can purchase a Credit Bundle and use these to download images. If you know, you’ll need several photos Credit Bundles are the best option for you, as they all come with a hefty discount, giving you the best possible price per image.

Individual Image Prices

Image prices are determined based on image size. You can buy images in three different sizes on Photocase:

  • S (Small) – $15 or 5 credits
  • M (Medium) – $30 or 10 credits
  • L (Large) – $45 or 15 credits

S images have a resolution of 0.8 MP, 72 dpi and are the best suitable for Web.

M images have a resolution of 4 MP, 300 dpi and are the best suitable for Prints.

L images have the highest possible resolution and 300 dpi.

Photocase review - Image pricing
Image pricing and sizes

If you purchase Photocase images one by one and pay for them as you go, you can expect to spend between $14 and $42 for each. Considering the superb quality of their photos, it’s a fairly reasonable price range. 

But don’t worry, you can get a much better deal, with Credit Bundles.

There’s an additional 20% bonus for images bought for Editorial Purposes, such as use as a part of editorial reporting in newspapers, magazines, etc.

Credit Bundles

Now, let’s talk about money-saving with Photocase. 

Disclaimer: I have read several other Photocase reviews, and most of them got the math wrong when it comes to Credit Bundles. Being very good at math, I guarantee that my numbers are 100% correct.

If you’re eager to save some money, you need to check out Credit Bundles. While the photo purchases are still on demand, you will get an attractive bonus with each purchase, which becomes larger with the size of a bundle.

There is a total of 6 bundles, that differ in size, price and bonus.

  • 25 Credits – $55, 20% discount
  • 50 Credits – $100, 25% discount
  • 100 Credits – $190, 30% discount
  • 250 Credits – $450, 35% discount
  • 500 Credits – $830, 40% discount
  • 1000 Credits – $1,520, 45% discount

If you require more than 1000 credits, you can contact the Photocase support, and they’ll be happy to make a custom bundle for you with a special discount.

It’s worth noting that Credits never expire! Once you purchase them, you have your whole lifetime to use them.

Are Credit Bundles worth it?

In short – yes.

For a longer explanation, let’s do some math.

Images on Photocase have a fixed Credit price, but with the Credit Bundles, you get more Credits for the same amount of money.

Small image bought with cash, costs $14 or 5 Credits. If you buy the smallest Credit Bundle of 25 Credits, you pay $55, so you get each Credit for $2.20. To buy the image, you’ll need to spend 5 Credits, so 5×$2.20 = $11. You paid $3 less with a Credit Bundle, and this was the smallest one.

If you purchase the largest Credit Bundle, you’ll get 1000 Credits for $1,520, resulting in $1.52 for one Credit. The smallest image would, in this case, cost you 5×$1.52 = $7.6. You saved almost 50%!

By the same logic, you would pay only $22.8 for the large image, instead of $42.

Click here, if you’re ready to save with Photocase Credit Bundles. (link: https://www.photocase.com/prices)

Photocase Licensing

Basic License

Every Photocase image you purchase comes with a Basic License, which is a sort of a Royal Free license, but with term unique to Photocase.

The Basic License gives you the right to use the images you purchase for both editorial and commercial purposes, with no time limit or geographical restrictions, and without the need to ever pay for any additional royalties. Still, you are required to credit both photographer and the agency with every use.

The Basic License has the limit of reproduction of 250,000 copies and allows the use in the products for resale as long as they are the part of a greater design.

Read more about Photocase license

Extended License

What is great about the Photocase Extended License, is its modularity. You can select only certain parts (modules) of the Extended License; thus, saving quite some money on features you don’t need.

You can add the following modules:

  • No proof of copyright ($90 or 30 Credits) – Enables the use of the image without the otherwise necessary proof of copyright (Artist / Photocase). 
  • High print runs ($300 or 100 Credits) – Allows the use of the photo in a print total of more than 500,000 copies.
  • Merchandise and templates ($300 or 100 Credits) – Allows the use of the photo in templates and as merchandise for resales, such as posters, mugs or T-shirts.

To make sure you’re not breaking any laws, make sure you always read licensing terms carefully. If you’re still not 100% sure, you can ask me, or the Photocase support.

Photocase Functionality

Of what good use are great bonuses and excellent images, if you can’t find what you’re looking for? To make sure that your search is efficient and comfortable as possible, Photocase developed a neat search engine.

Naturally, you can search by keywords, just like on Google. On the left side, you’ll also find several filters that help narrow down the search results. On the right side, you’ll find Pro Search, that opens a dialogue box within you can perform an advanced keyword search, similarly to Google.

Another nifty little feature is Lightbox. You can think of Lightboxes as personal albums, to which you can save the image you like for later, that’s similar to Alamy’s.

Photocase review - Image interface
Photocase images functionality (Photocase review)

Photocase review: Bottom Line

To summarize, Photocase is a well-established stock photo company, and with its 19 years worth of highly-curated images, you find just what you need for your project or your business.

To find more stock photo alternative, check my comprehensive best stock photo sites post.

I recommend Photocase to you if you’re looking only for the very best quality of images. Their images are often also quite artistic and not at all generic. “A double plus” for the quality, in my opinion.

I DON’T recommend Photocase if all you need are generic stock photos with the lowest possible prices. Alternatives: Cheapest stock photo sites.

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