Is there a Photoshop military discount

Currently, there seems to be no Photshop discount for military and veterans.

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Is there a Photoshop military discount

If you’re like me and have wondered whether Adobe Photoshop offers a military discount, I’ve got some news for you, although it might not be the kind you’re hoping for. Based on multiple discussions among community experts and members on Adobe’s forum, it’s clear that Adobe currently does not offer any sort of military or veteran discount. My search led me to several Adobe customers who had reached out to the company’s sales and customer service departments for clarification on this issue. The responses they received were far from satisfying, often being referred back and forth between the two departments, with no clear answer other than the standard web address for purchasing the software.

Now, you might wonder why this issue is causing some level of frustration among military personnel and veterans. Well, Adobe does offer significant discounts to students and teachers. So, the glaring absence of a similar offer for those who’ve served the country does not go unnoticed. In fact, several users on the forum lamented that while Adobe readily acknowledges the efforts of students and educators, it fails to extend the same courtesy to individuals with military experience. Some even claimed that Adobe is part of a small minority of companies that choose not to honor and respect veterans and seniors with special discounts.

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Creative Cloud All Apps student & teachers discount

On the flip side, a few community experts have come to Adobe’s defense, stating that military and senior discounts are a voluntary courtesy and not an entitlement. They argue that Adobe’s Creative Cloud subscription, which includes both Photoshop and Lightroom, is reasonably priced at $10 a month, or $50 a month for a more comprehensive package. According to them, discounts from private companies should be viewed as a gift rather than an expectation.

So, where does this leave us? If you’re passionate about this issue, there’s still a way to make your voice heard. Some forum users have suggested that the best course of action is to directly address Adobe, urging them to offer discounts similar to their student and teacher plans for active military personnel. But remember, while Adobe’s forums may be a valuable resource for tech support, they’re not the platform for influencing company policy—that needs to be done through more direct channels with Adobe representatives.

To sum it up, as much as we might want a military discount for Photoshop, Adobe has yet to make that a reality. Whether or not this changes in the future might depend on how strongly people advocate for it. So if this issue matters to you, consider taking it up directly with Adobe.


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