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Pixta Review (2023)

Photutorial’s take

With vague licensing terms, uncompetitive prices, and below-average image quality, we think you shouldn’t download stock images or videos from Pixta. Instead, we recommend you pick one of the numerous trustworthy alternatives, including Shutterstock and Adobe Stock.


  • Good variety of buying options.


  • Vague terms and conditions that can be exploited against you.
  • More expensive than much better options.
  • Subscriptions renew 3 days in advance.
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Pixta Review Introduction

Pixta is one of Japan’s largest microstock agencies, licensing images and videos on a subscription and on-demand basis at average prices. The site is also an English-language version aimed at the US and European markets.

Although prices are comparable to those of reputable agencies like Shutterstock and Adobe Stock, Pixta’s collection includes many more images (54 million). It is a bit more expensive than the better alternatives if we want to be picky.

Overall, the image quality is satisfactory but not great. Combined with the relatively small selection and less-than-optimal artistic and technical execution, there is no reason to buy images from Pixta since there are many excellent alternatives at the same or better prices.

Image Pricing

Pixta sells images and videos with subscriptions and on-demand. Subscriptions are much cheaper but require a monthly or yearly commitment, while on-demand packs offer the most flexibility but are more expensive.

Image subscriptions for 1 person

Monthly plan$30/month$49/month$125/month$199/month$249/month
Yearly plan$15/month$29/month$99/month$169/month$199/month
Number of downloads you can carry over331105503,8508,250
Subscriptions for one pricing

Image subscriptions for 2–5 people

Monthly plan$218/month$258/month$348/month$588/month
Yearly plan$168/month$218/month$278/month$418/month
Number of downloads you can carry over1,1003,8508,25016,500
Pricing of subscriptions for teams of two to five

Prepaid credits

Using credits, you can buy any content on Pixta. Images are priced based on size and resolution as follows:

  • S: 5 credits
  • M: 15 credits
  • L: 30 credits
  • XL: 50 credits
  • V (vector): 35 credits

The more credits you buy, the more you save. In other words, the price per credit gets lower with bulk purchases:

  • 10 credits: $10
  • 30 credits: $30
  • 50 credits: $50
  • 103 credits: $100 (Save 3%)
  • 315 credits: $300 (Save 5%)
  • 535 credits: $500 (Save 7%)
  • 1,100 credits: $1,000 (Save 10%)
  • 2,240 credits: $2,000 (Save 12%)

Yet, the savings are smaller than at Adobe Stock (25%), Shutterstock (36%), or Depositphotos (80%).

Single purchase

Single purchases are the most expensive and best used when you need only one image.

  • S: $5
  • M: $15
  • L: $30
  • XL: $50
  • V (vector): $35

Video Pricing

Like images, videos can also be bought on-demand, and subscriptions come for 1 person or 2–5 people.

Video subscriptions for 1 person

Monthly plan$117/month$349/month$598/month
Yearly plan$72/month$210/month$360/month
Number of downloads you can carry over33110220
Subscriptions for one pricing

Video subscriptions for 2–5 people

Monthly plan$399/month$658/month
Yearly plan$225/month$384/month
Number of downloads you can carry over100220
Pricing of subscriptions for teams of two to five

Single purchase

Single purchases are the most expensive and best used when you need only one video.

  • Web(S): $15
  • Web(L): $25
  • NTSC/PAL: $50
  • HD720: $70
  • HD1080: $90
  • 4K: $180


Pixta license all of its content under a royalty-free (RF) license, which means that you may use all content you download perpetually without paying additional royalties. There are two RF licenses available: the Standard and the Extended.

While the Extended license is cheaper at Pixta (~$30) than at other agencies (~$70), you may need to buy it more frequently than elsewhere since the Standard license isn’t as comprehensive. The most notable difference is that the Standard license of Pixta allows only 300,000 reproductions of an image, while most other agencies allow up to 500,000 reproductions.

The Standard license is included with every image and footage download with subscriptions or credits. When you need an Extended license, you can buy it with cash for $30 or with 30 credits.

Frequently asked questions

Is Pixta trustworthy?

We don’t think Pixta is a trustworthy source of stock images. The main red flags are the vague licensing terms and the recurring subscription payment, which occurs three days before the end of the subscription, potentially tricking you into paying for longer.


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