Pngtree Review (2023)

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Is it worth it?

Unless Pngtree is the only provider of a certain vector you need, it’s not worth your money. The lack of indemnity, the shortest subscription of three months, and the spammy interface are all telltale signs of poor customer satisfaction.


  • Affordable lifetime plan
  • Beautiful vectors


  • No indemnity
  • Shady licensing terms
  • Spammy website full of ads
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There’s surprisingly many

Pngtree pricing

Pngtree offers four Premium subscription plans: 3-Months plan ($39), 6-Months plan ($69), Annual plan ($119), and Lifetime plan ($119). Each plan gives you unlimited downloads of all Pngtree media assets and a commercial license. You also get increased download speed and no ads compared to their Free plan.

In contrast, the Free plan allows you only one download per day and requires you to attribute Pngtree. In addition, you may not use the assets for commercial purposes or for prints.

Pngtree payment options include all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, and American Express. Within 15 days from the purchase, you’re eligible for a refund, but only if you haven’t downloaded any assets yet.

How does Pngtree pricing compare?

All unlimited stock image subscriptions offer excellent value for your money. $119 for a lifetime deal is a surprisingly low price, but it might not be worth your money since you’ll quite quickly run out of fresh downloads. After all, you’re getting just 8 million vectors and no other assets, which creatives usually need.

The closest Pngtree alternative, Envato Elements, costs just $16.50 per month and offers photos, videos, fonts, graphics, templates, and more. Professionals and companies will prefer Shutterstock which has an even larger collection of stock images and much better licensing terms.

Finally, video editors and artists who are invested in Adobe Creative Cloud will find the most value in Adobe Stock. Adobe Stock’s collection is a bit smaller than Shutterstock’s but is fully integrated into all Adobe apps, making accessing stock assets a breeze in the apps.

Best Pngtree alternatives

1 Envato Elements

Envato Elements logo
  • Cost: $11.50–$39.00/month
  • Images: 8.1 million
  • Videos: 4.2 million
  • Free trial: 12 files per month

3 Shutterstock

Shutterstock logo
  • Cost: $24.91–$249/month
  • Images: 434 million
  • Videos: 29.2 million
  • Free trial: 10, 1 video, or 2 audio

2 Artlist

Adobe Stock logo
  • Cost: $29.99–$249.99/month
  • Images: 326 million
  • Videos: 26 million
  • Free trial: 10–40 images or 3–6 HD videos

Licensing terms

Pngtree licensing terms are iffy at best. In general, the Pngtree individual license is a royalty-free license, meaning that once you download an asset, you may use it without any geographical or time restrictions.

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One of the crucial aspects of licensing is the indemnity or legal coverage it includes. This is the amount Pngtree is obliged to spend on your legal fees if you ever get in trouble due to problems with their licensing or copyrights. However, Pngtree offers no such indemnity—even if they mess up, it’s up to you to defend yourself.

Moreover, while they do not indemnify you, you must indemnify them.

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An indemnity of $10,000 is, however, available with the Enterprise license, which is pretty low considering that stronger alternatives offer indemnities of $250,000 and even up to $1M.

Additional concern represents the misspelling of the enterprise license in the licensing terms as “Eenterprise Premium”. Whether that’s by design or mistake is up for debate, but it could definitely be used as a way to get out of paying indemnity by Pngtree.

Is Pngtree worth it?

No, Pngtree is not worth your money. Although it comes with a royalty-free license and 8M vectors, the licensing terms and user satisfaction are low.

If you’re interested in high-quality resources, check our list of top stock photo websites, which offer other resources in addition to everything you can get at Pngtree.