Pond5 Review

Written by Matic Broz Updated on July 27, 2021

Pond5 Review

Pond5 is a stock photo agency that focuses mainly on selling stock videos. However, you will also find high-quality stock photos, music, after-effects, sound effects, and 3D models. Keep in mind that Pond5 is not the cheapest …

I recommend
Annual membership
Royalty-free images
Monthly membership
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  • High-quality footage (HD, 4K and 360 video footage)
  • Professional music tracks in a variety of formats
  • Adobe compatible After Effects
  • Wide range of sound effects
  • The Best Price Guarantee (Pond5 will price match from any source)
  • Expensive licenses
  • Difficult to start for amateurs 
  • Some software is required for certain downloads

For a well-balanced Pond5 review, I created a list of pros and cons, that will help you better understand its advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s see what makes Pond5 unique in its ways of selling stock content …

What is Pond5?

Pond5 is an online marketplace for royalty-free media, including stock footage, stock music, stock photography, and sound and aftereffects.

Pond5 was founded in 2006 by Tom Bennet and Marcus Engene in New York.

In its 14 years, it has expanded its library to over 17 million clips in HD or 4K, almost 1 million music tracks, and more than 1.2 million sound effects.

Interestingly, Pond5 doesn’t own content on its site but instead sells the content that is created and owned by its contributors, who determine the selling price and earn 50% of revenue.


Just like any other stock media website, Pond5 offers a Free Account and a subscription plan, named Pond5 Membership. 

Free Account

Although it’s named “Free Account”, downloading media is not free. You can indeed create a free account and browse as much as you want, but when you want to download videos, music, or images, you will have to pay.

You can pay in two different way. First, you can pay for each download separately, or you can pre-buy credits and use them as you go. The latter is better if you know that you’re going to need several downloads because by purchasing credits, you get bonuses.

Credit packs:

  • $250 + $25 bonus
  • $500 + $65 bonus
  • $1,000 + $160 bonus
  • $2,500 + $500 bonus

Why are Credit Packs better? With pre-purchased credits, you won’t have to purchase each download separately; thus saving your valuable time. Moreover, with each Credit Pack, you get a hefty bonus, up to $500!

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Pond5 review - Credit Packages
Depositphotos Credit Packs pricing (Pond5 review)

Pond5 Membership

With Pond5 Membership, you’ll get 10 downloads each month and the lowest prices on their HD and 4K videos.

Pond5 review - Subscription prices
Membership pricing

Additionally, any unused downloads are rolled over to another month.

You can either pay monthly, $199, or yearly, $999 (equals to $83.25/month). The yearly plan is, without a doubt, significantly cheaper than the monthly plan.

How does Membership work?

After you sign up, search for media, check the Membership Content filter on the left and browse the library. When you find something you like, select the item, and download it for free.

Membership includes 10 free downloads per month from the Membership Collection.

Pond5 Licensing Options

All Pond5 licenses are royalty-free, and you can use them for personal or business projects with worldwide distribution, forever.

Pond5 has three licenses in total, each with different price, download use, and indemnification, that provides industry-leading protection.

All the licenses can be used, with any media type on Pond5; videos, photos, illustrations, music, sound effects, After Effects templates, and 3D models.

The only content that is not eligible for these licenses is editorial videos that offer a Digital or All Media License with single project use.

Pond5 review - Licenses
Depositphotos Licences (Pond5 review)

Individual License

Individual License is the best used for social media, sizzle reels (short promotional videos), for your blog, and similar projects.

It can only be used by 1 individual on your team and includes indemnification of up to $15K.

The individual License is included with every download, and you don’t have to pay extra.

Business License

Business License if most often used with regional advertising, tv broadcasts, an internal training videos, and other similar projects.

Up to 5 individuals on your team can use it, and it provides up to $250K of indemnification.

Business License costs as much as your download costs + $149.

Premium License

Premium License is best used with national advertising, feature films, and other streaming services.

Everyone on your team can use the download with the Premium licence, and it provides up to $1M indemnification.

Premium License costs as much as your download costs + $299.

Best Price Guarantee

Pond5 will always offer you the best price for its media.

Say you’re browsing some Pond5 alternative, and you find an identical clip that costs less than on Pond5, but you don’t trust this new website.

No problem. Step in contact with Pond5 and tell them about their competitor, and they will match the competitor’s price.

How to use the Pond5 price match?

  1. Make sure that the item you’d like to match is identical; this means same format, same length, same quality, and all other specs.
  2. Share a link to the lower price with the Pond5 support. Contact: support@pond5.com or +1 (855) 410-6789.
  3. Their team will adjust the price accordingly for you.

Moreover, even if you already purchased the item, you’re still eligible for the price match, as long as you request it within the 30 days of your purchase.

Learn more here

What Do the Customers Think about Pond5?

In all my time of reviewing stock photo sites and products, I have never come across that many positive reviews and the high average rating. On Trustpilot, a well-established website on which customers can post reviews of their experience with the company, Pond5 has 9,295 reviews with a whooping 4.7 average rating.

76% of reviews on Trustpilot rated Pond5 as excellent, and only 1% as poor or bad.

Additionally, Pond5 takes good care of its dissatisfied customers. Every single bad review on Trustpilot has been addressed by the Pond5 PR team, which made a good effort to take care of any issues the customers had, often even refunding their payments.

However, I noticed a similar issue with other products on Trustpilot; the majority of bad reviews come from customers who didn’t read the terms and agreements carefully before jumping right into paying.


Can you make money on Pond5?

You can make good money on Pond5. Not only that, but you can also set prices for your content.

Is pond5 safe?

Pond5 is a safe website used by thousands of businesses worldwide. Pond5 also offers indemnification of up to 1 mil for its licenses.

Is pond5 free?

All content within the Public Domain Project is free on Pond5. You can find it here.

Pond5 review: Bottom line

Pond5 offers a large number of high-quality videos and other stock media that will help your projects stand out from the competition and also make them look professional.

Here are my recommendations:

Just like the Pond5 support team, I am certain that you learnt everything you needed to from this Pond5, but if you have any questions left, let me know in the comments.

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