Premium Lightroom Presets

— This page is a work in progress —

Premium Lightroom Presets are my way of saying thank you for supporting Photutorial.

These are the presets I use daily to edit my photos before I upload them to stock photo contributor programs, Instagram, and other platforms.

This is what you get:

Light & Airy (7 presets)

Light & Airy Premium preset collection contains 7 presets:

  • Basic
  • Dreamy
  • High contrast
  • Low contrast
  • Saturated
  • Unsaturated
  • Orange & Teal

Light & Airy style is a minimalistic and upbeat photo-editing style widely-popular among minimalistic blogs and portrait photographers.

Since it’s highly sought-after among bloggers and website designers, these Lightroom presets can boost your income from stock photo sites or multiply your Instagram followers.

Light and Airy Collage with shadows
Collage of Light & Airy Premium Presets

A real-life example: Instagram image