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PremiumBeat review (2023)

Is it worth it?

PremiumBeat, a Shutterstock company, offers high-quality music tracks for your projects at around $65 a month with a 3-month commitment. With advanced filters and excellent customer service, PremiumBeat stands strong among alternatives like Soundstripe, Epidemic Sound, and Artlist. While some users may have preferences, PremiumBeat remains a legitimate and valuable option for creative projects.


  • Wide range of genres and music libraries available.
  • Large selection of music and categories for various moods.
  • Easy-to-use licensing options.


  • Expensive cost of tracks.
  • Loss of access to music upon discontinuation of the monthly subscription package.
  • No dedicated sound effects library.
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Pricing$48.75–$64.95/mo ($5/$49 single downloads)
Extended license$20 or $199
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Who is PremiumBeat best for?

PremiumBeat is best suited for a range of users who require high-quality music for their projects:

  • Filmmakers and video producers: PremiumBeat offers a diverse selection of music tracks to enhance the storytelling and emotional impact of films and videos, catering to various genres and styles.
  • Content creators (YouTube, social media): With an easy-to-navigate library and licensing options, PremiumBeat enables content creators to find suitable background music for YouTube videos, social media content, and other online platforms.
  • Podcasters: Podcast creators can benefit from PremiumBeat’s library to find suitable intro and outro music, as well as background tracks to enhance the listening experience and establish a consistent brand identity.
  • Advertisers and marketing agencies: PremiumBeat offers exclusive music tracks to help advertisers create engaging and memorable campaigns, with licensing options that cater to different distribution channels.
  • Game developers: With a wide selection of music and sound effects, game developers can find the perfect tracks to create immersive gaming experiences and evoke specific emotions in players.
  • Corporate video producers: PremiumBeat’s library includes tracks suitable for corporate videos, presentations, and training materials, helping businesses convey their messages effectively and professionally.
  • Wedding and event videographers: PremiumBeat offers a variety of music options for wedding films and event videos, capturing the unique atmosphere and emotion of these special occasions.

Is PremiumBeat worth your money?

While PremiumBeaet is a great resource of stock audio and SFX, there are also cheaper options with higher selection. Our go-to choice is Envato Elements that grants you unlimited downloads of 145,000 music tracks and 629,000 SFX for just $16.50 per month. You can also get 12 free files per month.

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How much does PremiumBeat cost?

PremiumBeat offers various pricing plans, including monthly and yearly music subscriptions for $64.95/month and $585/year ($48.75/month), respectively. Single music tracks can be purchased with a Standard License for $49 or a Premium License for $199. SFX options include a Standard License at $5 or a Premium License for $20.

  • Music Subscription (Monthly): PremiumBeat’s monthly subscription plan offers 5 tracks per month at a cost of $64.95. This plan requires a 3-month commitment and saves you 70% compared to purchasing individual tracks. Each download includes full tracks, loops, stems, and shorts. However, note that the Premium License and some tracks are not included in the subscription.
  • Music Subscription (Yearly): For even more significant savings, you can opt for PremiumBeat’s yearly subscription plan, which provides 60 tracks upfront to use throughout the year. At a cost of $585, billed yearly, this plan saves you 80% compared to purchasing tracks individually.
  • Music Single Purchase (Music Track): PremiumBeat offers two flexible license options for purchasing individual music tracks. The Standard License, priced at $49, provides worldwide distribution for most creative projects, including web advertisements and podcasts, as well as all personal use projects. For broader distribution across TV, radio, film, apps, games, and more, you can choose the Premium License for $199.
  • SFX Single Purchase (SFX): For sound effects (SFX), PremiumBeat also provides two flexible license options. The Standard License, priced at $5, covers most creative projects and all personal use projects. If you require expanded distribution for TV, radio, film, apps, games, and more, you can opt for the Premium License at a cost of $20.
Pricing OptionLicense TypeTracksPriceSavingsDistribution Scope
Music Subscription (Monthly)Standard5/month$64.95/month70%Most creative projects, personal use projects
Music Subscription (Yearly)Standard60/year$585/year80%Most creative projects, personal use projects
Music Single PurchaseStandard1$49N/AMost creative projects, personal use projects
Music Single PurchasePremium1$199N/ATV, radio, film, apps, games, and more
SFX Single PurchaseStandard1$5N/AMost creative projects, personal use projects
SFX Single PurchasePremium1$20N/ATV, radio, film, apps, games, and more

PremiumBeat licensing terms

PremiumBeat offers two types of royalty-free licenses for music and sound effects: Standard and Premium. The Standard License covers web-use for websites, social media, podcasts, and video-sharing platforms (with advertising spend below $5,000 USD), as well as student projects, corporate videos, and personal use. The Premium License expands coverage to include TV, radio, advertising, industrial events, and point of sale displays in a single territory.

Each license is valid for one track or sound effect and may include full songs, loops, short clips, stems, instrumental versions, and immersive versions where available. Licenses apply to one project but cover all edits and language versions of the same audio or visual project, as well as all episodes of a single podcast or project series.

For multi-territory campaigns, studio films, or projects not listed above, PremiumBeat’s team can assist you with a customized license. Note that all tracks downloaded under the Music Subscription are covered by a Standard License, and a Premium License may be necessary for additional use cases.