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ProVideoFactory is the cheapest source of 8K stock footage starting at $5.83 per month for unlimited downloads. Despite the high resolution of video clips, the quality and variety are poor compared to other stock footage sites. This makes ProVideoFactory a good source of stock footage for editors on a budget who don’t mind compromising quality.


  • Affordable: Stock footage from $5.83/month for unlimited downloads.
  • Good HD Quality: Sharp HD and 4K footage with various frame rates.
  • Diverse Library: Covers many categories including nature and lifestyle.
  • Straightforward Licensing: Clips can be used indefinitely within license terms.
  • Prompt Support: Quick and effective customer service.


  • Variable Quality: Some 5K+ clips have noise or artifacts.
  • Limited Cityscape Videos: Fewer architectural and cityscape clips.
  • Search Limitations: Needs advanced filtering options.
  • RAW File Costs & Wait: $100 per RAW clip with manual processing delays.
  • Better Alternatives: Other platforms offer more for a slightly higher price.
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I am always on the lookout for high-quality, affordable stock footage to incorporate into my client projects. In my experience, it can be difficult to find a platform that meets both all criteria, like quality and price. That’s why I was intrigued when I first learned about ProVideoFactory, which advertises “pro stock footage at a low cost.”

After signing up for a trial membership, I explored the site extensively to get a sense of their library, prices, and overall value. While ProVideoFactory is not all that bad, it did not deserve a spot in our top 10 stock footage sites buying guide. But thanks to low prices and unlimited downloads, it did make it among our cheapest stock videos and best stock video subscriptions.

In this review, I’ll provide an honest assessment of my experience using ProVideoFactory, including the pricing structure, video quality and selection, licensing terms, and more.


One of the main selling points of ProVideoFactory is the affordability compared to other stock footage sites. The most popular is their annual unlimited downloads subscription costing $5.83 per month ($69.99 billed annually) or their more expensive monthly subscription costing $24.99 per month. An active subscription grants you complete access everything ProVideoFactory has to offer. The only thing you can’t get a RAW videos.

ProVideoFactory RAW file request screenshot
Pick the last option and click “Request RAW” to get RAW files. Screenshot: Matic Broz

To get RAW16BIT files, you need to find a video that even is available in a RAW format. You can do this by selecting “RAW content” under “Additional Options” in the search filter. After you find a video you like, click on it, and choose “8K / RAW (AVAILABLE ON REQUEST)” from the options available under formats. After you pay $100 per clip, ProVideoFactory will process your request and upload the video for you. The most annoying part is that they have to do it manually, so if you need the video immediately or if you made a request over the weekend, you’ll have to wait a few days. The notification reads:

Looking for the highest quality possible? We’ve got you covered.
Once the request is confirmed, we will do our best to upload the file as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that the RAW files are NOT included in your subscription plan and each RAW file cost $100

Being the cheapest viable option, there aren’t any cheaper alternatives I can recommend expect for the free stock footage websites. At a higher cost of $16.50 per month but a better value you can get Envato Elements‘ unlimited subscription, which comes with a much, much larger selection of over 4 million stock videos, and other video editing assets. If you want unlimited downloads of 8K footage, Artlist is your best option at $29.99 per month, or $39.99 per month if you also want RAW/LOG footage.

Video quality & variety

Now onto the most important factor – video quality. Overall, I’ve been impressed with the high-production value of the clips, especially considering the reasonable prices.

The HD footage is shot in 1080p and looks crisp, with excellent color grading. The 4K clips are bumped up to 2160p resolution, resulting in an even sharper image. I especially appreciated the variety of frame rates available, from 24fps up to 60fps slo-mo.

However, the 5K+ premium collection had more of a mixed bag in terms of quality. Some clips appeared flawlessly cinematic, while others had noticeable noise or compression artifacts. For $200 per clip, I would expect pristine quality.

In terms of selection and variety, ProVideoFactory has a solid library covering most common video needs. They have a great range of nature clips, along with lifestyle categories like food, fitness, technology, and more.

I do wish they had more cityscape and architectural videos, as these are commonly requested by my clients. Expanding their selection of public domain landmark footage would make the library more robust.

Their search functionality makes it easy to find clips based on keyword or filters like resolution and license type. However, more advanced search options by things like aspect ratio, frame rate, and color would improve the experience.

Licensing terms

ProVideoFactory offers two straightforward licensing options – editorial and commercial use. Their editorial license allows use of clips for news, reporting, blogs, websites, and other informational contexts.

For commercial projects like ads, promotions, and branded content, you need the pricier commercial license. This is standard for the industry. It’s important to pay close attention to the license type to avoid misuse.

I appreciate that once you purchase a clip, you have unlimited rights to use it forever within the terms of the license. This is much better than restrictive royalty models.

Customer support

I’m happy to report the customer service at ProVideoFactory is very responsive. I submitted a support inquiry through their online form and received a detailed reply within a few hours. For a newer company, it’s encouraging to see them prioritizing customer support.


Overall, ProVideoFactory lives up to its promise of providing high-quality stock video at affordable rates. The subscription plans and pay-per-clip options offer flexibility based on your needs. While the 5K+ collection has some inconsistencies, the HD and 4K selections are fantastic. I appreciate their transparent licensing model and responsive support as well. For these reasons, I definitely recommend giving ProVideoFactory a try for your next video project needing stock footage.


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