Shutterstock Adds Meticulously Curated Offset Collection of Premium Images to Its Marketplace

By Matic Broz, editor-in-chief of Photutorial covering stock media, Adobe, and design. He founded Photutorial while finishing his PhD in computational biosciences.
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Shutterstock Offset cover

Shutterstock has recently announced that the Offset collection of premium images will now be available on The Offset library of premium images, which was launched in 2013, has established itself as a popular brand among Shutterstock’s agency and enterprise clients. The meticulously crafted and curated content from award-winning artists is now available to a wider range of customers on Shutterstock’s platform.

Offset images will be designated with the Offset logo, making them easy to identify for Shutterstock users. These images will be available for purchase a la carte with either the standard or enhanced license. However, it should be noted that this premium collection is priced separately from Shutterstock’s core image library and is not available for download with their All-in-one subscription plans or on-demand packs.

Starting from March 2023, the Offset collection will be available for purchase only via Existing Offset customers who registered on after 2020 can easily access by logging in with their current Offset credentials. However, legacy Offset customers who created their accounts before 2020 will need to create their own free account to access the collection.

In order to streamline the purchase experience for its customers, Shutterstock will be mixing the Offset collection with its existing library of images. The images from the Offset collection will be marked with the Offset logo and will not be available for download via Shutterstock’s standard e-commerce plans. Instead, they will be purchasable a la carte at a premium price point.

The addition of the Offset collection to Shutterstock’s e-commerce marketplace will have no impact on the existing Shutterstock contributors, and it will not affect their portfolios or workflows. The Offset collection’s migration to will provide a wider audience for the premium images and allow Shutterstock customers to easily discover and purchase these curated images.

Shutterstock is known for providing high-quality visual content to its users, and the addition of the Offset collection is yet another example of the company’s commitment to providing the best possible experience for its customers. For those who are curious to learn more about the Offset collection, Shutterstock recommends checking out their article for more details.

Shutterstock has thanked its valued community of contributors for their support and is looking forward to continuing to provide a wide range of visual content to its users.

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