Shutterstock coupon codes (September 2023)

Get a 15% discount with this Shutterstock coupon code and up to 50% off on subscriptions with discounts.

By Matic Broz, editor-in-chief of Photutorial covering stock media, Adobe, and design. He founded Photutorial while finishing his PhD in computational biosciences.

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Shutterstock coupons

Using a Shutterstock coupon code is the best way to get up to 15% Shutterstock discounts. But finding a working Shutterstock coupon code is not so easy, considering most sites offer expired, untested Shutterstock coupons. Here are the best Shutterstock promo codes right now.

Shutterstock coupon codes (15% off)

There are three Shutterstock coupon codes in total. The 15% and 10% coupon discounts and a Shutterstock free trial discount. Click the buttons below to copy each code and go to Shutterstock.


Shutterstock coupon code

Use this bespoke Shutterstock coupon code to get 15% off at Shutterstock sitewide. Only for Photutorial readers.


Shutterstock coupon code

Another bespoke Shutterstock coupon code to get 10% off at Shutterstock sitewide. Only for Photutorial readers.


Shutterstock free trial discount

Download 10 royalty-free images or 2 audio tracks during your 30 day free trial of Shutterstock.

How to enter Shutterstock coupons and promo codes

There are two simple ways to use Shutterstock coupons. You can follow either of these two methods: first, select the image you want and enter the coupon code during checkout, or second, choose a payment plan that suits you and enter the coupon code during checkout. Using Shutterstock coupons and discount codes is easy. Here are the steps to take.

  1. Find the image, video, or music track you like.
  2. Add them to Cart.
  3. Log in or create your free Shutterstock account.
  4. Continue to Cart and provide a payment method.
  5. Right before clicking. Complete checkout, and you will see a question Do you have a coupon code?. Click on the question, add a valid coupon code, and click Apply.

If the coupon is valid, the discount will be applied to the total of your cart.

1. Find a Shutterstock coupon code

You can find three Shutterstock coupon codes right on this page—we test and verify these codes frequently to make sure they work. Simply click the button next to the code you like, and it will automatically copy the Shutterstock promo code for you and take you to the Shutterstock website.

2. Find an image you like

This is the step where the two methods diverge. The best way to find images is to use Shutterstock’s search feature and AI filters to find the perfect image for your project. You can also navigate to the “Pricing” tab in the top right corner, select a plan, and proceed to step 5 to purchase your desired image.

How to use Shutterstock coupons - Step 2
Finding an image on Shutterstock using the search. Screenshot by Matic Broz/Photutorial

3. Click “Download”

Select the image you want and click on the “Download” button. If you are a new user, you may be prompted to try a free trial instead. You can take advantage of this option with no risk and return to the coupon code later once the trial expires.

How to use Shutterstock coupons - Step 3

4. Choose your purchase option

Decide between a subscription or an on-demand image pack. Additionally, you have the option to select between a Standard or Enhanced license for your chosen image.

How to use Shutterstock coupons - Step 4

5. Enter Shutterstock coupon code

Paste the copied coupon code into the designated field on the checkout page. You can use the “Ctrl + V” shortcut on Windows or “Command + V” on Mac to paste the code. Alternatively, you can manually enter the code.

How to use Shutterstock coupons - Step 5

6. Verify that the coupon worked

Ensure that the coupon has been applied successfully by checking that the “Amount due today” reflects the discounted amount. Make sure to take into account any taxes or VAT that may be added.

How to use Shutterstock coupons - Step 6

These steps also work for existing customers, so don’t be afraid to use our Shutterstock coupon codes even if you already have a Shutterstock account. The only code you may not be eligible for is the free trial.

What if a Shutterstock coupon code doesn’t work?

If a Shutterstock coupon code doesn’t work, there are a few things you can do:

  • Check the expiration date. Make sure that the coupon code is still valid. Shutterstock coupon codes typically have an expiration date, which will be listed in the terms and conditions of the coupon code.
  • Make sure you’re entering the code correctly. Double-check that you’re entering the coupon code exactly as it’s written, including any capital letters, numbers, and symbols.
  • Verify that the coupon code is applicable to your purchase. Some Shutterstock coupon codes are only valid for certain types of purchases, such as images, videos, or music. Others may only be valid for new customers or for a certain number of downloads.
  • Try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies. Sometimes, outdated cache and cookies can prevent coupon codes from working properly.
  • Contact Shutterstock customer support. If you’ve tried all of the above and the coupon code is still not working, you can contact Shutterstock customer support for assistance.

Shutterstock coupon code FAQs

What are the best working Shutterstock coupon codes?

We have an official partnership with Shutterstock and, therefore, receive some of the best if not the best, discounts. We keep all of the codes active and working by testing them regularly for you.

How many Shutterstock discount codes are currently available?

Currently, there are three working Shutterstock coupon codes you can use to get a discount of up to 15%.

Are there any Shutterstock coupon codes for new customers?

Yes, there are Shutterstock coupon codes for new customers. One of the best current coupon codes for new customers is TRYFLEX10. This code will give you a free trial of Shutterstock FLEX, which gives you access to images and music all in one plan, and get your first month free.

Can I use multiple Shutterstock coupon codes on the same order?

Unfortunately, you cannot use multiple Shutterstock coupon codes on the same order. Shutterstock only allows you to use one coupon code per order. If you have multiple coupon codes, you can try using them on separate orders. You can also try contacting Shutterstock customer support to see if they can help you use multiple coupon codes on a single order.

Do Shutterstock coupon codes have an expiration date?

Yes, most Shutterstock coupon codes have an expiration date. The expiration date will be listed in the terms and conditions of the coupon code. It is important to check the expiration date of a coupon code before using it, as expired coupon codes will not work. You can usually find the expiration date of a coupon code on the Shutterstock website or in the email where you received the coupon code. If you have a Shutterstock coupon code that has expired, you can try contacting Shutterstock customer support to see if they can provide you with a new coupon code.

Summary of Shutterstock coupons and discounts

DiscountValid for
Coupons10% or 15%Subscriptions, packs
Free trialFree10 monthly credits subscription plan
Annual discount20%Subscriptions
Annual prepaid discount33%Subscriptions
Bulk discount10%–95%Subscription, packs

What are Shutterstock coupon codes

A Shutterstock coupon code is a string of letters and numbers that you can enter at checkout to receive a discount on your purchase. Shutterstock coupon codes can be used to save money on images, videos, music, and subscription plans. There are a variety of different types of Shutterstock coupon codes available, including:

  • Percentage off: These codes give you a percentage discount on your purchase, such as 10% off or 20% off.
  • Fixed amount off: These codes give you a fixed amount of money off your purchase, such as $10 off or $20 off.
  • Free images or videos: These codes give you a certain number of free images or videos to download.
  • Free trial: These codes give you a free trial of a Shutterstock subscription plan.

You can find Shutterstock coupon codes in a variety of places, including:

  • The Shutterstock website: Shutterstock often lists coupon codes on its website, especially during promotional periods.
  • Coupon websites: There are a number of websites that list and collect coupon codes, including Shutterstock coupon codes.
  • Social media: Shutterstock sometimes releases coupon codes on its social media pages, such as Twitter and Facebook.
  • Email list: If you sign up for the Shutterstock email list, you will receive occasional coupon codes and other promotions.

Tips for using Shutterstock coupon codes

Here are a few tips for using Shutterstock coupon codes:

  • Read the terms and conditions carefully: Each Shutterstock coupon code has its own terms and conditions, such as a minimum purchase amount or an expiration date. Make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully before using a coupon code.
  • Try multiple coupon codes: If you have multiple Shutterstock coupon codes, try entering them at checkout to see which one gives you the biggest discount.
  • Use a coupon code with a subscription plan: If you are planning to purchase a Shutterstock subscription plan, be sure to use a coupon code to save money. Shutterstock often offers generous discounts on subscription plans.

Shutterstock discounts

Shutterstock boasts a remarkable selection of subscription plans for accessing its rich library of stock assets. These assets, including images, videos, and audio tracks, are available through a credit system. The plans come in six sizes, ranging from 10 to 750 credits per month, and they’re adaptable to your budget and creative needs.

What truly stands out about these plans is the substantial savings available through the annual and annual prepaid subscription options. Customers are drawn to these options as they offer impressive discounts, thus lowering the cost per asset.

The annual subscription, billed monthly, comes with a 20% discount off the regular monthly price. For example, if you opt for the 10-credit-per-month plan, you will pay $29 instead of the $49 monthly rate. The icing on the cake is the free trial that’s available with this annual (billed monthly) subscription, giving you a chance to experience the service before making a commitment.

However, the real star of the show in terms of value is the annual subscription billed upfront. This option provides a significant 32% discount compared to the monthly pricing. For instance, the 10-credits-per-month plan costs just $299 per year, which equals $25 per month – a whole $24 less per month than the standard monthly plan. It’s an unmatched deal, especially for heavy users who require a constant flow of creative assets.

These discounts are not merely about affordability. They also enhance the flexibility of your subscription. The annual prepaid subscription allows you to use your credits to download a wider variety of content, from images to videos and audio tracks, all under a single subscription.

To make this deal even more enticing, Shutterstock’s annual plans also include exclusive access to Creative Flow applications and AI search. These are invaluable tools that will streamline your creative process but aren’t available if you simply purchase credits.

Subscription bulk discounts for optimum savings

In addition to the annual and annual prepaid subscription discounts, Shutterstock offers another layer of financial savings: subscription bulk discounts. This approach is ideal for customers who require a substantial volume of creative assets and are willing to commit to larger plan sizes. Simply put, the larger the subscription plan you opt for, the lower your cost per image becomes.

Shutterstock’s subscription plans vary from 10 to 750 credits per month, each suitable for a different level of usage. The 10-credit plan starts at $49 per month if billed monthly or as low as $25 per month if you choose the annual prepaid option. This pricing may work well for small businesses, solo creators, or those who require a limited number of assets on a monthly basis.

However, for larger businesses, marketing agencies, or prolific creators who need a steady flow of fresh assets, choosing a larger plan brings considerable cost advantages. With these bulk discounts, the price per image significantly drops. For instance, in the case of the largest plan – 750 credits per month – you pay as low as $167 per month with the annual prepaid option, bringing the cost per image to a mere $0.22. Compared to the $2.5 per image in the 10-credit plan, this represents a remarkable reduction in price per image.

Let’s consider a few examples. If you opt for the 25-credit plan, you’ll pay $50 per month on an annual prepaid basis, which translates to $2 per image. But, if you decide to go for the 750-credit plan under the same annual prepaid conditions, your per-image cost is slashed to just $0.22. You’re getting the same high-quality images but for almost 90% less in cost per image.

On-demand packs discounts

For customers who require stock assets intermittently rather than regularly, Shutterstock offers on-demand packs. These packs are an excellent choice if you’re not ready to commit to a contract as subscriptions do. Even though they cost more than subscriptions, they allow for more flexibility and cater to your specific needs.

Image on-demand discounts

Shutterstock’s Image On-Demand packs come in three sizes: 2, 5, and 25 downloads. Each pack has a different cost per image, providing a discount as the size of the pack increases.

For instance, a 2-image pack costs $29, translating to $14.50 per image. If you opt for a larger pack, like the 25-image pack for $229, the cost per image is reduced to $9.16. This represents a discount of about 37% compared to the 2-image pack.

For Enhanced Licenses, the price range is from $199 to $1,699 per pack. Despite the higher prices, similar discounts apply. A 2-image pack costs $199 ($99.50/image), while a 25-image pack is priced at $1,699, which lowers the price to $67.96 per image. This represents a discount of approximately 32% when you purchase the larger pack.

Video on-demand discounts

If your need for stock videos is sporadic, Shutterstock’s Video On-Demand packs are a suitable choice. They come in three different resolutions: SD, HD, and 4K. The discounts follow a similar pattern to the Image On-Demand packs.

For example, a pack of 5 SD videos costs $299, translating to $59.80 per video. However, if you choose a larger pack, such as the 25 SD videos pack for $1,299, the cost per video decreases to $51.96, showing a discount of around 13%.

Similar discounts are also available in the HD and 4K video packs. The cost per video decreases as the size of the pack increases, making larger packs a more cost-effective choice if you need multiple videos.

In summary, Shutterstock’s On-Demand packs offer valuable discounts for customers who don’t require a constant stream of creative assets. The larger the pack size you purchase, the lower the cost per asset, providing a flexible, cost-effective solution for intermittent needs. Whether you need images or videos, and regardless of the license type, Shutterstock provides savings that increase with the size of the pack.


Shutterstock free trial discount

Get 10 images, 1 video, or 2 music tracks free during the first 30 days.


50% Off Subscriptions

Save up to 50% by paying for subscription upfront.


40% Off Annual Subscriptions

Get up to 40% when choosing annual subscriptions over monthly ones.


Save 78% on Stock Footage

Save 78% by prepaying for 20 footage pack


Save 32% on Extended licenses

Save 32% by purchasing 25 image pack

Save with Unlimited Music

Get Unlimited music download for $16.60/month


15% Discount on Every Purchase

Works on every order at Shutterstock

About Shutterstock

Shutterstock is the highest-rated marketplace for high-quality and royalty-free stock photos, vectors, illustrations, videos, music, templates, and 3D elements. It is an excellent stock photo site for anyone who needs high-quality, licensed assets, including marketers, designers, creatives, website owners, and individuals. Shutterstock’s content is suitable for advertisements, personal projects, decorations, resale, website decoration, social media posts, and virtually any other use case.

The most notable Shutterstock features include.

    • More than 440 million high-quality images.

    • Over 200,000 images are added every day.

    • Shutterstock sells images (photos, vectors, illustrations, icons), 4K and HD videos, music, and audio.

    • Over 1 billion images, video clips, and music tracks were downloaded.

    • More than 1,000,000 contributors.

    • Customers from 150+ countries.

    • is translated into 21 languages.

    • Comprehensive Standard license (the same as the royalty-free).

    • Fantastic website.

    • Free trial of 10 free photos + 1 free photo and vector each week.

    • Shutterstock accepts payment via PayPal, Visa, American Express, JCB, Discover, and MasterCard.

    • Shutterstock sells photos with a subscription and on demand.

With over 20 years of experience in the stock photo community, Shutterstock is the number one choice for a lot of bloggers, businesses, web designers, home decorators, and artists to get professional, high-quality images.

Over the years, I’ve established a great relationship with this stock photo site. This way, I was able to get access to all these awesome coupon codes for you, my readers.

Contact Information

Shutterstock, Inc.
350 Fifth Avenue, 21st Floor
New York, NY 10118
Telephone Number: +1 (866) 663-3954
Email Address:

Where to find Shutterstock?

Don’t you trust Shutterstock yet? You can find it on various social media, on the web, or you can contact the support team directly.

  • Shutterstock on Instagram: Instagram is a medium for creatives to get inspired and share their own work. Shutterstock is no different. Their account has daily uploads of the very best stock photo content, photo, and vectors. Follow them for more inspiration.
  • Shutterstock on Facebook: On Facebook, you’ll find fresh updates to the Shutterstock blog and all news. I recommend you follow them so you stay up-to-date with everything that’s going on at
  • Shutterstock on Twitter: Twitter is where Shutterstock shares all the latest updates, including blog posts and certain updates to the websites. If you’re a regular customer, following Shutterstock’s Twitter is a must.
  • Shutterstock on Pinterest: This visual search engine is the go-to social media for any creator, blogger, and artist. Shutterstock posts several inspiring images each day.
  • Shutterstock on YouTube: Interested in video content? Shutterstock posts all its important announcements on YouTube.


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