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How to Get Shutterstock Free Trial SAFELY in 2022?

Matic Broz profile picture By Matic Broz Updated August 12, 2022
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Shutterstock offers a 30-day free trial with its annual subscription plan of 10 downloads per month that costs $29/month. By signing up for the free trial, you can download 10 stock images at zero cost while saving $29 during the first month. In this article, you will find everything you need to know to safely start the Shutterstock free trial (it’s very easy).

Quick Summary:

Follow these 6 steps to get Shutterstock free trial:

  1. Go to Shutterstock’s free trial page.
  2. Click on the “Try for free now” button.
  3. Create a free account.
  4. Fill in the checkout.
  5. Click “Complete checkout”.
  6. Download your 10 free images.

How to Get Shutterstock’s Free Trial?

Here, we explain how to get the Shutterstock free trial step by step.

Total duration: 3 minutes

Step 1: Go to Shutterstock’s free trial page.

Shutterstock free trial - Step 1

This is what the free trial page looks like. The exact design might change from time to time, but the idea remains the same. We also found that the background image changes with every visit, so don’t let that confuse you. Also, Shutterstock occasionally changes the button text and the overall layout of the page.

Step 2: Click on the “Try for free now” button.

Shutterstock free trial - Step 2

Clicking the button will take you to the checkout page, where you’ll enter your payment information and create a free account if you haven’t already.

Step 3: Create a free account.

Shutterstock free trial Step 3

If you don’t have a Shutterstock account yet, you can create one by entering your email address and a password, and then click the red “Start free trial” button. If you have an account, all you have to do is log in.

Step 4: Fill in checkout.

Shutterstock free trial - Step 4

In the checkout form, you’ll have to choose a payment method–you can choose between PayPal, S€PA, and a credit card. Then, fill in your billing address and verify that the free trial indeed worked. If for some reason it did not, enter the free trial coupon code by clicking “Modify your coupon code”. IMPORTANT: Despite entering your payment information, you won’t be billed until the free trial ends. So, if you don’t want to be billed, terminate the free trial before the 30-day period expires.

Step 5: Click “Complete checkout”.

Clicking the “Complete checkout” button will officially start your Shutterstock free trial. You won’t be charged for it (it is completely free!) and you’ll receive an email confirmation.

Step 6: Download your 10 free images.

You have 30 days to use the 10 downloads you get.

What is the Shutterstock free trial?

Shutterstock’s free trial is a 30-day period during which you get 10 free downloads from Shutterstock’s library of over 400 million stock images. It is a free trial of the annual Image Subscription of 10 downloads per month, which costs $29/month.

Shutterstock announced the free trial on November 11, 2019, in pursuit of getting more customers for their subscriptions. It is also an attempt to provide safer use of images since using free stock images can always put you or your client at risk of copyright infringement.

Terms and Conditions

  • Risk-free: You may cancel anytime within the first month and pay nothing.
  • Keep images: Even if you cancel, you can keep all the images you downloaded with the free trial.
  • Save $29: You don’t pay for the first month of a $29/month subscription.
  • Full access: You get to download any Shutterstock image that can be licensed under the Standard license (Editorial images are excluded).
  • Cancel 2 days in advance: You must cancel at least 2 days before the free trial ends, otherwise, you get billed anyway, as stated in the terms and conditions, “/…/ and will charge the monthly subscription fee (29 €) to your payment method within 2 days prior to the end of the month /…/.
  • 1 free trial per person.
  • You can’t combine it with any other offers, coupons, or discounts.

Using fake cards

There are sites like DoNotPay that claim to give you access to Shutterstock’s free trial without using your credit card information. While they can really do that, we do not recommend it.

Here are the reasons why you should avoid scamming:

1. Copyright infringement

Shutterstock’s free trial is limited to 1 trial per person. If you sign up for multiple free trials, you’ll have to use multiple personas, which won’t be you. So, if you use an image that you download as someone else in your campaign, you technically don’t own the right to use it. Therefore, if the Shutterstock infringement team discovers your fraud, you will get fined.

2. It might not work

Nowadays, upon signing up for free trials, most checkouts verify that your card is real by charging you $1 and immediately refunding it. If you do the same with the DoNotPay (or any other) fake credit card, the free trial won’t work. If Shutterstock discovers your fraud, you might be banned from using the free trial permanently.

Shutterstock footage & music free trial

Shutterstock doesn’t offer a free trial for stock footage and music downloads. You also can’t use the 30-day free trial for images to download footage and music. The cheapest way to download Shutterstock footage is with subscriptions of images. We recommend choosing the prepaid annual 20 monthly downloads plan, priced at $8.35/video. Music, you can get practically for free with the Unlimited music plan that costs $16.60/month.

Shutterstock Free Trial FAQ

How long does the Shutterstock free trial last?

Shutterstock’s free trial lasts for 30 days. Within 30 days, you may download 10 royalty-free stock images free of charge and keep them even if you cancel. If you decide to cancel, you pay nothing.

Can you cancel Shutterstock before the free trial ends?

Yes, you can cancel the free trial before it ends. To cancel the free trial, go to the Plans page in your account and click “Cancel plan early” before the free trial ends.

Can I use Shutterstock images after the free trial?

Yes, you can use all Shutterstock images after the free trial, even if you cancel. The images you download during the free trial are licensed with the Standard license that allows perpetual and worldwide use of the images.

Is Shutterstock’s free trial really free?

Yes, Shutterstock free trial is completely free. If you cancel before the 30-day free trial period ends, you pay nothing. Although you must enter the credit card information, the Shutterstock trial remains free because you won’t get charged.


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