Shutterstock video pricing, explained

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Shutterstock video pricing

Shutterstock video pricing has changed so many times over the last few years that I can barely keep up with updating this guide. But it’s all worth it, you know, because they are changing it for the better of the customers. You used to have to buy a separate subscription for images, videos, and audio—now, you can get all content types with one subscription. Incidentally, this is the cheapest way to get stock footage at Shutterstock:

  1. Go to the Shutterstock pricing page
  2. Switch to the Video tab and find a Subscription panel
  3. Pick the right subscription size for yourself
  4. Enter your payment information and confirm
  5. Download your favorite videos

You can also download videos from Shutterstock with video packs, though these are more expensive per video but provide more flexibility. Let me help you pick the best option for yourself.

How much do Shutterstock videos cost?

With a monthly subscription or a one-time video pack from Shutterstock, you’ll get a set amount of credits that are good for a full year. These credits can be spent on images, videos, or music tracks to suit your creative needs. A Standard license for a video sets you back 25 credits, and if you opt for an Enhanced license, it will cost you 50 credits.

The subscription model offers a range of six tiers, starting from 10 monthly credits up to 750, with pricing from $49.91 to $499 per month. For those specifically interested in videos, however, the 10-credit option may not be the most economical choice. Subscription commitments are available on a monthly basis, or you can save with annual options at 20% off and an annual prepaid plan at 33% off. This flexibility in commitment makes the cost per video vary between $5.55 to $89. Alternatively, if you’re more inclined towards video packs, there are three sizes to consider: 30, 125, and 250 credits. Prices for these packs range from $139 to $575, translating to a per-video cost of $57.50 to $116.

Subscription vs packs: Shutterstock video pricing

Cost$24.92–$499 per month
£19.08–£429 per month
19.08€–499€ per month
$139, $349, $575
£91.99, £231.99, £381.99
125.99€, 314.99€, 519.99€
Credits10 to 750 per month30, 125, 250
Videos you can get1 to 301, 5, 10
Coupons (learn more)PHOTUTORIAL15PHOTUTORIAL15
View dealView deal

Can you buy a single video

Single video purchases come with the most freedom, but are also by far the most expensive. Additionally, single video costs increase with resolution, while on-demand packs and subscriptions charge the same number of credits for all resolutions.

When to get them? Use single purchases when you need 1 video only. If you need 2 or more, always pick subscriptions or on-demand packs.

ResolutionStandard LicenseEnhanced License

How to save more on Shutterstock videos?

Subscriptions (from $2.22/video) already save you up to 98.8% on 4K footage compared to single purchases ($179/video). But you can reduce that price by 15% down to $1.89 per 4K video by using our Shutterstock coupons.


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You can also get one Shutterstock video completely free by using the Shutterstock free trial. This way you get a FLEX Subscription with 10 monthly credits free for 1 month when you choose the annual plan, thus saving you $29.

Are there cheaper options for videos?

Yes, you can get videos even cheaper. Recently, stock video subscriptions offering unlimited downloads have been gaining in popularity. The most popular among them is Envato Elements, which is at the same time one of the cheapest and has the largest collection of videos (4.2 million).


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