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Stock Photo Secrets Review

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Stock Photo Secrets is a little known provider of stock images that will make you glad that you find this hidden gem. While it’s not the biggest, it will make you feel like home. Stick until the end to see why.

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  • High-quality images and videos
  • Great personal service
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Snappy website
  • A lot of buying options
  • Small library (7 mil images)
  • Not the best website design

In this Stock Photo Secrets review, I thoroughly answer all your questions.

Is Stock Photo Secrets trustworthy and worth your money?

Let’s get right into this Stock Photo Secrets review.

What is Stock Photo Secrets?

Stock Photo Secrets is a relatively small stock photo agency that offers stock photos at the lowest prices in this industry.

Stock Photo Secrets is a breath of fresh air in the stock photo industry.

They are the perfect combination of a big company capable of providing millions of images, vectors, videos, and fonts to answer all your stock photo needs and a small company with a swift and kind support team, which you can get to know on a personal level.

Stock Photo Secrets’ main editor and author is Amos Struck, a veteran stock industry expert. He’s a founder of Stock Photo Press, co-founder of Microstock Expo, and he’s involved in the development of WordPress plugins.


Stock photo sites’ pricing is dependent on image resolution and image licensing. Another factor to take into consideration is the availability of subscriptions or packs, which come with discount.

Stock Photo Secrets offers both subscription plans and image packs.

What do you get?

With any plan listed below, you are entitled to:

  • Total access to Stock Photo Secret’s library of 6.8 mil+ photos, vectors, and fonts; to which 100,000 new files are added every month,
  • Download at any size with no hidden fees,
  • Unused downloads are carried over to the next month, for up to 3 months,
  • Royalty-free license for social media, web, & print.


Stock Photo Secrets offers subscriptions with either monthly or yearly, with the latter being 33% cheaper.

Subscriptions grant you a Standard license, which allows a reproduction limit of up to 300,000. Read more about the Standard End User Agreement.

Monthly subscription

You can choose between 3 monthly plans in total. All the plans let you carry over unused downloads – this is great feature will save you tons of money if you don’t use all the downloads in a given month.

Stock Photo Secrets Review - Monthly Subscription Prices
Monthly subscription prices

Here’s the pricing summary:

Monthly downloadsPrice/monthPrice/image
Monthly subscription prices summary

The best prices come with the large plan of 500 monthly downloads, resulting in $0.21/image.

Additionally, you can cancel any plan anytime.

Yearly subscription

The yearly subscription is much more cost-efficient, in the case of Stock Photo Secrets you can save up to 33% with it.

Stock Photo Secrets Review - Yearly Subscription Prices
Yearly subscription prices

With the yearly subscription comes an option to join the 99CLUB.

99CLUB is a great way to get the most out of the money you invest in stock photography and is uncoincidentally their most popular offer.

Yearly downloadsPrice/yearPrice/image

Multi-User Subscriptions

Multi-User Subscriptions allow access to your account with more than one user at a time.

You can choose between 3 and 5 users, with which you can save up to 25% compared to the standard prices.

In 99club the third user is free.

Stock Photo Secrets Review - Multi-User Subscription
Multi-User subscription prices

Image Packs

Image Packs are the best choice if you’re only looking for a couple of images without any commitment.

This is, however, a less cost-efficient option than the Subscription plans.

Credit packs pricing
Image packs pricing

There are 3 available Image Packs:

  • 5 images: $39 – or $7.80/image
  • 10 images: $55 – or $5.50/image
  • 25 images: $149 – or $5.96/image

Image Packs fall under the Standard license.

Extended License Image Packs

An Extended License allows for prints of 300,000 pieces or more and is necessary if you want to use the images for sale.

Image Packs under the Extended License are noticeably more expensive than the Standard License Image Packs, customers with an active subscription benefit from a 50% discount.

Credit Extended license packs pricing
Extended license image packs pricing

Bottom line: fully committing to Stock Photo Secrets is much more effective than with other stock photo sites.

  • 1 image: $80
  • 5 images: $300, $60/image
  • 25 images: $1,100, $44/image

Let me do the math for you 🙂 For active subscribers, these same packs would cost:

  • 1 image: $40
  • 5 images: $150, $30/image
  • 25 images: $550, $22/image

If you think about it, $22 for an image that can bring you thousands of dollars from your merchandise is extremely affordable.

99club review

As I have already mentioned in the Pricing/Yearly subscription, 99club is an affordable yearly subscription plan designed specifically for small businesses.

With the 99club you get 200 high-quality downloads of royalty-free images, vectors, and fonts for only $99 ($0.49 per download) that you can keep forever.

Also, there are no hidden fees.

Another great feature of the 99club is that you have an entire year to use the 200 downloads, it doesn’t matter when.

Why join 99club?

If you know that you’ll need a good amount of images in the following year, but you don’t know when exactly you’re going to need them and you don’t want to be limited with monthly limits, 99club is the perfect choice for you.

99club gives you the freedom of an Image pack, but at the low prices of a subscription plan. It combines the best of both worlds.

You will never run out of premium content with 99club by Stock Photo Secret since over 100,00 new files are uploaded each month.

Features of 99club

  • For $99 you get 200 XXL stock images, vectors, and fonts
  • Additional images only $0.99
  • Auto-renew price is the same ($99)
  • 50% discount on Extended license images

99club conclusion

In a super-competitive business that is the stock photo market, there are a handful of affordable options.

99club is not only budget-friendly, but it also offers small- and medium-sized business unmatched flexibility.

License comparison

The key difference between the Standard and Extended license is the purpose of the image, vector, videos, or font you’re purchasing.

If you’re planning to use the item for resale such as prints, web templates, screensavers, calendars, you need the Extended license.

For non-commercial use, the Standard license is enough, as long as you stay under the reproduction limit of 300,000.

You will find a side-by-side comparison of both licenses in the table below.

Image usageStandardExtended
Reproduction limit300,000Unlimited
Image use in digital & print media
Image use in items for resale
Use within your platform
Legal protection$10,000$10,000

Payment options

Purchasing on Stock Photo Secrets is 100% secure. It’s Verified and Secured by GoDaddy.com, an American publicly traded Internet domain registrar.

Payment options include PayPal, and all major Credit Cards – Amex (American Express), Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard, Discover Network, and Solo Cards.

Stock Photo Secrets Review - Payment form
Payment form

Image Search tools

Hassle-free image search is crucial in the stock photo business, and Stock Photo Secrets knows that, so when it comes to Image Search, they leave most of its competitors in the dust.

The overall image searching experience reminds me of Alamy’s Image Search tools, which I consider to be the best in the business.

To review the Image Search tools, I will use the search phrase “pineapple”, just so we can see how well I can find the right images.

All image searches were performed on July 7, 2020, so the exact numbers might have changed.

Image Search bar

By typing “pineapple” in the Image Search, Stock Photo Secrets offers 9916 total results. Not bad for a pineapple.

Right next to the search bar, you can choose between All images, Photos, Vectors, Fonts, and Videos. You should start by selecting the one that’s right for you based on your needs.

In this example, I will use Photos, because that’s what I am looking for. Now, there are 6099 results.

Below the search bar, you can sort the results based on 4 options:

  • Relevance: results based on what other customers went on to download after using the same search term
  • Newest: most recent uploads
  • Curated: it means that the order in which photos appear was determined by an expert. When you choose this option with phrase “pineapple”, roughly 50% of images don’t have a pineapple in them, which is probably due to the poorly programmed AI, which confuses other orange fruits such as papaya and oranges with a pineapple.
    Another reason is that contributors foolishly use a keyword such as “red”, “skin”, “pineapple”, and “view” on an image with nothing but oranges in it.
  • Popularity: the most downloaded images withing your search
Stock Photo Secrets Review - Image Search bar
Image Search bar, search term “pineapple”

Search settings

In the top right corner, you will find search settings next to the little gear icon. If you click on it, you’ll get options to:

  • Change the thumbnail size: Small, Large, Extra large
  • Change the number of results per page: 25, 50, 100, 200
  • Turn previews on and off
  • Use Safe Search
Stock Photo Secrets Review - Search settings
Payment form

Refine search

To the right of the search bar, you’ll find the Refine search option.

I recommend you use it as much as possible, as it can more than halve your search process.

Search Type

You can search within your current results or make a new search that will add new images to the current ones.

Exclude Keywords

This is useful if you don’t want certain objects in your images.

For example, let’s say that I don’t want oranges and papayas within my search results, so I can easily filter them out by typing “oranges, papayas” in Exclude keywords bar. Notice how I used “oranges” and not “orange” since I don’t want to filter out orange colours, just the fruit.

I’m down to 3006 search results.


You can choose between Portrait, Square, Landscape, Color, and B&W. This is extremely useful because more often than not you’ll need a very specific aspect ratio of an image.

I will check Landscape and Color, because I don’t want any square or vertical images, nor do I want a black & white.

Only 1526 results left.

Advanced filters

With Advanced filters, you can go into great detail. You can choose among your favourite authors, the number of people, age, gender, composition (the angle from which the person is photographed), and a viewpoint.

I chose that I want 1 person in my image and only women. I got 8 results now.

It shouldn’t be to difficult to choose the right one, now. 🙂 As you can see these filters are extremely powerful. In a matter of seconds, I narrowed my search from almost 10,000 results to 8.

Stock Photo Secrets Review - Search terms
Search terms I used

To get even more insight into how Stock Photo Secrets works, you can watch this video by Amos.

Bottom Line: Stock Photo Secrets Review

In this Stock Photo Secrets review, I covered the strengths and weaknesses of this stock photo agency.

To recap; Stock Photo Secrets is a medium-sized stock photo agency, which has its own stock shop, but it also helps bigger companies such as Shutterstock get new customers.

Here are my recommendations:

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