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Frequently asked questions

What are stock photos?

Stock photos are pre-taken photographs licensed for reuse in visual projects. They provide high-quality, diverse images without having to organize photoshoots. Common uses include websites, presentations, marketing materials, etc.

What types of stock photos are available?

Stock photos come in many varieties. Common categories include lifestyle (people), business/professions, nature, emotions, conceptual, and more. Images can be photos, vectors, illustrations, or composites. Consider the style you need.

Can I use stock photos commercially?

Many stock photos are commercially licensable, but check usage rights. Commercial use allows applying the visuals in for-profit materials like ads, merchandise, publications, etc. Other licenses are for personal or educational use only.

How are stock photos priced?

Stock photo pricing varies based on file size/type, licenses, collection, exclusivity and provider. Royalty-free images tend to cost $5-$100+ per image. Subscription plans provide unlimited downloads for a monthly fee.

Should I credit the photographer?

Attribution requirements depend on the stock agency and license acquired. Many subscriptions don't require it. For individual images, check if crediting the photographer is mandatory or just recommended.

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