Stock videos

Helping you enhance your video projects by showing you how to source the most fitting stock footage based on your production needs. With comprehensive evaluations and tutorials, we're dedicated to ensuring you select the right footage for your work, making every creative decision a smart one.

Frequently asked questions

What are stock videos?

Stock videos, also known as stock footage, are short video clips of generic subjects that can be licensed and reused without having to shoot new footage. They provide a way to enhance videos while saving time and money on production costs.

Can stock videos be used commercially?

Many stock videos are available for commercial use, but it's important to verify the licensing terms first. Different licenses have different usage rights, so always review the agreement to ensure your intended use is allowed.

How are stock videos priced?

Pricing varies based on factors like resolution, length, exclusivity, licensing model, and provider. Options range from free clips to exclusive 4K footage costing hundreds or thousands per video. Compare pricing across platforms to find the best value.

Do I need to credit the creator?

You may need to provide attribution depending on the stock footage license requirements. Check the usage terms to see if crediting the creator/provider is mandatory or optional.

What's the difference between royalty-free and rights-managed?

Royalty-free means pay once to use the video multiple times. Rights-managed licenses are for a single project--you'd have to purchase again for additional use cases. Understand your needs before picking a licensing model.

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