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Tailor Brands Review (2023)

Photutorial’s take

Tailor Brands is an excellent all-in-one solution for new businesses that need a logo, LLC, branded designs, business email, a simple website, and/or digital business cards. Tailor Brands has also partnered with 3rd party companies to bring its customers discounts on insurance and bank account.


  • It’s an all-in-one solution
  • Very easy to create simple websites
  • Replies to most customer reviews and tries solving their issues


  • Unclear pricing
  • Logo maker needs some improvement
  • Limited usability for non-US users
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2-minute Tailor Brands review

Tailor Brands is the ultimate solution for aspiring business owners worldwide. Unlike other platforms offering limited services such as logo creation (Looka) or logos and websites (Wix), Tailor Brands offers a comprehensive solution that includes handling the paperwork for forming an LLC. Starting a business can be overwhelming, especially for those new to the process, so many turn to expensive lawyers or agents to help. But with Tailor Brands, you can get everything done at a much more affordable price of $249.

Who’s Tailor Brands best for?

Tailor Brands is the best online partner for new business owners, offering LLC formation services and everything else related to starting a new business. Whether you require an LLC or not, Tailor Brands provides a one-stop solution for all your business needs, including logos, branded designs, business cards, simple website creation, business bank account opening, and even business insurance. So, if you need several or all of those, Tailor Brands is a good option.

Who Tailor Brands isn’t best for?

Tailor Brands offers a comprehensive package, but if you’re looking for specialized services, you may need to look elsewhere. For instance, if you only require a logo, you may find Looka to be a more affordable and suitable option.

How much does Tailor Brands cost?

Tailor Brands pricing consists of logo and branding subscription plans starting from $2.50 per month, with three tiers: Basic, Standard, and Premium. The plans include various features such as high-quality logos, branding tools, social media designs, and a full brand identity kit. Tailor Brands also offers LLC formation plans, with prices ranging from $49 to $249 annually, depending on the plan and features selected. Additional fees may apply, including state filing fees, publication requirements fees, and business licenses and permits.

Logo & brand assets pricing

Tailor Brands offers three types of logo and website subscriptions: monthly, yearly (70% off), or biyearly (75% off). They include The Basic ($2.50–$9.99/mo), Standard ($4.99–$19.99/mo), and Premium ($9.99–$49.99/mo) plans. Here’s the detailed pricing:

Subscription planBasicStandardPremium
1 month$9.99/mo$19.99/mo$49.99/mo
1 year$3.99/mo$5.99/mo$12.99/mo
2 years$2.50/mo$4.99/mo$9.99/mo
FeaturesHigh-quality logo, branding tools, social media designs, and moreBasic features plus business card designs and branded presentationsStandard features plus a full brand identity kit and priority support
Tailor Brands logo and website subscription pricing
Tailor Brands Logo Pricing
Logo creation, graphic design, and website builder subscription plans. (Credit: Tailor Brands/Photutorial)

The Basic package offers essential branding essentials, such as a high-quality logo, full ownership, social media logo sizes, and a resize tool. You can also use the digital card and graphic design tool to create professional graphics and customize designs with the option to upload your images and access stock photos and icons.

The Standard package builds on the Basic package with additional features like vector EPS logo files, a business card tool, and a branded presentation. The seasonal logo generator is perfect for businesses that want to change their logo throughout the year. The full website builder and multi-language support make it effortless to create a polished website.

The Premium package encompasses all the features of the Standard package. It takes it to the next level with the ability to create an online store, accept online payments, and sell products on Facebook and Instagram. You can also engage with website visitors through live chat to provide exceptional customer service and easily reach customers.

LLC formation prices

Tailor Brands currently offers three plans: Lite, Essential, and Elite. The Lite plan is a one-time payment of $49 and takes up to 14 business days to process. The Essential plan costs $199 annually and takes up to 2 business days to process, including annual compliance, LLC formation, expedited processing, and an operating agreement. The Elite plan is billed at $249 annually, offering everything in the Essential plan, plus business-building tools, a 1-year free domain, 8 free logos, a website builder, a digital business card, a social media post maker, and a business card tool, with processing taking up to 2 business days. It’s important to note that each of these Tailor Brands plans provides a considerable discount of about 50% compared to purchasing all features individually.

Tailor Brands LLC Pricing
LLC formation, website builder, logo builder, and graphic design plans. Tailor Brands is still experimenting with the LLC prices, so your pricing may slightly differ from ours based on your location. (Credit: Tailor Brands/Photutorial)

Additional fees

Three common ways to set up an LLC include doing it yourself, hiring a lawyer, and using an LLC formation service. These services specialize in forming LLCs, costing as little as $300. Obligatory LLC formation costs encompass LLC filing fees, state filing fees, publication requirements fees, and business licenses and permits. State filing fees can range from $10 in Colorado to $300 in Texas.

Additional optional fees for LLC formation include registered agent services, operating agreements, applying for an EIN, reserving your LLC name, and filing a fictitious business name application. The costs for these services can vary depending on whether you do it yourself, purchase a template, hire a lawyer, or use an incorporation website.

How to get started with Tailor Brands?

To begin, simply set up a free account that can be linked to Google, Facebook, or any email address. Enter your business name, such as “Photutorial”, and in no time, you’ll find yourself on a streamlined dashboard that guides you through the process of creating your business. The steps are logically organized to provide a quick and seamless experience. And if you need to, you can easily skip any step or revisit it later.

Tailor Brands Review of the Main Dashboard
The main Tailor Brands dashboard guides you step-by-step through business creation. (Credit: Tailor Brands/Photutorial)

Most customers, including ourselves, start by creating a logo using the Logo Maker (jump to the review). This AI-powered tool helps you create a unique logo based on your specifications. However, we’ve found it to be a bit cumbersome, with confusing editing options and combinations. In our opinion, the best online logo maker is Looka, which offers similar pricing but is more user-friendly. However, Looka doesn’t offer services like LLC formation, bank accounts, and insurance, which are available through Tailor Brands.

Once you have your logo, the rest of the branding process is a breeze. The Branded materials like digital business cards, presentation templates, and social media designs will be automatically generated using your logo and brand colors. The website builder (jump to the review) will also feature your logo and colors.

The longest step in the process is creating your business email. This requires setting up a Google Workspace account, which is a must for any business. Before you can do that, you need to purchase a domain, which you can do through a web hosting service or Tailor Brands (starting at $9.99 per year).

Finally, you need to take care of the administrative side of your business. This involves registering an LLC, which Tailor Brands can do for you at a cost that’s lower than hiring a lawyer but higher than doing it yourself. State registration fees, which range from $20 to $300 per year, cannot be avoided. While Tailor Brands won’t handle your taxes, insurance, or bank account, they do offer discounts through their vetted partners who provide these services.

Tailor Brands Logo Maker review

The Logo Maker is a user-friendly tool powered by AI that generates numerous logo ideas tailored to your specifications. Its step-by-step wizard makes the process simple, even for those without prior design experience. Simply input your logo name and, if desired, a tagline. The setup then prompts you to provide information about your business and its offers, such as physical goods, services, or original content. Although you can bypass some of these questions, taking the time to answer them will result in more customized and fitting logo concepts. One crucial aspect that the setup asks about is your industry, which greatly influences the design of your logo.

Tailor Brands Logo Maker Review Choosing Logo Type
(Credit: Tailor Brands/Photutorial)

We appreciate the versatility of Tailor Brands’ logo design process, allowing you to choose from an icon-based, name-based, or initial-based layout – a feature not offered by other logo makers that limits their automatic creation capabilities. Selecting up to 3 font types is also a crucial aspect of logo design, as different fonts convey different messages. For example, bold sans-serif fonts give off a modern vibe, while narrow serif fonts convey trustworthiness. Creating a logo with Tailor Brands is quick and simple, taking only 2 to 3 minutes to complete.

Unfortunately, we encountered some issues with the Logo Maker not accurately following our instructions for the design. This is a common challenge among all logo makers we have tested, and it is unclear if this is a bug or an intended feature. The good news is that Tailor Brands, like other top logo makers, offers ample editing options, making it easy to make any necessary changes to achieve the desired logo.

Tailor Brands Logo Maker Review Editing Logos
The logo editor is clean and easy to navigate. (Credit: Tailor Brands/Photutorial)

With the logo editor, you have the freedom to select any design from the sidebar options and make customizations to suit your brand. The Type panel is the most comprehensive, allowing you to change the style, font, and text features such as capitalization and letter spacing. However, certain designs may have restrictions, such as not being able to select styles other than masculine or classy.

The Shapes panel may be misleading, as it only allows you to add frames, not icons. To enhance the visual appeal of your logo, you can choose from 24 color palettes or create your own based on your brand colors in the Color panel.

When you’re satisfied with your design, simply save it for later or click Finish to return to the main dashboard. If you need more inspiration, you can always click “See More” on the left sidebar to generate additional logo ideas. And, when you’re ready, you can easily download your logo at any time.

Create a free logo

Tailor Brands website builder review

You can create websites with Tailor Brands’ website builder in two ways: automatic website builder or building an online store or blog with DIY templates. The former is the easiest and requires no skill, while the latter requires little website knowledge.

The automatic website builder is straightforward. First, you just click buttons to select which sections you want on your website, and the builder will add them. You can add the about section, services, gallery, testimonials, features, social media icons, and a contact form, as seen in the video below. After you create the basic outline, you can choose one of the five templates. And that’s everything you have to do to create a website with Tailor Brands. Of course, you can modify text, images, and colors afterward.

Creating an automated website (Credit: Tailor Brands/Photutorial)

Another option is to use DIY templates, which require more skills but is still simple. First, you can browse 5 categories of templates based on the purpose of your website: online store, blog, events, business, or misc. However, in this case, you have to subscribe after choosing a template before you can continue working on your website.

Have Tailor Brands create a complex website for you

Tailor Brands can create your website from scratch, based on your vision, preferences, and requirements. Once the website is ready, you will have full control over it and can edit it regularly as you wish. We found that their feedback process is efficient, ensuring that your custom-made website will be completed in just 4 weeks or less. After our designer has created the foundation of your online store, you can begin adding the products you want your customers to see.

  1. Create a Tailor Brands account

    Before you can use Tailor Brands, you need to sign up for an account. Go to the Tailor Brands website and click on “Get Started” or “Sign Up.” Provide your email address and create a password to set up your account

  2. Log in to your Tailor Brands account

    Once you have created your account, log in to your Tailor Brands dashboard by entering your email address and password.

  3. Go to the website section

    Navigate to the website section on your dashboard. Here, you can find all the options for website creation and customization.

  4. Create a new site

    Click on “Create a New Site” or “Start Building” to initiate the website-building process. This will take you to a new page where you can select different options for your website.

  5. Select “Hire a Designer” option

    To have Tailor Brands build your website for you, select the “Hire a Designer” option. This will open a new window where you can provide details about your website and the services you require.

  6. Answer the questionnaire

    The next step is to answer a questionnaire designed to help Tailor Brands understand your preferences and requirements. The questionnaire will include questions about your business, industry, target audience, and design preferences. Take your time and provide accurate information, as this will help the designers create a website that best reflects your brand.

  7. Submit your request and make payment

    After you have completed the questionnaire, submit your request and make the necessary payment for the website design service. Tailor Brands will then assign a designer to you.

  8. Communicate with your assigned designer

    Once your request is submitted and the payment is made, Tailor Brands will assign a designer to your project. You will receive a confirmation email with the designer’s contact information. Communicate with your designer to discuss your website preferences, requirements, and any specific features you want to include.

  9. Review the initial design concepts

    Your designer will provide you with initial design concepts for your website. Take the time to review these concepts carefully, and provide feedback or request changes if necessary. This is an important step to ensure that your website aligns with your brand and meets your expectations.

  10. Approve the final design

    After making any requested changes, your designer will send you the final design for your approval. Review the design thoroughly, and if you are satisfied, approve it. If you still need further adjustments, communicate with your designer to make the required changes.

Create a website

LLC formation service

Starting an LLC (limited liability company) may seem overwhelming, but the personal liability protection it provides to its owners makes it worth the effort. The process can be streamlined by using Tailor Brands’ services. This service used to be limited to US residents, but Tailor Brands recently expanded even to non-US residents.

Tailor Brands LLC provides a comprehensive package that includes managing paperwork and obtaining an EIN (Employer Identification Number) for $199. You can opt for your own agent, but the cost difference is likely to be minimal.

Maintaining compliance with state regulations can be one of the most challenging aspects of running an LLC. This task necessitates professional expertise, which Tailor Brands offers for $199, saving you time and potential frustration. With their support, you can trust that your LLC is in capable hands.

Tailor Brands LLC Review
(Credit: Tailor Brands/Photutorial)

Creating an operating agreement is a vital step in establishing your LLC. This document sets forth your business’s rules and regulations, safeguarding your personal assets and facilitating smooth company operations. Tailor Brands simplifies this process by offering this service for just $29. Additionally, they provide expedited processing for $49, ensuring your LLC is formed in only two days instead of the standard four weeks.

Benefits for US and non-US residents

  1. Strategic location: Establish your LLC in Delaware, one of the most preferred states for LLC formation, especially for non-US citizens.
  2. Comprehensive toolkit: Access all the essential tools required for running a successful business in the US, including obtaining an EIN, appointing a Registered Agent, and opening a digital banking account.
  3. Financial security: Keep your business and personal finances separate, minimize the risk of identity theft, and build trust with vendors and customers.
  4. Registered agent support: Ensure privacy by keeping your personal information out of the public record, and benefit from professional assistance that helps maintain your LLC’s compliance.
  5. Digital banking advantages: Safeguard your funds, enable global transactions, and access financing options that align with your business objectives.
  6. US LLC-specific benefits: Enjoy the perks of receiving payments in USD, opening a US business bank account, and expanding your audience in the US market.
  7. Access to online services: Take advantage of various online services available to US-based businesses, further streamlining your operations.
  8. Personal asset protection: Safeguard your personal assets in the event of a lawsuit, thanks to the limited liability protection offered by an LLC structure.

Read more: Form an LLC in the US in just a few steps

Start an LLC

Opening a bank account

Though not required, opening a separate bank account for your LLC is advisable for improved financial management. It allows you to separate your personal and business finances, simplifying expense tracking and tax handling. A separate business account also prevents your personal credit score from affecting your business credit score.

Tailor Brands offers free Mercury bank account opening services. To begin, you’ll need an EIN, which Tailor Brands will help you acquire.


Even after establishing your business, it’s essential to manage bookkeeping and tax filing for as long as your business operates. While Tailor Brands doesn’t offer bookkeeping services directly, they have partnered with to provide all Tailor Brands customers with a 50% discount for the first six months, costing you as little as $125/month (an affordable rate). Bench will handle your monthly bookkeeping and year-end financial statements for tax purposes.

Business insurance

Becoming an LLC provides insurance that shields your personal assets from lawsuits, but it doesn’t protect your business assets. Obtaining proper business insurance is crucial for safeguarding your company against various risks, such as property damage, liability claims, and employee injuries.

Tailor Brands does not directly offer business insurance but can guide you to suitable insurance providers based on your business’s specific needs. By ensuring your business has the right coverage, you can minimize potential losses and focus on growing your enterprise.

What we like about Tailor Brands

1. It’s an all-in-one solution

Starting a business can be overwhelming, especially if you have to handle various tasks through different platforms. Tailor Brands simplifies the process by providing an all-in-one solution, from logo creation to LLC formation, insurance, email, graphic design, banking, and more. With Tailor Brands, you can create a simple website in just a few minutes without the need for coding or technical skills. As your business grows, you may require more advanced solutions, but Tailor Brands is a great starting point for new businesses.

2. Effortless, simple website creation

Creating a website can be a time-consuming and complicated task, but Tailor Brands makes it easy. With their simple website builder, you can create a website in as little as 1-2 minutes. Choose from an automatic website builder or use templates to design a website that suits your needs—no coding or technical skills are required.

3. Replies to all customer reviews

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for Tailor Brands. They reply to all customer reviews and prioritize resolving any issues their customers may have. This level of responsiveness and attention to customer feedback is a testament to the quality of their service. Companies that reply to their customer reviews are typically more diligent in taking care of their customers, and Tailor Brands is no exception.

What we don’t like about Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands is a superb business partner for new business owners, but it isn’t without flaws.

1. Unclear pricing

Tailor Brands doesn’t have one pricing page where you can see all the services and their costs. Instead, you have to go through the entire process until the checkout, where you’re presented with pricing. This is particularly true for the LLC formation pricing.

Some users have reported feeling like the pricing model is confusing or too expensive because it can be difficult to determine which plan is right for their specific needs. Additionally, some users have noted that they were charged for additional features that they did not realize were included in their plan or that they didn’t need.

Another potential issue with the pricing model is that it is a subscription-based service, which means that users are charged on a recurring basis. While this can be convenient for some users, others may prefer to pay a one-time fee for the service.

2. Logo maker needs some improvement

The wizard that guides you through logo creation is intuitive and easy to use. Yet the logos it produces often do not align with your instructions. In addition, editing the logos is inflexible, with certain combinations unavailable. Therefore, we prefer Looka for just logo creation and branded designs.

3. Limited design options

Tailor Brands is a platform that uses artificial intelligence to create designs based on a user’s inputs and preferences. While the platform offers many design templates and options to choose from, some users have noted that they can’t fully customize every aspect of their design.

For example, while users can choose a design template and adjust the font, color, and layout of their logo, they may not be able to adjust the individual elements of the logo itself. This can be frustrating for users who want complete control over their branding and want to make more nuanced changes to their designs.

Additionally, some users have reported that the design templates themselves can be limiting in terms of customization. While there are many templates to choose from, some users have found that the designs are repetitive or not as creative as they would like. This can lead to a feeling of sameness among logos or other branding materials created using the platform.

Tailor Brands alternatives

Tailor Brand is an excellent all-in-one solution for new businesses looking to establish their online presence—in fact, it’s the best one we’ve tested. However, although it’s a great package, Tailor Brands doesn’t excel at every single service. There are several alternatives that handle certain parts of Tailor Brands better. These are the three best Tailor Brands alternatives:

1. Looka: Better for logos & graphics

Looka (read our Looka review) started as a logo builder, which is still where it excels and beats Tailor Brands. You specify what kind of logo you want in a similar fashion, but the results are better and more accurate. In addition, editing your logo is easier and more flexible while offering functions that Tailor Brands’ logo maker doesn’t, such as substituting letters for symbols or icons. The costs of the logo creation are very similar at Looka ($96 or $192/yr; $20 or $65 one-time) to Tailor Brands ($2.50–$49.99/mo), although the prices are difficult to compare because they offer different features.

As a part of its Brand Kit, Looka automatically creates over 300 branded designs for you, which include social media graphics, business cards, signatures, and more. Looka can also create simple websites for you, which go neck and neck with Tailor Brands’ website builder. Where Looka lacks compared to Tailor Brands is the lack of business email setup, LLC formation, insurance, and tax handling.

2. Wix: Better website builder

Creating logos in Wix (read our Wix Logo Maker review) is comparable to those in Tailor Brands, but the prices are higher. For $49 or $99, you can get just the logo or pick subscriptions from $9.60 to $24.40 per month to get logos, a brand kit, a free domain, and a website plan. The website builder is much more comprehensive in Wix by offering more functionalities and being very easy to use. Like Looka, Wix won’t handle bureaucracy for you.

3. ZenBusiness: Better for LLC formation

ZenBusiness, unlike our top two picks for Tailor Brands alternatives, doesn’t offer a logo maker. Instead, its focus is on forming an LLC or other business entity. Although starting at $99, forming an LLC with ZenBusiness can be more cost-effective than with Tailor Brands, whe you pick their lowest package. However, you’ll have to wait longer for processing. To expedite the process, you can pay $199 or $299 per year—but then Tailor Brands is cheaper.

Customer Tailor Brands reviews

To get a complete picture of Tailor Brands, we scrolled through over 3,000 Tailor Brands reviews on Trustpilot and Capterra. Tailor Brands get an average of 3.8/5 stars from 3,400 reviews, indicating that most customers are satisfied with their purchases. Customers who like Tailor Brands mention convenience, fast customer support (including phone support), and fast logo generation. Customers also like that they can handle everything business-related on one platform: logo, website, LLC, bank account, insurance, and business email.

The customers who rated Tailor Brands with 1-stars complain about long LLC formation time (it can take 2–4 weeks on the basic plan; 2 days on the Essential and Elite), the website cart widget not working properly, and extra fees for the LLC formation. However, in our experience, most customer complaints are pre-answered on the help page, but the customers don’t read them.

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Frequently asked questions

Is Tailor Brands legit?

Tailor Brands is a safe and legitimate company that has served over 30 million customers worldwide. All payments are encrypted, so your payment information stays safe. Taylor Brands also has over 2,200 5-star reviews from its customers.

Is Tailor Brands any good?

Tailor Brands is a good starting point for new businesses, especially for solopreneurs. It’s affordable and handles everything for you, but you will probably swap it for more professional services as your business grows.