Terms and Conditions

At Photutorial, accessible from photutorial.com (henceforth also “We”, “Us”, and “Site”), one of our main priorities is providing unbiased and accurate information. This Terms and Conditions page contains types of deviations from that claim you may experience on the Site.

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Sponsored posts & sponsored mentions

The Site contains sponsored posts and sponsored mentions. Sponsored posts are pages on the Site that were either written by the Site’s writers or contributed by a third party, for which the Site was monetary or otherwise compensated (henceforth, also “compensation”) by the third party. Sponsored mentions are short, usually paragraph-long mentions of a third party. Sponsored posts and sponsored mentions may contain a link pointing to the third party’s website (henceforth also “Link”). In accordance with Google guidelines, the Site irreversibly marks the Links with “rel=sponsored” (recent links) or “rel=nofollow” (older links). The Site may change the Links in any way, including but not limited to all HTML attributes, CSS styles, removing them, and changing the anchor text, at any time without prior notice to the third party that requested the link, and without refunding or giving back the compensation, regardless of the primary arrangement.

Misinformation or Mistakes

The Site provides reviews of various services, including stock photo agencies. Posts often include descriptions and interpretations of stock photo licenses, which might not be 100% correct. Licenses are long contracts; hence, not every detail of the license can be included in the post. You should always read the original license terms and agreements. The Site, its owner(s) and/or writer(s) are not to be held responsible for legal issues or any other damages resulting from possible misinformation provided on the website.